Thursday, April 26, 2012

Street Photographers

For Us Photography Is Poetry .. With Or Without Words

We Shoot Those Who Cannot Shoot Themselves

Our mission in life is to showcase the world of the poor the neglected , those who are born without hope live frugally precariously die without hope .. we are non profit making , street photographers , me my aspiring grand daughters.

We glorify the meaning of life at 0 level.. at the grassroot of despair and this is the only purpose of our photography churning images as photoblogs..

Our kind of pictures wont be seen in newspapers we are the lowest in the hierarchy of photographers .. we are looked down as amateurs time wasters and it is a fine evaluation , and because I am able to keep this alive in my grand kids I see that they wont be bothered by brand names or latest camera equipment I let them learn photography on the very camera I shoot ..

Marziya Shakir shoots on my Canon EOS 7 D vertical grip and her new Canon EOS 60D ..

Nerjis Asif Shakir 9 month old is Marziya Shakirs understudy.. they are both aspiring waiting in the wings street photographers ..blessed by the best photographers that visit our house ..our house is humbly camera friendly photographer friendly.

We hopefully wont be running for PhotoBlog Awards and our Motto is simple Fuck F Stops ..

We shoot on impulse we shoot what you wont ever bother to shoot .. but we enjoy what you shoot too.. we definitely dont aim to be celebrity cult photographers like you.. we are happy with our status.. as is where is.

And this is my first blog at 5.32 am.

My third grand daughter Zaira Saif Shakir 6 month old is ambivalent she will follow the crowd in our house ... she will end up with a camera too .. she is learning photography from her dad who is learning photography simply because he wants to be better than Marziya Shakir ..

Marziyas mom too has got the photography bug.. my wife is an ace photographer ..

My daughter is a good photographer she never shows me what she shoots .. she is the only Nikon user in my family.

We have switched loyalties to the more dependent Canon.

The Street Photographers

The Street Photographers

When East Meets West...

The Body Is a Temple You Dress It Up In Good Clothes ,,

The Bandgala ...Is Style That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

The classic bandgala worn with cotton breeches is the favorite of those who live life kingsize.. and is a connoisseurs delight part of taste and elegance .

The poche adds the missing charm of tweaking the soul of sartorial poetry..