Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Aam Admi Of India Died Of A Political Stroke

lying on the streets
of despair stone broke
just waiting for the right
moment to croak .. on his
own vomit he choked
he was sweeping the
wrongs streets his broom
in the other party's hands
with a shock he awoke
simply because on his
lazy over zealous ass
someone gave him a
facebook poke ,,
sabse bada dhoka
tumne bure waqt ko
nahi roka laygayi
tumhari sundar
nagri ek anjaan
hawa ka jhoka

ab bhul jao
ab nahi ayega
dubara yeh mouka

I shoot fucked dreams .. dysfunctional dreams ,,it seems

beggar poet
yes papa
shooting beggars
yes papa
want some baksheesh
no papa
want a new camera
ha ha

Photographers Shoot Pictures Bloggers Steal Souls

as it flapped its wings
i held it firmly i would
not let it go,,his paper
thin flesh his elderly
woes a step away
death watched him
enviously holding
back his blow
gave him grace
fields of wisdom
let him plough
some more
he was sure
one day he
would pull him
into his parlor
gently shut the
door .. end of life
end of score

beggar poet
you cant shoot him
no more blood sweat
tears  of ore ,,.as the
waves began to roar
hitting the shores ,,

dedicated to my good friend devigoes for alpha
ek zalzala kya sitam kya zor ,, ham sab kamzor