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A Mother's Tear drop

To Sarah Loves -Peace and Doves

To Sarah Loves -Peace and Doves
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well its time we began turning tables
poetry as it touches me you
thanks to internet cables
life as we live
beneath ungodly towers of babels..
love poetry hate racism
this world with a new dawn enables
bringing home poetic reality
what was once considered fables
says the sufi mystic from a house
of heart without gables

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They who hate Bloggers no end
With the swish of a magic wand
All Bloggers if they could
To hell of a recycling bin send
But every Sunday the Times of India
Meticulously vigorously
With the aid of their blue eyed boy
Shobhan Saxena writes a Bloggers obituary
Cybernetic rules that media barons cant bend
And this Blogger
Bollywoods Most Wanted
his multi colored ass
with poems ready to defend
Blogger Rubbished
Loads and loads of money
On adverse blogging news as canard
They spend
Yet we will live forever
Yes on Google Search
long after you are dead and gone
We who are God Sent
On our souls you a spent force
Of yesterdays dead news
Can’t make dent
We are the changing world
a brave new cybernetic world
as bloggers we represent

Recipe to Poetic Success

Recipe to Poetic Success
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Don’t read me dear hate filled lady
Mind your own business
Unwashed dishes your life’s kitchen in a mess
Yes this poem is to you and only you I address
My poems from a butchers shop body parts no less
Dick sized dilemma vaginal varicosity menstrual machinations
The heart and hole of my poems need I digress
You need not read me or with your infatuated eyes caress
That you want me to be censored you stupid American woman
Dumb head don’t you know abut the most fornicated word
Freedom of the press that is touted at each street corner even in the US
Or Freedom of Expression a fundamental right Lady Highness
Witches of Armageddon you and you kind can’t suppress
You military mad cap dictators of poetry in civilian
Seminal stained dress
On Thanksgiving Day burnt food served to the guests
Of the Poem Hunter forum that with you culinary finesse
You try to impress …

Poetic Humility-Sounds of Silence

Poetic Humility-Sounds of Silence
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Quiet a few poets from my land
Are arrogant conceited poetically pompous
I fail to understand those who clap with just one hand
Comment on their poems or send them a message
They will never thank you but your intentions misunderstand
Yes as Indians some are parochially bland
Clannish distanced as a single band
Some erudite scholars their grammar more atrocious
Yet sound so grand
Some their biographies pomposity fractured by their own hand
Bombastic meanderings out of hand
Some biographies add insult to the readers
Written by a kindergarten hand ignorant fools
To all of us collectively brand
I write this in humility as poetic seriousness
Must go hand in hand
With our errors our mistakes for the better we must expand
Constructive criticism takes the stand
We are human, than poets, feet of clay walking on sand
I don’t talk of style, I don’t tal…


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Now if you are a cooking enthusiast
And a creative poet too
Poem hunter cooking forum
Makes your dream come true
Taming of a Culinary Shrew
So lets start with Cajun dead meat rice and stew
Viking vicissitudes with cheese Danish blue
Oh the lady with the Goldy Locks
Says defiantly “No Thank You “
She is have Indian Biryani with nuts and cashew
Now this is a dish that can be enjoyed by a few
With this you can have fermented Goa Feni brew
David Hazell a gourmand loves baby lamb testicles burnt brown to chew
Howlin likes Tandoori Chicken Kekabs completely skewed
He is a living Sufi Sheikh and Pork for him is a taboo
Trade Martin had turned vegetarian no PussyWussy Fish will do
Tara and Ez family friends are having beef fondue
Sherrie and Ben holding hands mooning are having chicken cordon bleu
Ray Lucero and my good friend Ron Stroman are having Irish stew
Raymond T…


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Your parents you don’t choose or pick
Your karma your destiny you don’t
Choose or pick
Your trial tribulations
Your measuring stick
Your good luck your bad luck
You don’t choose or pick
but if you do right and avoid wrong
half the problems you lick
when you post your poems
on the internet its possible
to honor you the plagiarist
under the name of your poem
his name stick
your poems but not your
poetry he will flick
a fraud at a mouse click
So what will you do
Runaway delet your poem hunter
account like Cari Vick
Ray Lucero was right
Take all you want
We light the world
The darkness of human souls
With our never to be snuffed
Out Poetry wicks
Yes we are fighters
Resilient spirit
Made of flesh
Blood and bodies of Brick
Yes we are Poets
Gods Gift Maverick
That you or anyone
Just can’t kick

This is a poem not denigrating the poetic memory of Car…