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Marriamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli Seaface 2011

It Takes Two Hands To Clap Peace And Humanity

Buddha Hoga Tera Bap ..Ka Bap

Goddess Marriamma

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Devotion to Mariamman


India has always been a land of villages and in the context of village life the most important and powerful divine presence is the gramadevata, a deity identified with the village. A village may have several gramadevatas, each with its own function. Village deities are more numerous than Indian villages, though some are known throughout a region and one of these is the goddess Mariamman (Also called Mari, Mariamma, Maryamman. In the Puranas she is known as Marika.) who has devotees all over South India.
The village belongs to the goddess. Theologically she was there before the village and in fact she created it. Sometimes she is represented only by a head on the soil, indicating her body is the village and she is rooted in the soil of the village. The villagers live inside or upon the body of the goddess. The goddess protects the village and is the guardian of the village boundaries. Outside the village there is no protection from the goddess. The village is a complete cosmos and the central divine power of the village is the goddess. The relationship between the village and the goddess is primarily for the village as a whole and not for individuals. Mari can mean sakti, power, and amman is mother, so she is the mother-power of the village.
However, this relationship is not a simple one. In some places, Mariamman is invoked three times a year to regenerate village soil and protect the community against disease and death. Other places may have an important Mariamman festival. Mariamman is not a peaceful and benign goddess. She can be vindictive, inexorable, and difficult to propitiate. Essentially she is a personification of the world's natural forces, but specifically she is a goddess of smallpox, chickenpox, and other diseases. Her role is ambivalent for she both inflicts the diseases and protects the village from them. The onset of disease or disaster causes special worship or a festival of the goddess, for they are caused by demons let in because the goddess's defences have broken down or because the goddess is angry at being neglected. Mariamman reminds people that their ordered world can be shattered at any time and worshipping her makes one's view of reality less fragile. When the villagers are afflicted, so is the goddess invaded by demons. The villagers and the goddess are suffering the invasion of the village together and that is why one can say that the goddess causes the epidemic. The goddess suffers most but cannot contain it all and spreads it to the villagers, who help her deal with it. Mariamman is especially favourable at this time to those suffering from the disease, for they are helping her bear the burden of the demonic attack.
Blood offerings of animals are commonly sacrificed at festivals of Mariamman, but this is not invariably the case. Whitehead in his classic study The Village Gods of South India (1921) found at the village of Vandipaliam in Cuddalore district that at an annual festival of ten days to Mariamman no animal sacrifices were ever offered or on any other occasion at the shrine. At Shiyali in Tanjore district during the sacrifices of animals to other gods at the festival (of all the village gods) a curtain is drawn in front of Mariamman.

History One story about the origin of Mariamman is she was the wife of Tirunalluvar, the Tamil poet, who was a pariah, outcaste. She caught smallpox and begged from house to house for food, fanning herself with leaves of the nim or margosa tree to keep the flies off her sores. She recovered and people worshipped her as the goddess of smallpox. To keep smallpox away they hang nim leaves above the doors of their houses.
Another story involves the beautiful virtuous Nagavali, wife of Piruhu, one of the Nine Rishis. One day the Rishi was away and the Trimurti (an image with three heads representing Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) came to see if her famed beauty and virtue was true. Nagavali did not know them and, resenting their intrusion, turned them into little children. The gods were offended and cursed her, so her beauty faded and her face became marked like smallpox. The Rishi returned, found her disfigured, and drove her away, declaring she would be born a demon in the next world and cause the spread of a disease which would make people like herself. She was called Mari, meaning 'changed.' Both stories are reported by Whitehead and he remarks that in Mysore he was told that Mari meant sakti, power.
Mariamman is an ancient goddess, whose worship probably originated in the tribal religion of Dravidian India before the arrival of the Aryans and the brahman religion. According to tradition, among the Dravidian mountain tribes as in Coorg in southern Karnataka, human sacrifices were offered to Mariamman. These were replaced with animals and as we have seen, in some villages no animal sacrifices are offered. Here we can see a historical gradation.
Local goddesses such as Mariamman who protect villages and their lands and represent the different castes of their worshippers have always been an important part of the religious landscape of South India. However, we can note periods of special significance. The eclecticism of the Vijayanagar period (1336-1565) encouraged folk religion, which became more important and influenced the more literate forms of religion. In the last century and a half there has been a rebirth of Tamil self-consciousness (see Devotion to Murukan). In the middle of the present century deities such as Mariamman have become linked to the "great tradition" as the strata of society which worship the goddess has become integrated into the larger social order.

