Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Penis of Pain

you can remove the penis from man
but you cant remove man from his penis
an organ of celibacy an organ to piss
its only the androgynous
that give it a miss
when they opt for" her "
instead of his
becoming christina
instead of chris
truth as such as this
a thinking organ
a brainless phenomena
vis a vis
a serpent
minus a poisonous hiss
wedged into fruition
some call it marital bliss
when unworkable
no pain greater than this pain
to painfully reminisce
libidinous lethargy
you cant dismiss
uplifting the soul of a manhood
a pleasure exists
sit up
down dead
she often insists
mans only best friend
in a dismal abyss

Sundar Majha Ghar -Home Sweet Home

These are lines, a few that I posted on a friends post at Flickr that I add to this picture of a street life of Dadar vegetable market..and complete it as a pedestrian poem of pain at 3.16 am..7 May 2009...
I had a message in a dream..dreamlessly drilled into my karmic consciousness
The Marathi words on the filmy poster read Sundar Majha Ghar meaning Home Sweet Home in
the language of my home state..a metaphoric misinterpretation of Mans failed dreams.

great picture and thought
a moment in restlessness caught
where hope is sold and cheaply bought
tears on the soul of humanity
a sordid inhuman clot
lessons of the past
on a mound of a garbage rot
lessons of tolerance of compassion
that with cascading times
stormy and terrifying times
we forgot..trying to build
a shaky future on quicksand
we the living plot
we come empty handed
sniveling blind full of snot
a mortal flower
in a broken pot
when we die
we leave behind everything
our mansions our ego our attitude
dust is to dust ashes to ashes
unecessarily with our friends and enemies
we futilely fought
a boundless energy incomplete journey
turned to naught
says the incorrigible skeptic
So What
Sodom Gommorah
the sins of our forefathers
visited on the kith and kin of Lot
in between heaven and hell
lies a dot
called Camelot

To my friend Friar Tuck of Woolongong..

To Peace in a Pod( Symmetry of Peace )

photo taken by a bystander ...

text by dr glenn losack md

To any publisher interested in an interesting subject for a change:

the sublime creative collaboration between a Shiite Muslim and a Brooklyn born Jew.

For about two years a very dear friend of mine, a Shiite Muslim Firoze Shakir and I have corresponded with one another via email.
He lives in Mumbai. I visited him last year on my solo trip to INDIA 2008.
I am a brooklyn born Jew, a photo journalist, a physician, a psychiatrist, a fighter for the disenfranchised and blessed to have
Firoze in my life.

He has written poetry for my photos and has attracted quite a big fan base @ FLICKR who comment regularly on our
collaboration. This collaboration wasnt planned, it wasnt talked about, it just happened and is happening and growing.

In this tormented world filled with hatred and religious bigotry and strife, where people are blown up by homicidal/suicidal maniacs
going to the market or school or taking out the garbage because they are not of the same religion
the fact that a Shiite Muslim happened to meet and marry his words to the images of a JEW is rare and perhaps
should be made more public than it is at the present moment. ( excuse the run on sentence, you get the point )
The fact that this came about serendipitiously and that it has attracted the eyes of many many people with avid interest
in both the poetry and images is a wonderful god given affair.

True mutual solid friendship and love runs through the veins of both artists and both depend on the other to create and empower the other.
the fact that FIROZE and Glenn are from separate universes, faiths, educations, upbringing and yet seemed cemented in creative artistic bliss
is remarkable.

What a book this would make. The marriage of a muslim and a jew in words and images.
The symmetry of peace. in a world of disharmony comes harmonious poetry and imagery, many of the themes quite difficult to digest
and look at head on and yet evocative poetry and imagery prevail as opposed to curses, guns hatred and dogmatic religiousity.
The symmetry of peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Political Scenario- All Bull

in our eyes
they place
cotton wool
with crispy notes
our votes they pull
once they get the seat
like a film
their house full
in hindi
they say" mal andar
dabba gul "
political scenario
all bull