Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fucked Forever Fate

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man locked out
shut gate
doomed forever wait
misery sorrow despair
all three in one
his chosen mate
a karmic catastrophe
some more bombs
on his ass detonate
his tryst with destiny
one again he his late
on the door of his delusions
fucked forever fate
says the name plate

his life is as blurred as the picture I took of him ...as he stagnates

Tanni and Me

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Tanni stays close to Makhdoom Shah Babas dargah, he was instrument in seeing that I was not hassled by some rough elements at the Dhuni..he supported me from attacks that came when I least expected it, photographers and photography is not much liked at the Dhuni simply because a lot of guys smoke hash..

This was shot on 10 Dec I had come along with Faruq bawa to the Mahim Dhuni..

Most of my pictures at the Dhuni were shot by Tanni..he was there at Sakibs sandal and for sometime at the Sandal of Fakhruddin Shah Baba.

Chandrakant Bawa of Dharavi

Chandrakant Bawa is a Hindu Maharashtrian , he is a florist with a tiny stall at Sangam Gully in Dharavi , I met him for the first time , he is touched by the simplicity of the Sufis, and preaches humanity as a message of peace,he is beyond caste or state politics ,he feeds the bawas with the money he earns , he feeds the poor and this is Amchi Mumbai, this is the soul of Maharashtra the land of Hospitality..

He was having his picture taken with me , and it meant a lot to him, he kept pleading with me to give him a copy, and my eyes are moist as I write this..yes I am crying this is what photography is all about..it should touch the core of your existence , it should touch deep down .. this is pure undiluted love..and Chandrakant Bawa thinking I was some very big sage bent down and kissed my hand yes , by that one act I was touched by divinity the god in him touching the man in me..

Yes we are all poets and crying is our birthright the only aspect that proves above all things that we are human.

The Hijda Bawa

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She should act in movies she is perfect , she kept making poses as I shot her on the foodlane at Mahim, I was returning from Maulah Alis Dargah Dharavi barefeet with Faruq Baba with the snake stick..

Firstly she upbraided me for not giving her the copies of pictures I had shot of her at Haji Malang, she sells gemstones is a Hijra Bawa too..

androgynous apparition
in tantric solutions
to your languishing libido
she trades
your sexual capacity
to last longer
she upgrades
up and down
a sea of spirituality
she wades
dua tawiz for
those who get laid
the hijra bawa
she calls a spade a spade
paroxysms of passion
all ready made
pictures as memories
you die they dont fade

The Kashmiri Beggar's Plight

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memories of the land
of her birth
forever out of sight
on the mean streets of mumbai
the Kashmiri beggars plight
her children her husband
begging all night
her doomed destiny
politicians wont fight
their world heavily guarded
their children protected
everything alright
a fragrance
a child's cry
in wilderness
on my website

Faruq Baba and Me

Amanat Ali Bawa Ali Maulah Dargah Dharavi

These are pictures I shot on my birthday in the evening 10 December and later came to Mahim Dargah with Faruq Baba hitching a ride on a tempo and late in the night on my return home celebrated my birthday where Marziya cut my blue Monginis cake..
On my second visit here Hassan Ganda was not around..

The Word Tinsmith

This is for Xris Taylor and Randy Der Joel ..two people who call me a wordsmith .. I use the same words over and over and over again..

I began writing verse at Buzznet its been a journey in and out of hell..it began in August 2005 ..

I am perhaps the only unpublished cyber toilet poet on paper, .my poems were inspired on the hot seat of wisdom most of the time .. earlier of course, as the way I write poems now you might think I have the runs..falling in love makes you a better poet than a photographer and falling out of love makes you a great photographer than a poet .. I am struggling anyway..

words with a hammer
in my head
I hit left and write
words that are silhouettes
black and white
words that in the deepest
darkness of remorse
become a tunnel of delight
words that invariably
hate to love , love to fight
words like flamingos
wingless flight
words my mornings
my evenings
my facebook nights
words uploading
the poetry of my plight
words walking a tightrope
fear of heights
words my body covered
with her love bites
words sexually airtight
words of a goddesses
thoughts ignite
words I did not
need to ghost write
when she flew from me
in perilous fright
calling me a shia thug
instead of a shiite
a blog of a word
my birth right
words words
shining bright
as pedestrian pathos
beneath street lights
google searching
for love
on her website