Symbols At the centre and source of the village is a boddhu-rayee, navel stone, with which the goddess is associated. As mentioned in doctrines, the goddess may be represented by only a head on the ground, as her body is the village. To protect the village, shrines and symbols of the goddess are often placed at the boundaries of the village. These symbols are usually simple, rough, unhewn stones, five or six inches high and blackened with anointing oil, or there may be a stone pillar. If there are shrines these will often be crude simple structures.
Mariamman's colour is yellow and sometimes a stone is adorned with a yellow dress, only a small part of bare stone emerging at the top. Sometimes there is only a spear or trident thrust in the ground in place of the goddess-stones. In larger villages a slab of stone may be carved with a rough figure of a woman, who may have four, six, or eight arms, or none at all, and the arms hold various implements such as a knife, a shield, a drum, a bell, a devil's head, and a three-pronged fork. It is common to have a fixed stone image in the shrine and to use a small portable metal image in processions. Mariamman can be represented as riding naked on an ass with a winnow on her head and a broom and water-pot in her hands. Sometimes there is no image and the goddess is represented by a brass pot of water decorated with nim leaves. The nim tree is sacred to Mariamman. In poor villages an earthenware pot is used.
During the ceremonies of the goddess there is a symbolic marriage. Although the goddess is sometimes said to have a consort, she is really married to the village, so the goddess and village can nourish each other.
A blood sacrifice at her festival can appease the goddess to withdraw her anger symbolised as the heat of disease or it can symbolise the defeat of the invading demon. Traditionally a buffalo was offered. After it was beheaded, its leg was thrust into its mouth, fat from the stomach was smeared in its eyes, and a candle was lit on its head. It was then presented to the goddess. This humiliation of the victim symbolises the defeat of an enemy, the demon who causes the epidemic or disaster.
Village festivals are filled with symbolism. At a festival in Karnataka, the Mariamman image is first painted in bright colours and put in a shelter of nim leaves and a sheep sacrificed to placate the goddess. Then a he-buffalo is sacrificed by untouchables and the head put in a pit before Mariamman. The blood and parts of the buffalo are mixed with rice and put in a large basket. This is caraga and it is carried in procession by untouchables followed by other villagers carrying sickles and weapons to guard it. At other shrines sheep are sacrificed and mixed with the caraga, which is then sprinkled on the fields and along the boundaries of the village, thus regenerating the soil and protecting the village. Even vegetarian farmers believe that the soil needs blood and if it is not given then human lives will be taken.
Festivals without animal sacrifice may offer boiled rice, fruit, flowers, cakes and sugar, and incense and camphor are burnt. There is Abishegam, ceremonial washing of the image twice a day, with water, oil, milk, coconut milk, turmeric, rose water, sandalwood, honey, sugar, limes, and a solution of the bark of certain trees, separately in a regular order. The image of the goddess is carried twice a day on the shoulders of devotees around the village and there may be a car procession one day. Under brahmanical influence, the image can be towed around a tank.
At many festivals an important role is played by a Matangi, a low caste woman who is unmarried and holds the office for life. She is a living symbol of the goddess and becomes possessed by the goddess, dancing wildly, using obscene language, spitting at devotees, and pushing people around with her backside. The festival reverses social norms and the Matangi's behaviour, which would ordinarily be highly polluting, is purifying and people seek out her spit and insults.

Adherents Millions of villagers across South India worship Mariamman, especially in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Mariamman is one of the deities worshipped in almost every Tamil village. Nearly all members of a village participate in the goddess's festival, even brahmans and Muslims. The different castes to some extent mix freely. This is not the case in daily life. The ritual topography of a village in Karnataka, for example, has an inner village inhabited by the purest castes and the rest live outside this. The shrines of the goddess would be in the outside part of the village. The oldest, largest, and most important Hindu temple in Singapore is the Mariamman Temple, which was established early in the nineteenth century.
Pilgrims at a Mariamman festival wear mostly yellow, the colour of the goddess. Some men dress as tigers and other animals. Pilgrims may come because of a specific fear or debt or because one of their family has a disease associated with the goddess or they themselves have recovered from the disease. Particular castes are associated with Mariamman, such as fishermen and builders on the coast of Tamil Nadu. Pilgrims fast before the festival and bring offerings, such as money in a propitious amount, say one hundred and one rupees. Some pilgrims have made vows to Mariamman to walk on fire, carry burning pots on their heads, or perform covadi, when they swing suspended on hooks through their flesh.

