Saturday, June 20, 2009


image courtesy

dont use twitter just copy and paste
twitter trend in great haste
twitter and facebook both time waste
only flickr pictures and thoughts
with extremely good taste
on the internet beautifully placed
by this blogger justifiably embraced
google search speedily traced
encrusted memories
for unborn posterity encased

Tanya Shia Pride

she has nothing to hide
the ahle bayt her guide
the imams on her side
beating her little chest
for imam hussain she cried
a shia child wide eyed
through words of a poem
holistically described
the future of our faith
from within and outside
tanya shia pride

Blog Stats 19 June 2009/Ayurvedic Diabetes Treatment

Sometimes I think Flickr Stats are faulty as I cannot believe nobody saw my posts or commented on 18 June 2009 ..Sarka and Haunted Fleur De Lyz are always visiting me as I visit them regularly..each time I come towards the computer at home.

I dont have a lap top as yet.. this to Fred Miller.

I am trying to sell this hardy computer and buy a lap top in exchange ..I have told my tech about it..

I have not been out with Marziya since 18 June 2009 .

Business has not got up up from its slumber..I make ends meet.. so there is no photography these days..while coming back from Abhijeets Wedding at Dombivali I thought of getting down at Thane to meet Laxmi my Hijra Guru or my new Hijra friend the sexy Anamika from Mulund but I was too tired I gave it a skip.

I need to shoot Anamika last I shot her in the Maryamma procession at Mahim.She is a Tantric Hijda ..and can enter your dreams at will...she has a magnetic charm that has crushed me like a boulder ..a very husky voice when I talk to her on the phone..yes hijdas are very human in spite of their mystical androgynous aura..

Fortunately my sugar level has come down considerably , after Ramzan though I fasted for 30 days my sugar level was up..many I checked my sugar after Ramzan.

I have gone for a Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes..I still take my insulin and a alopathic medicine but my Ayurvedic docor Dr Rekha Parulekar from Chembur has given me a guarantee that I will be normal in three months time...and can give up my insulin intake.

The Ayurvedic medicine is a green powder very bitter I take twice before meals.

My son in law Assad Dadan had huge stones in the kidney that she bought out in 3 days with Ayurvedic medicine ..its on his recommendation I have begun her treatment.

You There Sitting in the Cab

your wealth
your happiness
your comfort
your poetic life
your external flab
you there sitting
in the cab
while I a human blob of shit
clinging to another blob of human shit
like a cancerous carnivorous crab
if I come under the wheels of a car
my body parts a lesson in humility
to students in a science lab
the hit and run driver with money
in his pockets they will never nab
my karmic fate in the claws
of a pedestrian rehab
its the children of a lesser god
the sucked system loves to stab