Sunday, June 3, 2012

dam madar malangs of ajmer

dam madar malangs of ajmer

dam madar beda par my peer and me ..

dam madar malangs of ajmer

I Promote My Love For India Through Photography.. If You Attain Godliness So Be It

Kaushik Dutta
3:57 PM (3 hours ago)

to me
Dear FS,

I am writing you on behalf of my parents as they have asked me to do so. My father is 87 years old and my mother is 76 years old. They both are down physically with many diseases immensely. It is God’s wish that they are still with me and I am grateful to God for that.

You picture stream on Ajmer Sharif Urs 2012 has bought tears of joy to their eyes. Due to your vivid coverage they are assuming that they are in Ajmer and can see the Khawaja Baba. They are not computer literate; so I am helping them to see your work.

I am speechless. You truly have a special aura in your work.


Fond regards.

Kaushik Dutta

Dedicated to your parents in sheer humility .. I touch their feet and wish them a very long life ..through the blessings of Khwajah Garib Nawaz Moinuddin Chishty Al Sabri..
Yeh Toh Khwajah Ka Karam HAI..

dam madar malangs of ajmer

dam madar malangs of ajmer

blessings of my peer ...dam madar beda par

dam madar malangs of ajmer

dam madar malangs of ajmer

Dam Madar Malang At The Doors of Khwajah Garib Nawaz

Two Dam Madar Malangs at Ajmer

Two Dam Madar Malangs at Ajmer

Marc Malang shoot the niyaz of the delhi hijras at moti katla

Marc Malang shoot the niyaz of the delhi hijras at moti katla

Australians in search of Ganesha and Peace

Australians in search of Ganesha and Peace

Mackenzie and Lord Ganesha

The Lady With Two Faces

The Niyaz For Khwajah Garib Nawaz Moinuddin Chishty By The Delhi Hijras

This was a long series I shot and Khadim Sab recited prayers and this ritual is an integral part of Niyaz humble offerings to the Holy Sainto Of Ajmer fondly known as Khwajah Garib Nawaz..

I have opened this image for public view because I had promised Khadim sab of the same , and all this promotes a message of peace ..whatever your caste color or religiosity does not matter.

After the hijra Nayaks and Gurus had tasted the Niyaz , it was offered to the public too , rice and meat or pilav and sweet rice known as zarda.

Kamini hijra was playing host and so many other beautiful hijras that graced the occasion, both Marc Malang I were shooting the Niyaz , we both sat down tasted the Niyaz .

Last year I shot the Niyaz by the Mumbai hijras at Moti Katla and Taragadh..

Last I also shot the Niyaz of the Jammu Kashmir khusras as the hijras are called and met Sara Haji the head of the hijras , she had invited me for Moharam Ashura but I could not make it as I had visiting photographers from Denmark Kim and Viola and Dr Glenn Losack my best best friend from Manhattan New York.

The Hijras spend lavishly feeding the poor at Urus time they clothe the poor give money to kids to complete their education..for the Hijras of the East West and North India Ajmer Urus is the biggest event of their lives , as they consider Khajah Garib Nawaz their Protector , he shields them from MIsfortune and makes them rich , the money they earn they come do charity.

And he gives them more than what they spend on the poor the needy the homeless.

Had my pictures not been stolen by Flickr theives you would have seen the entire sequence of my documentation of the Hijras of India at Ajmer Urus over the years.

Till Flickr developer dudes upgrade the faulty Spaceball tool that is supposed to safeguard our pictures I wont be showing it to the general public.

children that do errands for the hijras at moti katla

Marc Malang my best friend

marc malang of ajmer

marc malang of ajmer

the tantric hijra deads ..

marc malang of ajmer ..

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I leave Google +
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hospitality is hostility
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Marc Malang Gets Blessed By The Hijra Tantric

The Hijras of India at Ajmer

This and a huge lot of hijra pictures I shot at Moti Katla , and both me and my Peer brother Marc Malang shot the androgynous soul of mankind.

And shooting the hijras is capturing the fleeting soul of pain in aborted flight.

I shot the pain on the streets and in the hijra abode I misses SaraHaji Khusta from Jammu I missed her eunuch wards and I missed Heena Simran and many known faces .

I missed Babita Gopal Haji and Nandini the hijra child.

I shot Raveena Naina Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and the hijras of Delhi dancing with the Sandal .

I shot the Delhi hijra niyaz.

I shot hijras in the trains chelas of Ma Madhurima.

I could have shot a lot more of the hijras but I shot at will and shot selectively.. and I am shooting beggar hijras at Turner Road Bandra on my return from Ajmer.

I shot Mona the child eunuch , she has grown into a tom boy , net savvy and guru of Raveena hijra who now calls herself Kareena.

I shot Priti Hijra from Kolkatta..

And I was destined to shoot hijras .. a few pictures I shall reveal to public view but the rest can be viewed by my closest friends at