Main Centre There is no one main centre for Mariamman.

The Tamils And The Shia Blogger Message of Inter Faith

Rs 5 Petrol Hike He Has Decided To Pull The Car With Hooks In The Back

It Happens Only In India

It Happens Only In India

Dont Ever Mess With Woman Power

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on the soul
of humanity
a beautiful flower
she is shakti
she is durga
she is ma shrewalia
she is ultimate power
the lioness of bengal
mamta she bought
down an ivory tower
writing the epitaph
on the soul of the dead
the end of red battery
power grapes of wrath
end of an era
yes grapes are sour
for those who in their
arrogance pride
did not read
the writing
on the wall
dreams deleted
dead devoured

Hanging With Hooks From The Back Marriamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli 2011

hijda-eunuch.com is dead

I have surrendered my domain name hijda-eunuch.com that I had since 2008 simply because I have removed my blogs that were affiliated to this domain name at wordpress@com from public view...

I realized Flickr where all my blog posts originate was enough to display the treasury of my hijra documentation shot by me all over India as is where is.

I cross blog a few of my blogs at Blogspot under firozeshakir@blogspot.com and photographerno1@blogspot.com .

I have also removed photographerno1@wordpress.com from public view I was just spreading my blogs for a larger viewership I dont need it any more thanks to Flickr alone my views at my Flickr photo stream is an average of 20000 views per day.. more or less..

Facebook where I pimp my blogs also helps in getting me a larger viewer base as well as Twitter too.

And in a way this is an obituary for both hijda-eunuch .com and hijdaeunuchblog@wordpress.com

And in retrospection now a bit wiser after six years as blogger I think Blogspot is a better place to blog than Wordpress though the only problem I have as I blog prodigiously the Blogspot crawler or robot considers me a positive spam..

And kicks my urban brown butt with the following message ..

Blogger says that this blog has been rate-limited. Please try again later.

Your Blogs URL: firozeshakir.blogspot.com/
Browser(s) used: mozilla
Location: mumbai india

Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple Buddha Purnima


Buddha Jayanti or also known as Buddha Purnima is the most sacred festivals of Buddhist. Buddha Purnima (Buddha Birthday) is celebrated in remembrance Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. This day is the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. It falls on the full moon of the fourth lunar month (month of Vaisakh) i.e. April or May. This day commemorates three important events of Buddha's life

- His birth in 623 BC.
- His enlightment i.e. attainment of supreme wisdom, in 588 BC.
- His attainment of Nirvana i.e. the complete extinction of his self at the age of 80.

This day is a thrice blessed day. Lord Buddha is considered the ninth avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu (Preserver in the Hindu Holy Trinity of Creator-Preserver-Destroyer). Gautam Buddha "lived and died in about the fifth century before the Christian era". Buddha means "enlightened one" - someone who is completely freefrom all faults and mental obstructions.

Gautam Buddha was not a god and the philosophy of Buddhism does not entail any theistic world-view. The teachings of the Buddha are solely to liberate human beings from the misery and sufferings of life.

According to the Buddhism, sorrow and desire are the main cause of all the evil and suffering of this world. Lord Buddha advocated the Eightfold Path consisting of precepts like right conduct, right motive, right speech, right effort, right resolve, right livelihood, right attention and right meditation to gain mastery over suffering. It is only after following this path one can reach the ultimate aim of Nirvana. Nirvana is the transcendental state of complete liberation. Gautama Buddha lived and taught in northern Inda in the 6th Century B.C.

Buddha travelled far and wide teaching hundreds of followers. Even after death his disciples continued to spread his teachings.

Rich and poor alike were attracted by the simplicity of Buddha’s teaching and his emphasis on complete equality of all, a notion antithetical to the existing Hindu caste system. The Mauryan Emperor Ashoka espoused the Buddhist religion in the 3rd century B.C. and helped in spreading it far and wide. Sarnath and Bodhgaya are two of the most important pilgrimage centres for the Buddhists.

