Friday, May 15, 2009

Cross Dressing The Soul of Man

some men to become women
would give everything
if they could
men who are biologically
born men
but as women look very good
now its a pity
these androgynous souls
by somnolent biased society
are always misunderstood
sex change gender change
barring motherhood
hijras are human
weep cry bleed like us
ravages of homophobic hate
article 377 a criminal law
trampling human rights
no good

Think Flickr Think

75,452 photo blogs / 391,939 views
as firoze shakir photographerno1
I link
hate comments
racial profiling
shia bashing
from incorrigible
haters of humanity
no happiness bring
broken heart broken soul
almost a broken wing
the curse of the flickr
comment box
ensuing pain and stink
a bloggers life
totally going out of sync
think flickr think
comment moderation
not blocking
the need of the hour
a single note I sing
on the edge of insanity
almost on the brink
my hopes day by day
on my karmic
consciousness shrink
shattered battered
on a flickr page
I sink

Overcoming Pain..

They do it for Goddess Maryamma
I do it for Hussain .
overcoming pain
two parallel paths of spirituality
crisscrossing the heart and the brain
linking the flesh with the soul
an immeasurable chain
a stranded moment in unity remain
a spiritual journey beyond
materialistic profit and gain
visiting us our children's children
again and again
human humility without being vane
hussain is humanity
is our refrain