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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi

I come from a Shia ancestry from my mothers side that has its connection to Mir Anis through my maternal grandfather Daroga Nabban Sab of Pata Nala Lucknow.

My paternal grandfathers family was hardcore Sunnis from Subatiya Baug  Pata Nala Lucknow ..but he converted to Shiasm after marrying a Shia lady Khushed Begum birth to my dad Mohomed Shakir ,,, my father too like his dad followed Shiasm.

So these are my roots but I was bought up in a cosmopolitan surroundings at Colaba Wodehouse after my parents shifted from the putrid slums of Kurla adjoining a Hindu crematorium.

My initial schooling was John The Baptist or Methodist church  I was about 5 0r  6 the teachers were British and my primary school was called Private European School earliest tryst with Jesus and he has not left my side all these years .

My father was uneducated but a good tailor later a tailor master had learnt his trade under British bosses at Wodehouse road we lived as tenants of veteran actor o…

Without Sounding Disrespectful I Will Never Shoot Flowers

I shoot flowers of the human kind
battered bruised trampled on the
streets of misery despair searching
for hope marginalized mankind
some leprous crippled some blind
their story of pain through my pictures
unwind no fragrance no aroma blood
sweat tears pus oozing from wounds
in a world insensitive unkind ,
what is lacking in this world is compassion
beggars outside gods house will find
a few coins on their outstretched dirty  hands
a moment divine ..i will never shoot flowers
that mock the ugly lives of beggars ..yet
in a temple its flowers enshrined ..

flowers and beggars two parallel lines
cosmically unaligned ,,,that a insensitive god
on a bad day erratically designed with the power
of his master mind ..