Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Message From Mrs Rama Umar.. My Heart Goes Out To This Kind Spammer

From: Mrs RAMA UMAR,
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Dear Friend,

Compliment of the season to you; this message might meet you in
utmost surprise. However, it's just my urgent need for foreign
partner that made me to contact you for this transaction I am a
banker by profession from Burkina Faso in West Africa and currently
holding the post of manager auditing and accounting unit of the
bank. I have a business proposal of Ten Million ($
United States Dollars which I want you to handle with me from my
bank as the beneficiary to the fund.

This fund is the balance deposit by one of our late customer from
France Mr. Paul Louis Halley, he was an importer/exporter and a
shareholders in telecommunication here in Burkina Faso. Firstly, you
will have to open communication with our bank by applying for the
claim as the (beneficiary) to the fund, I shall be directing you on
process to get this fund transfer into your account after applying.
All expenses incurred by you and me in this transaction will be
deducted out from 5% of the total fund before the sharing of the
money in ratio of 50/50.

From banking experience it will take up to fourteen (14) working
days to conclude this transfer, also this fund can be transfer to
you in any form of your choice. This matter should be a confidential
between you and me and please delete it if you are not interested;
If you are interested, please send me your full contact information
as below and thereafter I will send to you TEXT OF APPLICATION FORM
to apply for the fund. I will appreciate your kind gestures towards
this fortune, may the Almighty God who provide for everyone bless you.


1. Full name:.........
2. Current Address:........
3. Telephone N°:...........
4. Occupation:.............
5. Age:............
6. Country:........


A Message From Mrs Rose To Beggar Poet Firoze

Hello dear friend,
How are you doing today?. I Mrs.Rose Owen, I have to thank God this moment
for his
direction towards u in regard to this mission.
I know you maybe wondering how I got your
contact email.Actually when I heard from the doctor that my condition has
become so
critical, I had to reach out to a Christian sister, who assisted me in
searching for your contact in order to help me utilize his wealth the way I
want it to be and in regards to God's purpose with you.Please do not be
afraid of
this invitation. I sincerely wish to handover this transaction as a
proposal to you.

I am currently sending you this mail from my sick bed in the hospital here
in United Kingdom. My
husband earned these funds, Ten million eight hundred thousand united
state dollars (10,800,000.00 USD) but he died in a plane crash and left
everything behind for me and I think i may join him soon as to my ill health.
Due to my infertility resulting from medical problems, I became barren. God
has a reason for everything.I want you to use this medium to help the less
people in your country, to help the orphanage, the low income earners and
other positive
intention you have in mind that will please God.

I would want you to contact my lawyer; he
will inform you on what to do. Please Contact him with the below details if
only you are in interested in this transaction,
so that he can be able to assist you in providing
relevant documents to help you have full access to the funds.Please
forward this letter to him for proper verification.
Name: Barrister Micheal Foley (Esq)

telephone: +447053853507
You are blessed.