Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bhaiyya Enters My World Of Dreams

I Come Here Every Year To Shoot The North Indian Bhaiyyas Of Mumbai

The Panipuri Wala Bhaiyya Bandra

Chana Jor Garam Bhaiyya ... Milaye Mazedar

The Bhaiyya Icegola Wala Bandra

The Bhaiyya Bhelpuriwala Bandra

Without The Bhaiyyas The Cosmic Wheels Of Mumbai Would Come To a Halt

The Bhaiyyas Are Coming..

The Bhangarwala Bhaiyyas Of Mumbai

Bhaiyya Tadgolewala at Jain Mandir Road Bandra

The Bhaiyya And His Basket Full Of Hope

This Bhaiyya Decided Mumbai Was A Better Option Than Lucknow

The Bhaiyya Macchiwala ..He Is Available On Mobile Phone

The Bhaiyyas Of Bandra

Bhaiyya Istriwala

The Bhaiyyas Of Bandra Bazar Road

The Bhaiyyas Of Bandra

The Bhaiyya Fruitwalas Of Bandra

Bhaiyya Ethos of Bandra

bhaiyya macchiwala of bandra

Bhhaiya Barbers of Bandra

Tadgolewala Bhaiyya Bandra Bazar Road

The North Indian Bhaiyya Would Have Not Come To Mumbai If Only His Leaders Had Created More Jobs In Their State

The North Indian Migrants In Mumbai At Banganga

I Shoot The North Indian Bhaiyya Ethos Of Mumbai

the kelawala bhaiyya

The Ganeywala .. Has Ke Bola Mat Bolo Bhaiya Main Hoon Bambaiya

the bhaiyyas last stand

from the city
of their birth
away from
loved ones
in their
eking a
in a
up and down
carrying loads
pushing carts
from the streets
to the godowns
from shops
to taxi stands
in mumbai
in a crackdown
of regional
in some
are given more
in our city jails
but the bhaiyyas
cosmic fate
being an
treated as a
his rich
laid back
built statues
parks elephants
instead of creating
jobs for them
is the sad story
of north indian
bhaiyya final
count down

My Best Friend From Manhattan New York

Most Of The Mumbai Cab Drivers Are Bhaiyyas From UP

Most of The Ricksha Drivers Are Bhaiyyas From UP ...

Ganewala Bhaiyya

pavwala bhaiyya

muslim masseur boys from up

malishwala bhaiyya

tel malish champi malish bhaiyya.. hajaam too

Seng Chanawala Bhaiyya Juhu

The Balloon Selling Bhaiyya At Juhu Beach

Khatta Meetha Achar Wala Bhaiyya

Chane jor garam babu main laaya majedaar

Chane jor garam babu
main laaya majedaar
chane jor garam
Chane jor garam babu
main laaya majedaar
chane jor garam
mere chane hain chatpat bhaiya
aur bade lasaani
aur kaise chaav se khaate
dekho Raam aur Ramzaani
aur chunnu munnu ki jabaan bhi
ho gayi paani paana
Aur kahen Kabeer suno bhai saadho
suno guru ki baani
Chane jor garam babu
main laaya majedaar
chane jor garam
Chane jor garam babu
main laaya majedaar
chane jor garam
are madarse ka jeewan to
chand dino ka thaath
aur padh likh kar sab chal doge apni apni baat
phir koyi tumme hoga afsar koyi Governor Laat
tab main aaunga daftar tumre
main aaunga daftar tumre
liye chane ki chat
Chane jor garam babu
main laaya majedaar
chane jor garam
Chane jor garam babu
main laaya majedaar
chane jor garam

Chane jor garam babu (Bandhan) (1939) Singer-Arun Kumar, Lyrics-Pradeep,MD-Saraswati Devi

Seng Chana Wala Bhaiyya Outside Municipal School

Seng Chanawala Bhaiyya

Some Bhaiyyas Get Upset If You Politely Call Them Bhaiyyas,,

i said
knowing well
he was from UP
not jhoomri talaya
he got upset
looked at me
he retorted
i am pucca
in shudh marathi
he had changed
his attitude
total ravaiya
than he asked me
whether i was
a muslim or a miya
i told him
i was from italy
mama mia
though i
did confess
i was poetically
a hindu shia
but i could
do ling kriya

The Beggar Poet and The Fruitwala Bhaiyya

Strawberrywala Bhaiyya

Hapus Am Wala Bhaiyya

Fruitwala Bhaiyya

Machiwala Bhaiyyas

Machiwala Bhaiyya

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