Footpath Chaap

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the soul of sorrow
man born today gone tomorrow
a few days in transit
from the good lord
he borrowed
masked marauder
footpath chaap
Indian Street Zorro

My Favorite Rafaee

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I dont know his name , he wanders carefree , be it Mahim or Ali Maulah Dargah, he hardly talks to people , he keeps to himself, but he is a part of the Chancawalli Rafaees..

He meets me on the streets inquires about my health, my diabetes , my work, my family but he has never asked me for anything for himself.

This time I gave a few gemstones to Barsati Bawa to distribute among the rafaees ,I gave Shahenshah Bawa a Turqoise pendant,and in retrospection I think I should have given him something too.

I have seen him at the dhuni for several years , he has not changed a bit,maybe he is more seasoned than the last time I saw him.

Rafaees come , than they move out, branch out , start their own orders, and you will meet them all at Ajmer Sharif.. at Char Yar , catching up on old times ,and all under the watchful eyes of Peer Naubat Ali head of the Rafaees at Char Yar..

I seek his blessings before I shoot the rafaees , his word is law and he is always sitting with the Khadims of Ajmer.

One man who waits for my footsteps at Char Yar is Zanjirwale Bawa he has chains around his body his feet and hands have iron rings manacled permanently , this in memory of the fourth Shia Imam Sayade Sajjad..or Zainul Abedin..

The other two people who await my visit ate the dread head Malangs who come from Gujrat and Punjab..they sit in the open prayer hall at Char Yar littered with graves.

They are serious spiritualist , no smoking hash just dua and tawiz and are exorcists too..they are very fond of me and the feeling is mutual...

Yes you should visit Ajmer during the Urus once in your life time..and in all humility if you want to search me out I will be at Moti Katla with the Hijras or with the Rafaees at Char Yar or at Hujra No 6 of my host my mentor religious scholar lover of Ahle Bayt Peersaab Fakhru Miya .

Here too I am known as Camerewale Bawa.. the Bawa with the Camera.

Facebook Uploader Sucks

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nothing works
a bloggers pain
a bloggers outburst
facebook uploader sucks
facebook uploader
is the worst
eyes bloggers
like me
with mistrust
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
iron in a bloggers soul
as it rusts
a pain within a tear
as it encrusts
to mark zuckerburg

Mujhe Jeene Do

darzi hoon
kapde seene do
tum bhi jiyo
aur mujhe bhi jeene do
a spirtual storm
in the eye of the needle
as it blows
molten lava
poetic spasms
of firoze
walking barefeet
the sorrow of the
naked streets
a path he chose
pictures as poems
silence outfitted
as pedestrian prose

Flickr is My Lifeline On The Internet

glimpses of my world
into your world
I try to get
photo blogs
as sets and collections
blood tears and sweat
pedestrian pain as poems
my one and only
creative outlet
Flickr is my lifeline
on the Internet
crossblogging to
dont forget
liquidated luminosity
a barefeet photoblogger
in your debt
hopes fears anguish my angst
caught in a fisherman's net
before you send a man on Mars
for the sake of Humanity
Free Tibet

Shakil Bhai and Me at The Dhuni

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Shakil Bhai is the owner and caretaker of the Ali Maulah Dargah and Dhuni..a very simple man totally down to earth.My only regret is that I did not know about their sandal procession that was on 5 Dec ..shooting the rafaees doing their body piercing acts in these narrow winding lanes has its own moment of joy for me as an incorrigible photo blogger ,,,

If given a choice I would renounce this world and become a fakir for life , but than I have responsibilities and am trying a method of escape from this world of corruption, mistrust and human hate..yes its tough and renouncing all this is the only easy way out..and this has nothing to do with faith or spirituality its a way of not allowing the flesh on my soul from corroding further...as a poet and as a photographer who shoots street as life ..

