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Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
on the flooring of pain
i cut myself
the singular silence
of my heart
i cut myself
thinking of you
through the strained
soliloquy of my soul
i cut myself
bleeding as a poem
words as bandages
holistic healing
through a blog
dont cut yourself

Bleeding Tears - On the Page of her Heart

Bleeding Tears - On the Page of her Heart
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
i can be a sparrow or
a mockingbird
i can be sticky or
salty, briney like a
of seawater.
i can be rough or
i can be melodic or
like a train wreck;
twisted metal, railroad spikes
miles from nowhere.
i can be hungry
i can be sated
i can be reverent like
a chanting monk in
the quietude of matins
and sleep.
i can be a dream
a whisper
a prayer
a promise.

i can be
your uncharted

photo courtesy and poem pemh

Lord Siva and the Young Devotee

Lord Siva and the Young Devotee
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Kodak Picture of the Day, Oct. 18 -Glenn Losack MD

From: "Editor, KODAK Picture of the Day"
Date: October 9, 2007 4:35:54 PM EDT
To: Glenn Losack
Subject: Kodak Picture of the Day, Oct. 18

Dear Glenn,

Once again I'm writing to say Congratulations!

"Young Devotee" has been selected for Picture of
the Day, and will be featured October 18, 2007 on
Kodak's web site, and every few minutes on the
Kodak Times Square Gallery in New York City.

Another wonderful picture filled with great color,
interest and depth. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Best regards,

my poem

young devotee
incarnation of
lord shiva
thoughts of goddess parvati
begging child
within the shadow
of a supreme diety
bam bam bholenath
har har mahadev
cleansing the soul
in all its purity
yogic kundalini
shiva and shakti
third eye of oceanless
cosmic consciousness
spritual security
the powers of nandi
he soleminzes a moment

Panditji Messiah of Racist Hate

Panditji Messiah of Racist Hate
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
he calls himself panditji
a misnomer this hateful man
who breathes fire and brimstone
for muslims bloggers dogs
at a forum of better photography
a forum of muslim bashers
crabs in a bottle filled with
envy pent up anger
racism in photography per se
i fortuntely unsubscribed
let my blogger pictorial poetic soul free.

at the better photography forum
a jungle raj, muslim bashing
by a handful of racists
how do i describe
led by a panditji muslim basher
bully ragger
and his venomous hate filled tribe
they sanctimonious souls who threatned me
black mailed me emotionally
to unsubscribe
outlawed from day one
yes this blogger poet and scribe
on my soul his derogatory remark
as a comment he did inscribe
this wily pathetic pseudo panditji
from him not much to imbibe
yes he me my attitude
that he calls bombast real bad vibes
he his crony gopal ani sujit
some more bad jibes
what he wanted was to kow tow to him
pay lavish complimen…

Panditji and His Pack of Racist Wolves

Panditji and His Pack of Racist Wolves
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
I am on the internet since August 2005.And I am what I am my pictures, my blogs my poems tell my story, I don’t hide any part of me , I don’t wear a Mask, conceal my identity
Call me narcissist, egoist whatever. I am what the Blog has made me..I did not have this many dimensions when I set out on my journey on cyberspace Indian Bloggers Pilgrimage.
I hate Racism in all form, and I have been targeted for more reasons than one, and racism
On the Internet cannot be kerbed or controlled.I don’t attack unless I m provoked I hit back through words and pictures my arsenal amply God gifted and very powerful too in my time of need. Unlike others I fight my own battle singularly, not needing support of any kind, if it comes in I know it is a Benn Bell, Poseyal, Da Vinca on Flickr or my poet friends like Elysabeth Faslund, Ted Sheridan, Eagle Hawk, Ray Lucero, Tai Chi Itlay , Howlin, Lativia Tunisia and my once foe …

Racism is not Photography

Racism is not Photography
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 12:06 pm

Just registered this morning but i have been a subscriber of BP since many years.
My gurus are KG Maheshwari, Prof B W Jatkar , Shreekanth Malushte and the man of all seasons the Maha Guru Girish Mistry.
I was a salon photographer member of PSI Mumbai, FIP, IIPC, NIPP, but I gave up all this for Photo Blogging..
my website.. 8240 files 6 lac hits in two years. 11755 photoblogs in 2 months
I shoot eunuchs hijdas transgenders live with naga sadhus, aghoris, practice shiasm, shoot pictures of all religion without bias..
I am a poet who is at fighting against racism in poetry.
Thought you guys should know the rest is scattered on the interne…


MUSLIMS AND DOGS NOT ALLOWED, originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1. Muslims and Dogs not allowed
The Better Photography Forum
Belongs to a Rogue Panditji his cronies
Uncut Indians in a crowd
Yes it hurts to be a Muslim Blogger
And be bashed around
By a henchman called Gopal
A foul
gang raped conscience
Winds of change
Cirrus clouds
With pictorial gout
Racism in photography
Is what its all about
Enslaved to money
Boring text
Subodheep ghosh selling pictures
Of his mother in a bleeding shroud
Bad manners bad upbringing
Fields of his dimwitted mind
Weeds that grew after
the fields of his dumb brains
The lord farmer left unploughed
Through my poems this coterie
Of hooligans bullies Muslim bashers
To expose on the cybernet
I have avowed


foreshadowing, originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1. my picture doctored by ppc

feminine mistake
yet real not fake
dreams that we live
sleep and awake
of give forgive and forsake
god errred in his judgement
but woman he did make
so man his favorite child
her goodness partake
leering in the shadows
behind the apple
satan dressed as a snake
eunuch euthanasia
so much at stake

dedicated to pemh


ROGUE PANDIT -RACISM IN PHOTOGRAPHY, originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1. Posing as photographers
Racists hooligans
Culture vulture
Vigilantes in disguise
Girdhar Gopala
These better photography
Forums very bad boys
Led by a rogue pandit
A pedantic pedal pusher
Over the hill
Pompous pedestrian prick
Makes a lot of noise
Hypocrisy Muslim Blogger hate
Yes they who usurped a forum
Rejoice..Eunuchs of genderless
Geriatrics gyrating no choice
Better photography forum
Stereophonic racist hate
Transactionless invoice
Playing Muslims and Hindus
These racist cowboys

Hope and Hindutva

Hope and Hindutva, originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1. hope and hindutva
winds that sweep
kumbh mela
sadhu asleep
on a mound of a heap
tomorrow is the shai snan
in the waters of the godavri
chanting jai shree ram
he will leap
a promise
to the zenitude of his
tantric consciousness
he will keep
purifying his soul
tears of joy
he will weep
he invites you
with folded hands
come see my world
do take a peep