Friday, July 10, 2009

The Hijra in Deep Thought

a curse
from her mothers womb
she bought
her birth as a male child
karmic delusions in a knot
all her life the dichotomy
of his and her she fought
menstrual machinations
without a blood clot
a silicone valley of despair
the missing hijra twat
no vaginal monologue
a harsh landscape of living
a blessings from
mother Bhauchara
for her longevity she got
through the humility
of my hijra lens
a hijra in deep thought
sometimes cold
sometimes hawt
in between two lines
breaching a rot
the religious heads
her surrealistic existence
they take potshots
collectively homophobic
her downfall plot
neither man
nor woman
a fill in the blank
with tear like dots
on their battered posteriors
article 377 etched in blood
one spots

Blind Faith Called Pain

caught in the web
of a karmic chain
empty water holes
as sockets for eyes
from where heartless
tears drain
on the soul of poverty
blind faith called pain
screaming his lungs out
calling out hussain

The Flip Side of Shooting Hijras!

Shooting Hijras is not as easy as it seems, it has taken me several years and even now I consider myself a novice in the arena of this androgynous field.
I am not as lucky as Marc de Clercq , my Belgian friend from Planet Gender.. he was born with a silver spoon given to him by an imaginary Hijra at birth..Marc has a way with Hijras I have never seen before and I confess unabashedly I emulate him , his pictures of Hijras has inspired me considerably..

He shoots Hijras with dignity and grace..

I am lucky thanks to my Hijra Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripthi, that several hijras now respect me as photographer and as a human being.

All these pictures of hijras shot at Ajmer are captured in a single day and a few hours of the night of of my arrival..besides I shot other stuff too..equally sharing my time between Hijras and the rafaees..

I kept my mobile phone on silent mode ,took no calls , did not carry my insulin or diabetic medicine, left my health to the will of God.
I was completely barefeet , in heat filth and dirt..

Over the years I have been threatned by Hijras , provoked abused , but I shot the Hijra and the Red Light area of Mumbai several times ..

And I miss Heena Hijra from the Mumbai Cages ..she was my support base shooting pictures of their eternal pain.

I shall shoot Hijras at Girgaum Chowpatty during the coming Ganesha Visarjan.. I will not follow Lalbagh Cha Raja this year till Kumbhar Wada....I will park myself at Girgaum Chowpatty as I did over the years.

A few days back I shoot the beggar Hijras at Versova will post after I complete this long series of the HIjras of Ajmer.

However I thought Haji Malang was more convenient to shooting pictures of Hijras despite the opposition in my case from a few Hijra Gurus..

Some in the Hijra community want the Hijra ethos to remain secret and esoteric.. pictures of Hijras according to them make the Hijras vulnerable to vested interests.. I am told.

Food for Thought Facebook and Beyond

This morning I have decided to move out of Facebook, I will post pictures at Flickr and cross blog the Hijra ones to my poems to my home site and some at Live Journal and Vox.

I have stopped posting at Fotothing too..
No more Posterous no more Scribd.

I moved out of Alpha Inventions a few months back, nothing personal ,as whether I link my Flickr posts to them, or dont link my average daily visitors at Flickr are over 11000 my blog stats show ..

I will with another 150 pictures cross the 84000 blogs at Flickr in 25 months.

I have no regrets removing my Flickr comment box completely.. a comment box without Comment Moderation makes no sense to my controversial blogs on diverse faith and life styles.
I am fed up of being called names , I am fed up of having the subjects of my pictures insulted and humiliated because they are a minority within Islam like the Shias or the Sufis, or the disfranchised like the Hijras on a human landscape..

I have nothing against any religious thought but I found the adherents of Whabbism to be the most vicious in their remarks and in their attitude towards Muslim minorities, ably promoted by Mullahs of rabid hate against Ahle Bayt..

I will reiterate Muslims love killing Muslims more than anyone, and philosophies of radicalism, puritanism, created the monsters of Terrorism in Islam..thereby destroying all that we stand for..all that we hold upright as Brotherhood and Peace..

I fail to understand that seeing the Shias bleed on Moharam gets everyone's sanctimonious goat yet , the killings of innocent people by the terrorist forces brings no response of disapproval, yes it is our eunuch silence that is anti Islam, a silence that one saw at Karbala where Imam Hussain breathed his last.
This is a single protest at Flickr - without having joined a single group..

I think I will cut my internet time to half..I shall post stuff at Twitter through the blog link at Flickr..

Gemstone Dealers Char Yar

Follow the Leader

the leader they cannot see
but follow him blindly
sacrificial goats of democracy
will be slaughtered finally
they voted him to power
absolute power
corrupts absolutely
their sodomized fate
enslaved to political chicanery

Doodh Ka Doodh Pani Ka Pani

Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise

Aurat Ko Mitaya Mardon Ne

Allah Ke Nam Pe De De Beta ...

a curse enshrined
pain thus defined
searching for hope
a few coins find
not me
but my world is blind
born without
a heart
heartless mankind

The Sufi Path To Peace

Searching for Hope..

Tum Ek Paisa Doge Woh Dus Lakh Dega ...

gharibon ki suno
woh tumhari sunega

Yes My Life Sucks !

yes my life sucks
i make coins
others make bucks
me and my life
who cares a fuck
spindly legs
on the roads of salvation
i am stuck
my destiny
had come under
a karmic truck
life you can avoid
but death you cant duck
growing as a plant of pain
on the streets of muck
searching for a chapati
my bad luck

to nauman umair..merry rebel untagged bad luck

Ya Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Two Bawas of Ajmer

two bawas of ajmer
cosmically an unusual pair
love for imam hussain
they equally share
the enemies of ahle bayt
with lanats they bare
with choicest galis
on mauwiyah yazid shimr
they swear
karbala the land of sorrow
land of tribulations
sufferings despair
he gave his head
but not his hand
for wealth glory
he did not care
Allah ho Akbar
war on yazidiyat
with valor he did declare
cleansed Islam forever
god answered his prayers
Hussein is Humanity
a voice against terrorism
truly Imam Alis heir
out universal message of peace
our only doctrinaire