Though Buddhism originated in India and the religion has gained tremendous popularity throughout the Far East in Asia, there are very few practising Buddhists in the country. The number of Buddhists in the world ranges "from less than two hundred million, to more than five hundred million, with the lower number closer to reality."

Buddha Purnima 2011 Date: May 17

This Is What I Shoot The Unending Pain of Man..You The Elitist Call It Street Photography

Jai Bhim

Jai Bhim, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jai Bhim is a greeting phrase used by the Buddhist people in India, especially by the ones who converted to Buddhism with or by inspiration of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Though mostly used by the Dalit converts to Buddhism, it is not religious by its origin and meaning. It was never considered as religious word and has been used by the long-exploited and down-trodden class as a word of greeting as a mark of respect towards their ideologue Bhimrao Ambedkar.[1] Jai Bhim literally means "Victory to Bhim," i.e., to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The phrase has also been used as formal slogan of Bahujan Samaj Party.[2] It fell into controversy in February 2009 after Dar-ul Uloom Islamic seminary issued a fatwa declaring the slogan "un-Islamic" and "violative of Shariat."[3]

The term Jai Bhim was coined by Babu L. N. Hardas, a strong follower of Dr. Ambedkar.[4] Many alternatives, such as Jai Rama-pati and Bal Bhim, were considered before deciding on the term Jai Bhim. Babu Hardas promoted this method of greeting with the help of workers of Bhim Vijay Sangh[5]
[edit] Notes

desh hai
aman ka
jai bhim
ke chaman ka
dil dimag aur man ka
dhoobte ka sahara
prem ka ek tinka

The Common Man And The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

The Common Man He Wanted To Dress Like Me

This Was a Poetic Pause ..

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i am what i am
as i was
of moss
i dont profit
only candy floss
from my perpetual
karmic loss

Mortals like me fail to see the philosophy behind your leg! :Aleem

thank you aleem because
i am a rebel still searching
for a cause your comment
my locked jaws
drowning blogger
to hope
like a straw
a poet
a father
a grand pa
shock and awe
a wife at home
a missing squaw
every time
i fall in love
my testicular fortitude
she does not use
the hacksaw
i reach for a dream
to hold in my
beggar hands
she withdraws

Duniya Bananewala Kyon Tune Meri Bajaie ..

All The Photographers From The Press Will Come Here To Shoot The Fucked Rains

Beta Marane Ja Raha Hai..Amchi Mumbai

After marriage you only live as you die.. a far cry.. you asked for heavens moon and the sky fate gave you all that and a fucked black eye.. marriage as an institution a big fat lie.. they were happy when they were single now they are married and both sit and cry.. with children to add to their misery .. pani kam chai,, welcome to the city of dreams the city called Amchi Mumbai...

The Common Man Has a New Surname Poriborton

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to mamta banerjee
lioness of bengal
there is hope
on the broken down home
of the common mans wall
he got a new makeover
sorry to offend you
he finally got balls
he bought in change
the red bastion falls
laughing buddha and all
badly mauled
those that were
high mighty and tall
carat wise brilliant
wise small
the common man
waits in maharasthra
for a clarion call
from rising
petrol prices
stink of onions
bad governance
of two wives
in the corridors
of power
a deathly pall
towers ripping the soul
of chawls politician builder
nexus mafia becoming
richer powerful
poor man eating
rice and dal

you can fool some people sometimes but not all the people all in all ..

dedicated two dear friends aleem and sudipda ...from a Google knol.a unit of knowledge poetry blogs and rolling balls taking from peter sharing with paul monsoonal lover waiting for rainfall

