Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get Well Soon Mr Vazifdar

Mr Vazifdar is the head priest of the Parsi Fire Temple Tata Agiary, on Bandra Hill Road.

Mr Vazifdar has a severe liver problem and is undergoing chemo therapy, and Marziya is very fond of Uncle Vazifdar,when I bring her from school she will drag me here to say hello to him , and this touch of a child to an ailing person is a touch of life ..
Yes this touch is holistic healing too.

Mr Vazifdar will undergo a liver transplant soon , do pray for this kind and humble man..

And my love for Parsis and Marziyas love for Parsis too comes through Ray Framroze..

Free But Enslaved

born in pain
his destiny caved
free but enslaved
on a street unpaved
for lost moments
his dead wife
he craved
he has lost her
his only love
his only wealth
like a miser
he had saved
on her tomb
his tears
his loneliness
lie engraved
a happy ending
of living together
time had way laid

dedicated to her
who lives in the wilderness of my heart..

Kareena Hijra On My Web Page

a hijra beauty
breaking the
prison walls
of her cage
on the rampage
at every stage
kareena on my
web page
a hijra beauty
who will never age

Hijra Beauty No 1

she closes her eyes
her fate a loaded dice
sweet and nice
wisdom wise
a fluttering heart
of every man flies
hijra love
hot and spice
like noodle and rice
hijra love
in womanly disguise
beneath the coverlets
some more surprise
between her thighs
man searching
for paradise