Saturday, December 11, 2010

Man Is a Born Beggar From The Cradle To The Grave

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Man is Gods Most Favorite Slave

what is not his he yearns he craves
born helpless he tries to be brave
riding the crest of time wave after wave
dashes his doomed destiny his soul
depraved in the guise of man to save
him from himself he came he forgave
but man crucified him in a kangaroo court
tried him life and resurrection he rose
from the cave man is where he was
to his faults enslaved on his forehead
his cosmic fate engraved socket less eyes
his head shaved vision concave
an optic fiber running shortwave

Man Is a Born Beggar From The Cradle To The Grave

Man is Gods Most Favorite Slave

Dekh Tere Sansar Ki Halat Kya Hogai Insan Kitna Badal Gaya Bhagwan

The Hindu Shia And The Naga Sadhu

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he respects the fact
that i am a hindu shia
muslim almost human
like him he believes
in shiva his akhada
his spirtual gym
i a follower of ali
hussain born in india
my cultural heritage
in its cosmic waters
i swim
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
the heart and soul
of my shiasm
hope and hindutva
a message of peace
i shoot a single body
two limbs
come ashura
i will do the tandav
on the soul of shimr
Allah Humma Lanat Qatalatal Husain
killers of hussain
yazid his followers all like him
born and bred in fanaticism

Vote For Marziya Independent Candidate

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her motto
no problem
all the best
her symbol
a smile
will get
rid of scams
a thought
we all detest
she will weed
out all crooked
people from
the evil nest
of politics
on trial and test
be Indian
be human
she says
to salman khan
who at her rally
was the special '
chief guest
india badnam hui
sirf corruption ke liye
she addressed
patting the poor children s head
the hopeless the homeless
the needy the poor the oppressed
lets live etl others live
she raised her hands
for peace humanity and progress

Today Marziya Shakir joined Apostolic Carmel convent
she won a seat purely on merit she passed the test
the school uniform the tie the school badge on her breast

The Humble Hands Of God At Work..

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Once Again I thank all of you for blessing me on my birthday.. forgiving my flaws my leopard claws as my blog from my soul withdraws ...i am sleepy tired open jaws ...a poet blogger a photographer street ethos no editorial restrain i am my own big effect and a cause

Loota Hua Mal.. Desh So Raha Tha

Ek Ankh Main Samaya Hua Barish Ka Pani..

Moharam at Imamwada ...Shayad Mere Nasib Main Nahi Hai

A Blindfold on my eyes I leave for another city to shoot Moharam Ashura..

Hussain Ki Talash Main Kahan Kahan Se Log Ate Hain..

pyas kadake ki pura matka pee jate hain ...

Is Gaon Ka Rakhwala Hussain Hai..Rat Ke Andhere Main Sahara Hussain Hai

Marg Darshan dikhanewala tara hussain hai

Pani Main Waqt Thaira Hua ...

A Single Alam Against The Soul Of Terrorism And Hate

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an alam interlinked to humanity
cosmically linked to fate
from one generation to the next
for his appearance we wait
our destiny has a date
from this world to the next
hussainyat is the gate
shiasm is a path of peace
a spiritual state a drop of a
tear that fell from the eye
of a mother our thirst satiates
what is truth justice equality
if you dont have ahle bayt

If You Are Down And Under Just Visit This Place.. Your Problems Will Disappear

The House Where God Lives Mogul Masjid

Behind Every Great Man Lies The Soul of Peace And Humanity

Maulana Mirza Mohomed Athar Saab Linked To Mogul Masjid

Hussain Ke Chahnewale Sirf Shia Nahi Sare Jahanwale Bhi Kehlate Hain

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hussain ke nam se kya kya basharat pate hain
hussainwale aur aliwale ek hi rang main nazar ate hain
ek ne jeenaa sikaya ek ne markar shahadat hasil ki
hum toh donon ke nam ka khate hain
terrorism thy name is yazid bar bar lanaton
ka nara lagate hain
hussain is hope humility peace humanity
every day is ashura every land is karbala
hum apni sason main keh jate hain

Tasviron Ke Zariye Hum Tablike Hussain Karte Hain

The Knowledge These Kids Possess is Locked Up In The School bags on The Top

This Is What Happens When A Miya Shoots The Miyas

No Problem...

