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Meet Rudolf Pereira Of 18 Demonte Street Bandra

This bungalow on De monte street is unique and boasts of its East Indian Heritage .

I used to stay in this lane to early 90s after the riots .. this was one of the safest places because of the harmony of this rustic Bandra home to Muslims Christians Jains and Hindus ,,Bohras Shias Sunnis and Dalits too.

Rudolfs family is East Indian and living here in this Gaothan as East Indian fishing villages were called since 100 years.

He is a nice person and is always in the fore as volunteer of Agni , and is a social activist ,, fighting for everyone's rights.

I shot this while heading home from  Santacruz via Bandra Talao.

When Women Become Hijras And Women Empowerment Fails

I shot this from the bus on Linking Road Khar .

And I know most of these women girls since they were toddlers , young kids growing up begging at Turner Road Traffic Signal Bandra .

They worked this signal for many years .. with their parents watching them like hawks and than came the big blow , they had to move from here as the powerful jewelry store lobby the restaurants at Waterfield road were being affected by their begging and their fights catcalls and they were forced to move I assume .

They shifted to the Pamposh Linking road signal and further towards the Khar MTNL Signal crossroads ..And as they had seen the hijras making lots of money at the Turner Road Signal when they were kids .. they began posing as Hijras and clapping their hands wearing garish make up and using the same hijra gestures they began working both these signals at Pamposh and Khar as their base , and the money came in as girls college kids are scared to death of Hijras .

And I am sure the cops see them too b…

A Rainy Day In Bandra Bazar Road And Future Elections

This is the Ram Mandir road of Bandra Bazar and next to this lane is a small bylane that leads to Bandra De Monte Street ..and if you walk straight up this Ram Mandir Road you will reach the Jain Mandir  known as the Jain Mandir Road that exits out at Bandra Hill Road .Even the De Monte Street exits out to Bandra Hill Road via Chinchpokli Road and Gonsalves Wadi.

And once upon a time all these exit lanes including Boran Road  used to get completely flooded in the rains and the Bazar would be flooded waist deep.. And I shot those pictures  many years back in my Bandra Bazar Road set on Flickr .

I have documented Bazar Road people I shot who disappeared , forgotten faces , and the election rally's both 2009 Loksabha including the Assembly .. I shot the Independence day the only time you got to see the Congress local representative ,,, and here I must mention during the elections the candidates folded hands visit your house pat your children s heads along with his chamchas and if he…

The Rag Pickers Of Bandra Reclamation..

This was shot in the morning the 11 day of my walk that I began on 10 Feb 2015

I see these guys almost every morning and presumably they are drug addicts  most of the rag pickers of Bandra are junkies and the only job they do is scavenging the garbage bins picking up  junk from the streets.

They work in the nights till early morning and being homeless they sleep on the sacks of the junk they have collected and mind you  it is quite cold in the mornings bed sheet  no covering ..despite their junk habit they keep the streets clean a job that Bandra Municipality staff cant do efficiently and at times I think the Municipality of Greater Mumbai is anti Mumbai .. they hate the people they hate the city and they are doing a great job of destroying the city gradually and honestly some new civic infrastructure should come in place of the Municipality .. it is only interested in making a fast buck by hook or by crook..

Over the years perhaps two decade they have taken the public for a rid…

Jesus Guards Bandra De Monte Street

silently he watches
as people pass him
 by some towards
 the market
 vegetables fruit
 fish beef mutton
or provisions from
kalidas stores
they will buy
some touch him
kiss his feet
make the sign
of the cross
with love
in their eyes
he is their
he shields
them from
evil eyes

i am the life
the Resurrection
the path to
i am Jesus
i am Christ
to the dead

And The Bandra Talao ,,, Dying Fishes Weep..Waiting For An @Am Admi Sweep

This Part Of The Bandra Talao Where Ragpickers Work

This is from the Bandra Station Road end and the path leads towards Bandra SV Road it is a very narrow path , mostly guys fish through the grill ..

Or you can fond some old guys feeding bread crumbs to the fish.

As for Fish I pity them in the dirty waters of the pond the slime that I shot a few days back I doubt if they could ever survive at this end.

I met one of the ear cleaners who works on my ears , he was grumbling he said he has been cleaning ears at the Bandra Talao for last 40 years and why is the Municipal official telling him to go back to the state from where he came .

He said defiantly even after the Bandra Talao reflection he will sit at the same spot ,,he was a very angry old man angry at being deprived of his means of earning Rs 20 for cleaning a pair of ears ..

I think we must the only country cleaning ears like this ,,

And I wondered about the pigeons they will be hit hard .. who will feed them where will they go and the man who sold pigeon feed and than bought two g…