My Facebook Moments God Stole

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beggar poet
at worli seaface
with the common
man stuck
in a pot hole
my happiness
my moments
of joy
my poetry
all vanished
in one swift
of bad luck
a hole
in my
beggars bowl
now in sorrow
his dreams deleted
depleted he walks
barefeet bareassed
on embers of coal
one sided love
nothing but a grinning
mocking manhole
he came he saw
he took her away
fucked fate
the marauding mongol
i pleaded i begged
i tried to to cajole
but relentless
a lady without soul
apoplectic angel fish
in a gilded fish bowl
my misery my poems
starving in a facebook
hell hole as she watches
my agony my anguish
through a peephole
sir i am now nothing
but fragmented genius
without goal
i am just a miserable
part a broken heart
out of control
blisters filled
with pus
my burning soles
i am gutter water
as i flow through
a facebook
from the cradle
to the tomb
in a social
locked out
when i went
out for a stroll
a keyboard
a clumsy mouse
a failed monitor
up an down
i try to scroll
old messages
that break
my bent back
her throaty laughter
magical melody
of her voice
her reprimands
i weep i cry
through poems
the unwholesome part
of me i try to console
a broken clay pot
poems gushing out
like filth and water
through a washbowl

my facebook moments god stole

On My Body If You Place Another Mans Head

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would he
be alive
in love
or would he
be dead
or would she
still love him
more than me
a weeping tear
a poet
on his death bed
fate with the
poetry of his
life fled
as the blood
on his winding
sheet like a
blotting paper
love is nothing
but memories
man can live
without art
without culture
but can he live
wine and bread

Jesus Let Me Down

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of my love life
burnt black
urban brown
on my head
he placed
a sizzling crown
my word
smith shop
before she left
she shutdown
my overtures
she turned
new with the old
from a pedestal
sir she finally
threw me down
an exile
from my
home town
a shadow
of pain
the silhouette
of her
glittering gown
as I broke down
she called
me a joker
a cartoon
a painted
she ran
me down
a candle
the wick
with a frown
a poetic
of guilt
a let down
poets die
reborn on
at sundown
first poked
as friend
than deleted
thumbs down
what goes up
comes around

Meri Kismet Ki Ma Bahen Ho Gayi Hai

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kuch bhi sahi nahi hai
jo kuch bacha
ke rakha tha
woh bhi ab nahi hai
woh koie aur duniya
main kho gayi hai
dudh ka dudh
tha pahele
ab sirf dahi ka
dahi hai
limbu mirchi latka
ke dekha
kismet chu***
padi hai
beech raste
pe nangi
khadi hai
meri buri
ghadi hai

ma kasam

Meri Kismet Ki Ma Bahen Ho Gayi Hai

Hai Sakina Hai Sakina

Is baat se mehsoos karo kia hai Sakina (A.S)
Abbas (A.S) ke honton Ka Qaseeda hai Sakina (A.S)

Aaina-e-Zehra (A.S) mein jo dekha tera bachpan
Har aks pukara ke tu Zehra hai Sakina(A.S)

Jo pyas ke parcham ki Alamdar hai ab tak
Abbas(A.S) ki woh pyari Sakina hai Sakina (A.S)

Abbas(A.S) ki Nazron se koi parh ke tau dekhay
Ehsaas ki ek Nehj-e-Balagha hai Sakina(A.S)

Jo Mashq mein bhar sakta hai dunya ke samandar
Kaunain mein bas woh tera saqqa hai Sakina(A.S)

Har Umr ke Haider ne jhulaya tera Jhoola
Yeh auj faqat tu ne hi paya hai Sakina (A.S)

108 Rods Pierced In The Body.. Marriamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli 2011

As Close As Close As I Could Get

Marziya Shakir And Her Flickr Press Card

I Carry The Bandra Times Press Card Round My Neck.. Thank You Clarence Gomes

And it will be completely soaked in blood the day I cut my head on Ashura in whichever city I maybe or in Mumbai during Chehlum..

Yes I dont have a Mumbai Mirror DNA Or HTA Or Midday Mirror Press Card.. but my card unlike theirs opens only a few doors and is human as I am when it bleeds.. and it has taken me places where angels fear to tread...It gives me respect it does not give me bread it weeps when blood flows from my head it will be around my grand daughter Marziya Shakir when I breathe my last when with my camera on my barefeet on the soul of humanity I fall dead...

By the way Marziya Shakir has her own Press Reporter Press Card..she had it since she was a year and half..

Documenting Hope Hindutva As A Message of Peace and Humanity

I normally wear black it is my dedicated dress code and for me Moharam Ghame Hussain never ends...

