Friday, October 18, 2013

I Holistically Heal Myself

the cosmic
camera lens ,,
my fortitude
my forbearance
the camera makes
me forget who i am
before i commence
capturing souls
deep intense
i am a hindu
i am a muslim
i am a christian
a buddhist
in every sense
part of shutter
aperture ..shooting
a cultural story board
on the street of suspense
expansive immense
my bleeding head
testifies ..the humility
of hussain without
giving offense
i shoot pictures
of my life my times
my death...a thought
i dispense ..
i am shocked
at my moderation
is all i can say
to my poetic defense

as an after thought
i shoot sense nonsense

The Sacrificial Goat Is Much Luckier Than The Poor Muslim Beggar Woman

the goat
has reached
the opulent gates
of paradise
now resting
with closed
eyes .. a single
stroke his ticket
of release
to fate ..
the muslim
beggar woman
now waits for
eid ul fitr a year
away ,,,shut eyes
how much did
she earn i should
have asked her
hypothetical question
poetized..a bit intrusive
i realize..was it essentials
or did she celebrate eid
three days after the goat
dies..bought at a price
time and tide caught
in deathly vice ,,,words
overriding my crowded
thoughts as a poem
in disguise ,,,,,

Muslim Woman And The Turning Point Of Change

facing a brave
new world a
world of inherent
change her cultural
identity ,, sartorially
strange to those
who consider her
external garb of
her faith..after
centuries unchanged
the hijab the wearers
choice a gift of modesty
in exchange

Labagh Chya Raja ,,,

to be
too..his myriad
moods that
touch others
besides Hindus
a photogenic
quality ..understood
through and through
some shoot
him on mobile phones
on video cameras
DSLR..others shoot him
without camera or lens
standing long hours in a queue
for that final view before he
leaves for his home bids adieu
custodian of Mumbai citys
traditional hospitality embedded
in a hand made idol loved statue
beneath the clay another tissue
of peace hope humanity virtue
miraculously keeping
all cast communities
together state engineered
riots no Hindu Muslim issue
at do tanki the Muslims felicitate
the Raja shower petals of love
it is true .. dear Mr Akhilesh Yadav
Mr Azam Khan Mr Mulayam Singh Yadavji
please do visit us see Hope Hindutva
Humanity co existing and review
Mumbai is not Muzzafarpur
it gives every man his due..

Bakra Eid Is Over - The Bakra Has Bled ,,,

now it it is our
turn to cut our
heads .. in
memory of
karbala a
chapter of
pain we cant
forget ..embedded
in red ..hussain
as name of humanity
today widespread
time has not healed
our wounds as we
move ahead ,,,
moharam a 1400
year old protest
our lanats on
accursed yazid
not over yet
binding us
to our heritage
of the living
the dead ..
“Hussain is from me
and I am from Hussain
The Holy Messenger
holistic words that He Said

The Accursed Indian Railways ,,,

I mostly travel second class to holy shrines dargahs places of pilgrim.. and both the authorities that are in charge of spiritual tourism dont really care for pilgrims at all..

And the India Railways should be scrapped for their corrupt officials corrupt cops that start fleecing you if you are poor and your are at the mercy of hijras who will castrate you if yu dont give in to their demands , and it is havoc travelling in second class trains ,, that are nothing but third class ..only the rich privileged are served ..the poor can go fuck themselves .

There is no good form of transport , no arrangement be it Ajmer during the Urus or even the Maha Kumbh I have seen it all shot it all ...and I am posting this as a painful memory when I traveled from Latur to Mumbai with a broken wrist..

And nothing will ever change in India .. corruption will increase , people race communities will remain divided polarized because our politics is about hating others ... we are different states , we are different castes communities .. but yes we are either poor or very rich..

Contemporary politics is about getting rich becoming billionaires on the common mans vote ,,divide and rule nothing about being Indian we are totally regional.. we become One when there is impending war or some disaster or natural calamity..otherwise we are just pawns on a big political chess board , to become a cop you pay money for postings you pay money so if a cop robs the dead on a bridge why blame him , we dont hire the cops on merit .. we get what we asked for....we have no options no alternatives .. we are born losers in short .. yes I start my morning on a depressing note and I have yet to read this mornings news...

I dont watch TV ,,, in my house the TV is for my grand kids ,,, No Big Boss Nothing .. No Barkha Dutt ,.. no TV ,,,..We dont watch movies at all three hours we spend on better things in life .. these 3 hours wont come back.. and we are not backward Muslims ,,,grand kids shoot better pictures than me all Canon Users age between 2 and 5

The Tragedy of Being a Poor Homeless Muslim Man

poor muslims
age very fast
living legends
of hardship
for hope
in the distant
before he was
born a poor muslim
the die was cast..
dark clouds of
his destiny overcast
desolation vast..
muslim society
builds mansions
madrsas mosques
while outside gods
house his poor sit
stony eyed aghast
waiting for that healing
touch ,,chalo karen
koie dusri bat ..kisey
time hai dekho apne
halat ,,, yeh hai waqt
ka taqaza faltu jazbat