Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Have Soul Will Travel-Appu

no hands
no legs
flies sting and go
mosquitoes bite him so
ants bother him more
goats push him
wieght throw
trouble him hardcore
someone to wipe his ass
someone to help him piddle
someone to bathe him
someone to comb his hair
he would live love and die for
no life is not what it was before
a tragedy that limbless in akimbo
took away his crabs pincers
that he cant cry out for
a manhood as decor
he makes love to the floor
he cannot unbolt the door
no not yet he has not
slept with a whore
have soul will travel
no feet no shoes no shoe store
he has no one but his god
and himself to speak for
he begs with dignity
at chor bazar
at st micheals church
a fate he holds still for
enough is enough he tells me
this worldly life no not anymore

Murud Janjira Fort

Two years back when there was a storm in tea cup of my marital life I was on the verge of getting married the second time, washing my guilt on the Alaskan coast, I was bought to my senses by my wifes rolling pin..to make amends I bought my wife to this place to celebrate our 29 th wedding anniversary.
Murud is famous for the bullock cart race on Gudi Padwa day..
From Alibagh to Murud beach is about 4 hours by car.
I took the cheaper transport the autorickshah.

Boat Pulling Vasai

Boat Pulling Vasai

Piss Off

Piss Off
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piddling on the effigies
of the enemies of shiasm
our kids on eid e zehra day
piss off they say
for once crime does not pay
truth returns to torment
generation after generation
so what did you slay?
he gave his head not his hand
allahs bayt did not betray
one day if not here up there
you will have to
burning in hell repay
fuck oops taqqaiya
shia shiite shiasm is here to stay

allah ho akbar ...peace and brotherhood
cybernetic greetings we wish you on this day

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Boat Pulling at Vasai

This is a new series of an event where the fishing boats are manually pulled in ashore before the monsoon sets in..the advantage of this shoot is you get to shoot the Vasai16 th century Portuguese Fort and graveyard too , though the ancient graves are used by Tantric Naga Sadhus to exorcize demons..
I was invited to one such do I refused.

Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (a), the 6th Imam

Photo article courtesy

Name - Ja'far

Title - As-Sadiq

Kunyat - Abu Abdullah

Born - Monday 17th of Rabi-ul-Awwal 83 A.H. in Medina

Father's Name - Muhammad ibn Ali

Mother's Name - Umme-e-Farwah

Died - At the age of 65 years, at Medina, on Monday, 15th Rajab 148 AH. Poisoned by Mansur Dawaneeqi the Abbasite

Buried - Jannat-ul-Baqi .

Name: JAFAR(as)
Title: AL-SADIQ(as)
Kunyat: ABU ABDULLAH(as)
Born: Monday, 17th of Rabea Al-Awwal 83 AH,
in Medina, Arabia
Father: The Fifth Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir(as)
Mother: Umme-E-Farwah
Date of Death: 15th Shawwaal 148 AH,
65 years old
Cause of Death: Murdered by poisoning
By Mansur Al-Abbassi
Buried: In Al-Baggea Cemetary, in Al-Medina, Arabia

The Holy Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq(as)
Imam Al-Sadiq(as) was unquestionably, an intellectual as well as a religious man, who possessed vast knowledge, wisdom and sense of justice. He was a man of great piety, truthfulness and his living manners was very simple.

He died of poisoning induced by Mansur Al-Abbassi. His body was prepared by his son the Seventh Imam Musa Al-Kathum(as) and was buried in the Baggea Cemmentary in Al-Medina.
Ahadeeths of The Prophet(pbuh&hf)

Of all the members of the Family of The Holy Prophet(pbuh&hf) Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq(as) had narrated much of the Hadeeths. Because none of the other members before him,of the Family(as) of The Holy Prophet(pbuh&hf) had the chance to meet and converse with so many of the narrators of the Hadeeths or historians as did the Sixth Imam(as).
Ahadeeths by the Sixth Holy Imm(as)

It has been recorded that Ahdeeths from the Sixth Imam(as) are in thousands. One of his most quoted Hadeeth of his Great Grandfather Al-Imam Hussain(as) stand against injustice and tyranny.
"Every day is 'Ashura' and every land is Karbala!"
It later became the Shia's most popular slogan!