The Hijab Is a Burden To Bear For Those Who Dont Wear It

Bhaiyya Mere Gardan Ke Bandhan Ko Bachana

Raja Ki Ayegi Barat ..Pakde Gaye Range Hath Sajan Main Nachoongi

Lakh Chaha Taqdeer Nah Badli ..Crore Chaha Desh Ki Taqdeer Badal Dali

Tata Goodbye
Raja Manate Hai Diwali

Yeh Mere Desh Ki Haqeeqat Hai ...Inki Haq Bhi Loot Gaye

khab adhure toot gaye
rooth gate

Shah Ast Hussain

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"Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain,
Deen ast Hussain, Deen e Panah ast Hussain,
Sar dad, na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain"

"Ruler is Hussain, Emperor is Hussain,
Religion is Hussain, Sheild of religion (Islam )
is Hussain, Gave his head but not his hand to Yazid,
Maintainer of the truth is no one but Hussain"

"Shah bhe Hussain, badshah bhe Hussain.
Deen bhe Hussain hai, deen ki panah dene waala bhe Hussain hai.
Sar de dia, per na dia apna haath yazeed k haath mein.
Haqeeqat yeh hai k La Ilaa Ha IlLlah ki bunyaad he Hussain hai"

Hamara Gham Ap Agar Samjh Lete Hum Apko Sunni Nahi Kehte Ap Humko Shia Nahi Kehte

Hum miljulkar Musalman bankar rehte

A Living Legend Of Knowledge And Faith - Maulana Mirza Mohomed Athar Saab

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I think it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle but to evolve as Maulana Mirza Mohomed Athar Saab one has to be blessed from above, Athar Saab is a pride of our Shia community and an eminent scholar of Islam.

A non controversial Maulana hailing from the city of my birth Shaan e Avadh Lucknow,

Maulana Athar Saab is Humility and Humanity combined in one.. reciting Majlis continuously at the Moghul Masjid Mumbai for over 50 years speaks volumes of his caliber and his expertise on Islamic affairs spiritual and temporal, his Majlis the discourses on the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain, at Karbala the genocide the unnecessary killings under an Islamic tyrant and despot Yazid of the Ummayad Dyasty. shows the path of divergence between the Shias and the Sunnis .

And as this is my humble tribute to a polite person of great standing , whom I have known for several years and shot passionately, and Maulana Saab is the link with my Shia heritage and past, my maternal grand father Daroga Nabban Saab a poet who lived at Pata Nala close to Kankar Kua , a direct descendant of Shia poet Mir Anees.

I was born in my maternal grand fathers house and though I have distance myself from the city of my birth completely it is a memorable moment meeting Maulana Saab or his sons and shooting them at Moghul Masjid.

This time I did miss his son Maulana Yasoob Saab , and Athar Saab was getting ready to go for a recital of majlis at Breach Candy.

Mumbaikar Shias are hardcore fans of Athar Saab and at his majlis at Moghul Masjid which is telecast live all over Mumbai, people come from far flung areas to hear him out his message of Peace for all of us irrespective of caste color or creed.

There is no hate malice or double speak in his discourses ,he speaks as an Indian and a lover of Hussain and a kingdom without borders or barriers called Hussainiyat.

I shoot all religiosity and I am proud of the saffron in my soul which is part of my Indian culture , I am a Hindu Shia and proud of my ancestry and it was this noble country above all not Africa or Abyssinia that Imam Hussain wanted to come to , in order not provoke blood shed among dissenting Muslims during the reign Yazid and I believe because the Almighty could not fulfill this wish he created the Hindu Shias , Shias from the womb of Hindustan a land of Brahma Vishnu Mahadev..and this is my personal opinion as a poet photographer blogger who promotes Shia Sunni amity Hindu Muslim amity at all cost..this does nor include Wahabbism or other Shia hating factions and splinter groups.

I have shot a lot of Maulanas , but shooting Maulana Athar Saab in his humble quarters , spartan and frugal is the crux of a simple man with a goal of spreading peace through his wisdom and the depth of his knowledge,

Verily Maulana Athar Saab is a Banyan tree giving us shade and the fruit of wisdom and the values of our rituals our traditions that have kept Shiasm Alive ..just a single drop of a tear that fell from a Mothers eye was the birth of the soul of a Shia his pain.. Ghame Hussain His Life Maksade Karbala Maksade Hussain.

And because of Mashke Sakina and Alamdar the ocean of pain not running dry he created a reservoir bursting forth like an uncontrollable dam.. now you know why the Shia cries ..the Shia eyes is where our Faith lives and blooms from one generation to the next...