Friday, September 19, 2014

My Tryst With Hijras Is Linked To The Soul Of My Cosmic Poetry

My hijra set is marked Forbidden to Public by me ,,

I have to say without sounding pompous or boastful no one can or will ever shoot the Hijra like I have ,, simply because it is question of Trust .

And above all I am a monk Malang , so I have not miused my hijra pictures or ever written bad stuff about them . I wanted society to accept them and give them space let them live the way they want to live instead of being caged as women in their biologically male bodies .

20000 images I shot over the years poeticized their pain , as  I met them,  my Guru called it the Hijra Vardan.. Hijra blessings  because a clean spirit searches clean human souls .

I was returning from Dadar via Nandi Gully Bandra and I shot her on my new 55 250 mm lens she warned me  but I shot her walked up to her told her about my Hijra connection.

She immediately touched my feet asked my forgiveness ..I patted her  head and told her to take care of herself.. danger is a horny man on two legs ,,

And I meet them wherever I go sometimes I shoot them sometimes I let them free without capturing their androgynous soul in my camera.

Earlier I posted pictures but their blatant misuse , robbing the identity of my Hijra well wishers using them as proxy on Yahoo Hijra groups , prostitution rings actually put me off , and the largest number of Hijra picture stealers are on Flickr , they steal you picture post it on their photostream with your name .. so if you Google Search Firoze Shakir ,, you get Firoze Shakir hijra pictures that take you to a horny hijra lover .. not me.

And Yahoo Copyright is a monolithic group of nasty people that do nothing but make you go round in circles with uncalled for legalese .. I hope Ms Marissa Mayer at least reads this and takes a positive stance on peoples whose pictures are stolen at Flickr because of a useless tool called Spaceball.. even a three year old child of a hacker could hack into your entire photo stream,

I met a foreigner  at the Maha Kumbh who showed an interest in buying my entire Hijra lot I told him every penny cent I will give to the poor needy beyond caste color or creed ..but than after the Kumbh I never heard from him.

The sad part is I shoot the Hijra transgender documentary but people see it as voyeurs , for massaging their languishing libidos .. and the Indian repressed male would even screw a tree if he found a hole in it..

And this post I am writing for a great friend on Twitter ..

My grand kids have shot the Hijras and one of them can sop them from a mile away ..

Nobody shoots the Hijra the way I have it is called .. Hijra Vardan either you have it or dont ,,

Ardh Nari Nareshwar ..

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