Abu Hanifah pupil of the Imam(as)
A list of the names of the narrators of Hadeeths from the Sixth Imam(as) number around four thousand among whom is Abu Hanifah, one of the Sixth Imam's(as) students, who later broke away and established and headed a certain school of law of the Sunni Muslims. This Muslim Sect are called Hanifi after the founder.
Imam's(as) Personality and Character

Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq(as) lived a very simple life. He himself would work in his garden growing his own food of vegatables.
It has been said:
That during his Prayers of Worship to God, his concentration was so great, he was totally oblivious of his immeadiate surroundings. In fact so much so, that he would not feel any bodily contact to his person.

The Sixth Imam(as) was very generous person, and of excellent moral perfections. He had very polite manners in his social dealings of his vistors and hosted and treated them equally.

Peace a Prostitute a Whore

peace a prostitute a whore
sleeps with warlords
political pimps
religious renegades
terrorist tyrants
peace a whore
spreading aids
much more evil in store
peace a whimper a lions roar
peace a serpent seed
a wanton seed a venereal sore
peace incestuosly sleeps with war
brother and sister yes
family no more
peace a global street walker
waiting for a next trick to score

Brand Equity Share Price 30 pesos

Come Abide In Me

Come Abide In Me
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said the messiah
to the sinning woman
what better guide than me
before you
there was
mary magdalene
a bride in me
deified in me
come abide in me
fear fear not hide in me
i am the ocean
you a drop of repenting tear
reside in me
with my father
and the holy ghost
side by side in me
confide in me
feel the pride in me
my love for mankind
crucified in me
all your sins
cast aside in me

Bullock Cart Race

Bullock Cart Race
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
This picture shot on slide at Alibagh got me a lot of recognition as a salon exibitor, there is so much revealed in the body language of the bull and the ferocity of the men who race it like a chariot of Gods.
I would have never known about this sport it was my Guru Shreekant Malushte who bought us here at Jayant Dhulaps house to teach us panning..
I soon got tired of panning.. I prefer standing recklessly in the middle of the tracks and shoot the bulls coming headlong into me.. I am crazy , I face death , its a high I would not recommend to upcoming photographers..
I was to get an opportunity sitting in one of these bullock carts and shooting the same , but I let it go as I had to catch the return boat, and this is on the feast of Holi so the crowds are horrendous all wanting to hit home..
By bus the same journey that is an hour by boat takes 6 hours by the ST bus..
I had to abort my picture taking this year, nor could I go to Murud for the Bullock cart races on Guddi Padwa..
I am barefeet ..
This is one sport you must shoot to become a good photographer keeping safety of living to shoot it the next time too

The Requiem of Pain

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

Mother Theresa

“Love means exposing yourself to the pain of being hurt, deeply hurt by someone you trust.”

“I understand with love comes pain, but why did I have to love so much?”

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”

Lance Armstrong

So many memories
on the battlefield
of her young life
Poetic nostalgia
Killed maimed and slain
At her feet paying tribute
To this young Queen of Pain
Brainless hearts
Heartless brains
All seeking her patronage
She freedom seeking
In a cybernetic gilded cage
Nappy wearing Cupid
Arrow headed also her page
The fool the wise also the sage
Her wisdom seek and engage
Poem hunter poems
Poets seeking center stage
But pain of not falling in love
Only the loveless can assuage
Borrowed internet time
Brooding over a
cerebral cleavage
bye bye ass hole she says
causing a poetic
bloodless hemorrhage

A Candle and the Flame

A love story
Karma dharma
Medicine wheel
Bound to an accursed fate
Two hearts that could not mate
A candle and the flame
A love that turned to hate
Burning itself out doomed passions
Mindlessness over matter
In oxymoron haste speeding
Just wont wait
No matter what thoughts
You masturbate
No matter what thoughts
You negate
Candle and the flame
A love that did disintegrate
Paroxysms of waxed memories
on a silver plate
this mismatched love did create
death was slow not sudden
99% burns the agony of a soul mate
The candle and the flame
Poetic promiscuity
Poetic puerility
captured in a picture
Open to debate

Stop Crying Over Spilt Milk ..Anonymous Asshole

Sometimes it’s wiser to be an asshole
By and by it will sink in
To reach your destination
much before you begin
A journey of a torturous spin
Some you lose some you win
Three line poems unwashed repressive
In a recycle bin..
The rest hanging to dry on an
Imaginary foreskin
Cybernetic love on a swivel pin
stop crying over spilt milk
a dead indian in a sheeps skin
seminal solitude hererin
Lighting a path
Darkness within
Man born to Fuck women
Yogic Kundalini
Uncoiling the serpent
That you call the original sin
Playing it by ear..
Tender notes on an old violin
To her bruised ego and chagrin
Hit hard on the rebound
You take it bravely on the chin