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The Naga Sadhus And The Cops ,, Was Just Waiting To Happen

I was living with the Naga Sadhus from 19 May till the conclusion of the first Shahi Snan on 22 April 2016,,, I left Ujjain on 24 April..

Since this time there was a spate of robberies at the variou Akharas on our stretch at Bhuki Mata Road ,,,and the poor cops stressed out by the overwhelming crowds were clueless about the same ,, there were several meetings of the Naga Sadhus and my Naga Guru was privy to some but the robberies did not stop..

The anger got worse when the car of a Maha Mandleshwar was broken by the thieves ..they cut open the glass window decamped with Rs 30000 I was told by my Guru ,,, this was the last straw .. and professional thieves were at work for sure ,, there was hardly any investigation ,,, the Akharas stood on flattened fields there was no security ,, the only security was at the huge opulent tents of the Godmen .

The modus operandi in some cases the Nagas told me was ..entering the tents with the intention of using their toilet or as their devotees and r…