On occasions when I shoot Hindu feats I dress in saffron or bhagwa .. I also feel it adds to comfort level of people who dont know me and accept me as one of their own..,

The only time sad to say when wearing saffron has been humiliating experience specially as I walk barefeet is during Govinda when the maximum balloons are thrown on my head and at my camera this is the other side of the Marathi Manoos when he gets carried away by the overzealous and euphoria and during visarjan .. when they deliberately throw gulal at the camera lens thats the price some of us pay for shooting and promoting Hinduism as a way of life and Peace I say this without malice..its part of the ethos .. and the upbringing givenn by parents to their children nothing more nothing less.

And when entering a shop dressed in orange the watchman stops you says Maf Karo .. I am barefeet so I dont blame him..

Back to my blog this ritual is known as the Chattri Umbrella 108 rods pierced in the body from all sides sometimes a rod in the mouth too .

I shoot all this on my own once I did invite a foreigner friend once he invited his friends who gave me a lot of stick for reasons unknown to me I shoot this on my own and besides the Tamils dont like people shooting this event or me bringing friends .. is what stopped me from inviting anyone nothing personal I dont sell my pictures or whore them in newspapers..

And this is one feast I try to shoot wherever I can..I shoot pain mysticism possession exorcism and all this falls within the same ambit.. being a blogger is being an owl .. I was asleep I got up .. nature of diabetes ..drives me off balance sometimes .. though I hardly drink water.

108 Rods Pierced In The Body.. Marriamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli 2011

Mother With Rod In Her Mouth Marriamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli

I Shoot The Pain of Every Mother

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The Tamils I respect a lot , and like the Miyas are a very defiant brave race , you cant bully them or take them for granted and they are very easily provoked with respect to their customs rituals and religiosity in general.

They do what they have to do Mother Marriamma for the Hindu Tamil diaspora is a very important deity and she is all powerful.. she is a force very holistic in all aspects I have visited her temples and shot them I know the feeling the aura that exists in her spirituality.

And among the Hindu feasts that I shoot with a passion in Mumbai this is one of them the two other being Ganesh festival Of Lalbagh Chya Raja GSB Ganesha King Circle and Durga Visarjan.

I will shoot the come what may.. even Death I would tell to wait for a few moments such is the intensity and my pictures are not photography they are my poems of life..and faith.

I shoot Shiasm with a greater crescendo of faith as it is my birthright the heritage of pain of my forefathers ..
Than Ajmer Sharif I am broke I have the worst tribulations trials I have my face in muck but he calls me nonetheless I change trains I walk barefeet from one station to the next I travel in a chalu dabba but I touch Ajmer he makes it possible.. and does it matter I have never seen Karbala Najaf..

I wont ever visit Mecca Medina simply because my Holy Prophet is under a greater atrocity than Karbala Wahabbi land of Hate and distrust..and this is my personal view as a poet and as a human being who feels shoots pain.. I forfeit the right of my spirituality of Haj and Umrah.. I will the day The Holy Prophet is freed from Wahhabi clutches and the day the souls in Baqi are free a wishful thinking but you never know God works in stage ways so for all purposes my Holy Land is the land of my birth Mother India..

And I must confess here I had written elsewhere but the blog got wiped out due to the faulty connection of MTNL Broadband I write my stuff without saving..

I have a friend a Hindu friend and one day during Ashura he grabbed my zanjir flagellating blades stripped to his back and did matam for my Imam bleeding profusely I took a vow and a pledge that I will shoot Hinduism as a tribute to a Mother who gave him birth and a Mother for whose son he did Matam.. And I shall shoot Hinduism as a photoblog called Hope And Hindutva a message of Peace and Humanity...

Come what may.. And so I call myself a Hindu Shia happy in a land that among every land in the world Imam Hussain considered it a land of Peace Hope and Humanity.

And to show my support with the Tamils I will also undertake this ritual one day piercing my cheeks with a 18 feet rod .. it may happen any day... the spirit is willing and the flesh is not weak..

