Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creating Jobs For Beggars .. But Than Those With Degrees Are Begging For Jobs Too

Chehlum In Lucknow 2013

Chehlum In Lucknow 2013Kesy Kahon Main Tujh ko neya Saal mubarak.. Zainab (sa) mana rahi hai Chehlum Hussain (as) KaJis Ki Rago’n Mein Aatish-E-Badr-O-Hunain Hai Us Soorma Ka Isme Girami Hussain Hai. . .Malang Bhi Karten Hain Matam Hussain KaMy Kama Matam.. Chehlum Lucknow 2013My Kama Matam.. Chehlum Lucknow 2013
My Kama Matam.. Chehlum Lucknow 2013We Bleed We Curse Yazid ..My Kama Matam Chehlum In Lucknow 2013My Kama Matam Chehlum In Lucknow 2013My Kama Matam Chehlum In Lucknow 2013My Kama Matam Chehlum In Lucknow 2013
Yeh Matame Shabbir Hai Mat Rok Mujhe ,,Bhai Karne De Matam Mat Rok MujheMy Kama Matam Chehlum In Lucknow 2013Wa Waila Sad Wa Waila Ibne Zhra Wa WailaMy Kama Matam Chehlum In Lucknow 2013My Kama Matam Chehlum In Lucknow 2013My Kama Matam Chehlum In Lucknow 2013
The Hole In My Head - My Kama Matam 2013 Chehlum LucknowThe Hole In My Head - My Kama Matam 2013 Chehlum LucknowThe Bleeding Press Card of a Photo Blogger - Chehlum Lucknow 2013Shiasm- Scriptures In Blood Sweat And TearsChehlum In Lucknow 2013Chehlum In Lucknow 2013

Chehlum In Lucknow 2013, a set on Flickr.

Barefeet Blogger Of Mumbai

lucknow is too vast to fit into my camera - but i tried

begging is not a crime but creating extra mouths to feed is the husbands greatest crime

The Chant Of Ya Hussain ..Continues Beyond The Burial Grounds

as hands
beat the chests
hands creating
echoes of
ya hussain
a cosmic sound
silence all around
within the graves
a funeral moment
on the burial grounds
a straw of hope
that refused to
get drowned
the blades
cutting the backs
the dagger the
shia head pounds
bleeding urban brown
a bandage of faith
as it turns round
our humility
our crown
with lanats
yazid the mother
fucker we denounce
a moment pauses
on the mound

I Enter Talkatora Burial Grounds Chehlum Lucknow 2013

I continue with my documentary on the Shia ethos of a religious moment.. Chehlum 40 Day Martyrdom of Imam Hussain celebrated all over the world.. as a profound journey .. of pain we call Ghame Hussain.

In Lucknow the procession reaches Talkatora and enters the Roza I did not go here because it was totally crowded I shot from the burial grounds faded memories of some pages of my Lucknow birthright ..

My uncle Jhumman used to bring me here barefeet when I was a child making me walk the entire distance carrying the Tazia on my head during Ashura.. that I spent here with my mom and grand mother Nazmi Begum..

I am a street photographer my vision of what I shoot is of a limited boxed in nature ...I dont preachify , I dont proselytize I document life and once again I reiterate my images are shot keeping my non Muslim foreigner friends in mind giving them a view of our life and life beyond.

I am an incorrigible photo blogger I love blood I love knives I love blades cutting heads backs .. and I wont stop shooting it .. this is my call this is the genre of my photography .. I cannot shoot with your limitations or your personal bias . ..

Posting abusive comments or your opinion on my pictures wont change what I want to shoot .. and one thing is true even Shias are product of their parentage and surroundings I document every aspect of life as it unfolds in front of me while I am shooting a procession..I shoot what is part of my journey..

I am happy to delete friends on Facebook when they start rapping my knuckles or call Matam Haram.. Fuck You..

the poetry of life takes nourishment on the streets

sometimes begging is the only dignified form of survival..

uttare pradesh has bad civic display on the roads

The Kama Matandar of Lucknow

Chehlum Lucknow 2013

Chehlum Lucknow 2013

Chehlum Lucknow 2013

i shoot shiasm through a layer of blood ..first a drop than a flood

You Can See Hussain In The Eyes Of Our Kids