Thursday, July 23, 2015

Whirlpool India You Should Stop Making Washing Machines

@whirlpoolindia  Your Machine Rusts In 3 Years We Have To Shell Out Rs 4000

@whirlpoolindia  Why are you making washing machines with cheap materials that rust from inside I think you are taking customers for a ride

Rumi - On Aging

Why does a date-palm lose its leaves in autumn?
Why does every beautiful face grow in old age
Wrinkled like the back of a Libyan lizard?
Why does a full head of hair get bald?
Why is the tall, straight figure
That divided the ranks like a spear
Now bent almost double?
Why is it that the
Lion strength weakens to nothing?
The wrestler who could hold anyone down
Is led out with two people supporting him,
Their shoulders under his arms?
God answers,
“They put on borrowed robes
And pretended they were theirs.
I take the beautiful clothes back,
So that you will learn the robe
Of appearance is only a loan.”
Your lamp was lit from another lamp.
All God wants is your gratitude for that.
Rumi, 1207-1273

A Month Called Ramzan..

A Month Called Ramzan..
When God Was Your Mehman 
Checking On Your Virtues 
Your Iman .. Whether You 
Were Just A Good Muslim 
Or A Better Insan ..

Does God Who Lives In The Heart Of Man Really Care For The Poor

born from a comic womb
of nothingness falling
into a sewer ,,only
one thing on their
minds fuck her
screw her ,,people
who loved womanhood
motherhood are fewer
and fewer.

The Muslim Man Has Been Taken For A Ride

in silence his pain
he hides those
whom he trusted
as his leaders
his mentors
are filled with
full of pride
he stands
alone deprived
but he has faith
in god his maker
his guide who
stands by his
side ..betrayed
after each election
his hope slides
between him
the rulers a
huge divide
broken promises
false assurances
each time they
lied first the hand
that rocked him
with riots than
the modi wave
that lashed his
soul from within
outside ,,

acche din
sab ka sath
sab ka vikas
hollow words
split open wide

he takes all this political machination to appease his imagination in his stride

Painted Walls Of Bandra

Muslims Hardly Care A Shit For Muslims Poorer Than Them

I Shoot With My Eyes Closed

the image on my cosmic
consciousness forced
itself irreversibly froze
so far so near yet so
close the passion
pathos of unflinching
faith in shivas third eye
between the shut eyes
of firoze ,,i shot what
i was destined to shoot
pre destined moments
that only god knows
what goes up down it
goes ..shooting garbage
generously fed by the
BMC to hungry birds
cats dogs rats crows
living at bandra bazar
road on 15 august our
august leader will hoist
the national flag for
papers pose ..product
of a modi wave we
accidentally chose
open gutters , open
drains where our
tears glow ,,so and
so..on the face of
voters the party
has shut its doors
a hand that once
shook the cradle
decimated congress
free bandra in final
deathly repose ,,

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