Friday, November 7, 2014

Garbage Follows Me Faithfully Wherever I Go .. When I Die I Wont Be Buried In Garbage Is What I Know

i have pledged my body to science
into a grave it wont be thrown..
a tailor all my body parts for humanity
my body sewn ..actually my own body
is not my own..through his humility
god has shown ..i told my family
in a shia cemetery I dont wish to
have a cornerstone ,,not for me
but for Imam Hussain you must
mourn..a beggar poet a photographer
who energetically shot Swach Bharat
as Garbage Porn..and yes as a speck
of dust in the eye of a camel i wish
to be reborn.. paying tribute to early dawn
its not children but garbage for all coming
generations that we spawn an unending story
of life as poetry that goes on and on ..

My Best Friend Sajjad Bhai ,,

He is my first contact in Hyderabad Moharam 2003 .. he is a relative of my friend Halu Bhai of Bandra .. Halu bhai gave me his contact when I decided to shoot Moharam in Hyderabad Ashura 2003..and Sajjad Bhai and his brother Kazim helped me with the same .
Through them I met  Akthar bhai of Choti Bargah , Lutfi brothers , Abid Painter Naqi bhai and everyone else .

Those days I carried a heavy camera bag and to shoot the Bibi Ka  Alam, Sajjad bhai would carry me on hos shoulders to take the shots , he also carried my camera bag as I flagellated on the streets of Hyderabad on Ashura day.

He took me to Moulah Ali all the Ashukhanas , he bought me to shoot the 8 Moharam at Hussaini Koti , and 8 Moharam at Badi Bargah.. and he was humility , he spent his money on me not allowing me to spend my own as he said he was my host I was the guest of Imam Hussain.. honestly where do you find people like this .

This Ashura he bought me and my American friend at the last moment to Bibi Ka Alawa to shoot the beginning of the Alams procession , I was barefeet , my feet were burning , he got me a pair of slippers , his relative chaperoned Boaz as Sajjad Bhai and his young son took me to Charminar , to shoot the Bibi Ka Alam there , he carried my bag and than we rushed to Irani  Gully to shoot the most hardcore sword matam of Hyderabad , in the melee I lost both of them and my dagger was in my bag with Sajjad Bhai,, I was filled with junoon seeing Ashu Bhai cutting himself I requested a guy to give me his dagger and with two camera round my neck I leapt in the air cutting my head the second time on Ashura Day, I had cut it in the morning at Badi Bargah on the Noha Aye Shere Nayastane Hyder Abbas .. I cut myself deply I lost comnsciousness , I was told the guys carried me on their shoulders to an Ambulance to give me First Aid and Sajjad Bhai was searching for me as here the area is totally crowded.. I found him after half an hour I had lost my slippers that he had bought for me I got both my cameras intact..

He bought me and Boaz snacks as all hotels are closed on Ashura , yes this is the humility love of Hyderabadi Shia for another Shia ,,

And Sajjad Bhai and I meet only during Moharam in Hyderabad ,, we were meeting after two years , and all my Bibi Ka Alam pictures could not been possible without him and his little son..

And this entire Moharam in Hyderabad Shia documentary is my tribute to  people like him and others who helped me and both my friends Boaz and Francois.

The Nawabs of Hussaini Kothi , Akthar Bhai his sons relatives of Choti Bargah ,Hyder Bhai Imran  Bhai of Badi Bargah , Naqi Bhai and Akthar bhai for giving me a place to stay and  everyone I met on this trip.. Abid Painter Lutfi brothers I owe them all this big Thanks .. from the Beggar Poet Of Mumbai

Sabir Bhai of Masumeen and his boys of the Anjuman last but not the least and Parwane Shabeer for reciting Sachey BHais Aye Shere E Nayastane Haider on this Noha I have cut my head twice in Ashura at Hyderabad ,,

Yes Moharam Ashura in Hyderabad is a Lifetime Experience .