Not Charlie But Vodafone Store Bandra Hill Road Bit My Finger

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i use a service
that fucks me
at its door
my ass
blood and gore
after all i am
in their
eyes nothing
but a whore
so they fuck me
all the more
at Vodafone
Bandra Hill Road store
a pain as its
essence and core
washed ashore
coupon no 66
high blood pressure
did not hit the floor
no water no first aid
my pain
as a poet
i out pour
raped sodomized
by their staff
no i wont be
i have decided
to give up
the mobile phone
before i die
once again
at their store
i promise
i made to
as a blogger
i swore
system sucks
main hoon kamzor
paisa main deta hoon
kotwal date
kahe man hoon chor

Vodafone Store A Nightmare On Bandra Hill Road

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I am a subscriber of Vodafone since the time it was known as Orange so this blog is no attempt to run them down or denounce them..I have used their service uninterruptedly I may have had problems but none to elicit such a response as my emotional distress and pain that I experienced at their Vodafone Store Bandra Hill Road Mumbai on 14 May 2011 at 12 :07:09 pm..it was a very simple matter that could have been taken care but I was told to take a coupon stand in a line for one and a half hours like everyone else waiting their term of punishment for availing a service of Vodafone.

I am an existing old post paid customer my entire family of 7 uses Vodafone ..

A week back I had got the DND service installed on my phone by their customer care help at the Vodafone store Salman..but calls and messages continued even after a week I went back to him told him my problem he insisted I take a coupon and get my problem sorted out there was nothing he could do.

I approached Zoheb.. their head I did knot now he represented this sorry group..

Later I took a coupon no 66 that was the beginning of my nightmare , the place is a hell hole , it is cramped with people with problems no adequate seating arrangement , no water , a watchman issues coupon and you wait a living dead in this cemetery to be buried with your problem.

I waited over a hour and a half my turn had not come I approached Kushal , he just tried to give me a sales spiel that showed I was at fault not their service than when I exploded as I am a diabetic blood sugar high blood pressure giddy spells he put me on to a guy called Mitesh..

I went back again yesterday as the calls have not stopped nor the messages I went to Kushal and the usual rudeness I asked for their head and it was none than Mr Zoheb.. here too it was the same he was apologetic when I lost my cool regarding their service and told him about my long wait, but he said that was the procedure can you beat this I told him about the problems of people waiting and he said there was nothing he could do..

If you are pregnant , if you are a cripple disabled please dont vist this Vodafone store your problems wont ever end there is no touch of humanity in any of their staff here .. the worst outsourced curt specie I have ever seen in my 50 years of a thinking life in Mumbai.

There was another customer like me and they were going to change the provider go to Aircel I told them to continue with Vodafone as it is good service only this rogue Vodafone store is BAD.. And I have never till date used any other service..

So I have as a poet as a blogger used my blog the only way left to cauterize my pain I know I am not Anna Hazare but I wont take shit I am paying for a service and I wont let people take my ass even if it looks vulnerable or understated because I dress the way I dress I am a human being I am a senior citizen 58 years old and its time people showed some respect..

So though Vodafone Bandra is next to my work space I shall avoid it for the rest of my life or give up using the mobile phone completely.

I am cross blogging my pain on Facebok Blogspot Twitter..

Tongue Piercing

The Hypnotic Drummers of Mother Marriamma

As Close As Close I Could Get

Feeling Pain.. Touch and Go

Marriamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli Seaface 2011

Marriamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli Seaface 2011


Hooked, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Cheek Piercing Marriamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli Seaface

Pushing The Fish Hooks In The Mouth

Pushing The Fish Hooks In The Mouth

Fish Hooks In The Mouth

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One thing I know my cousin Glenn Losack would give his limbs to shoot this series this is way up his alley.. it has taken me a lot of time to shoot up close and simply because they are now used to my presence and strangely Shanmugham who organizes all this at Madras Wadi Worli has not even seen my early pictures of this event I shot a few years back,,,he does not surf the Internet.. could you believe it... but this time he said he will check them out when he has time..

Shanmugham and other piercers like him do Mother Marriamas godly work and that it.. I have shot Mother Marriamas temple in Chennai too..only if the person at the Mariammma Temple in Chennai had been more humble and polite than his Tamil counter parts in Mumbai and was not allowing me to enter the temple..he was down right rude and arrogant but I told him I would enter the Temple and he finally allowed me to enter and shoot a few pictures of the courtyard.. on my Moharam pictures of Chennai shot last year ,,, set ..and perhaps he did not know that even Muslims promote the Message of Mother Marriamas goodwill peace and humanity without asking anything in return...

And I hope the trustees of Marriamma temple Chennai read this now that a new change has arrived in Tamil Nadu.

Fish Hooks In The Mouth

The Mouth The Rod And The Poetry of Life

Face To Face Pain And The Poetry of Life