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My Next Series Is 11 Moharam at Dargah Hazrat Abbas Lucknow

I normally arrive in any city to shoot Moharam on 7 Moharam and than return on the day after Ashura , and I was totally caught up in a work that I had taken before Moharam of a very dear friend and I was committed to him he was leaving the country ,, so I planned my Moharam journey after I delivered his clothes and Javed of Kalpana Travels Bazar Road got me tickets in a reserved non AC compartment to and fro so I left on 22 Oct and returned two days after Ashura as I was aware of the two iconic juloos this at Hazrat Abbas Dargah and the other also on 11 Moharam at Muftiganj Meeransabs Imambargah . This Lucknow trip I was lucky to befriend my father in laws nephew Salman Qazilbash who shot my kama matam video.. and who accompanied to both these 11 Moharam shoots .. and without him it would have not been possible I had eaten some train food and on reaching Lucknow I had a severe bug... and it was irritating me badly on 11 Moharam.. it was a very harrowing experience after I had shot Me…