Aniz Tum Lakh Bura Chaao

aniz tum lakh bura chaao
mere moonh ka niwala nigal jao
miiti ke putle ho khuda bankar
duniya ko mat satao
apne do take ke
ghamand ko
jalne se to bachao
kisiko preshan karke
apni takat na azmao
meri tarah
tum bhi ho
kagaz ki ek nao
farshe aza pe tum bhi
apna sar jhukao
taraste rahoge
akhrat main
na milegi chaon
mera desh mera gaon

This is poem of pain...read it as such...the picture is of a smoke that set my soul on fire..

Doing The Kaif at Ali Maulah Dargah

Doing The Kaif at Ali Maulah Dargah

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This was shot on 9 December and with this I start my new upload at Flickr..

I did the kaif and Crazy Bawa joined in too this was shot much before he tried to slash my stomach with a sword at the Sandal of Fakhruddn Shah Baba at Mahim...an act of body piercing..

Crazy Bawa at Ali Maulah Dhuni Dharavi

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Sufism is a message of peace and love and humanity ..a profound aspect of one of the pages of Islam..and it is this human quality that bought me to its midst..Ajmer Sharif changed my life it gave a new meaning to my restless soul..and you will understand this poetically if you read this as poetry through my pictures of Ajmer Sharif on Flickr..

I must narrate an incident , I will corroborate it with pictures later , I was going to Sanpada for some work with my son and my help,I thought of taking a train from Kurla so we hired a ricksha and I was wearing my leopard skin printed pants , jacket and turban..I was sitting on the edge but yet as we came towards Kurla on the other side of the road I saw a huge statue of Lord Shiva , I had passed it but asked the rick to take a U turn , and I shot this ..so sometimes even Gods meet man on crossroads of Life..though God could not save me from the vengeance of a Man..a setback I will bear in silence..and Mr Rajat Rawail might have read my thoughts in spite of my silence..that is if he ever reads this.. which I doubt.

Life is a metaphor , it affects us , differently as per our mental make up and temperament...a blog is a black unknown zone it conspires to add dimensions where no dimensions exist..

The pictures I shot today might burst forth after I finish my pending back log, of Mahim Urus pictures.. the pictures shot today are still in the camera..

John Lennon At Ali Maulah Dargah Dharavi

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The person in the picture is a Tamil devotee of Hazrat Ali as I am of Goddess Maryamma an avatar of Goddess Durga.

Mutual coexistence is a hallmark of Indian religiosity bound by the united colors of Faith.

When I told him that I would be piercing my cheek next year with a 18 feet rod at Mahim beach , on the Maryamma Feast day he was totally bewildered and zapped.

Every year during the 14 Stations of the Cross I walk for hours from 10 am till 4 pm with the Christian community I walk with Jesus and share the pain of a community that taught me to speak English..I shoot pictures I share this with all of you with pride for my city Mumbai where all Gods live without walls separating them ..I mean the human heart.
I walk with Lalbagh Cha Raja from 11 am till the next morning to show my solidarity with the Hindu faith my cultural inheritance and my birthright as an Indian..so you insult me when you say all Muslims should be sent to Pakistan.. I would rather opt for hell where at least Muslims wont be killing Muslims and this has nothing to with my Pakistani friends on Facebook and Flickr.. what separates us is a wall of bludgeoning politics of human hate.

I shoot all Faith as a photo blogger only the media in India does not know about it.. the world wide knows is enough for me..

I shoot GSB Ganesha at Kings Circle year after year and I shoot Lord Ganesha with a passion he beckons me ..even God needs photo bloggers more than just continuous mode shooting photographers..

Photography more than anything is a virtue , photography is holistically healing society through images..of godliness in the image of man..photography is like a vein of gold running in a dark mine if you dont tap it remains bound in charcoal..Marziya my two year old grand daughter is teaching me photography , yes I am unlearning Photography that my erstwhile masters taught me Fuck F stops...Fuck Vision..

My grand daughter is not a visionary , but yes she Is a great photographer we shoot with the same passion and the same camera Nikon D80..

I have seen some photographers of the press a lot of them filled with arrogance and conceit and I am shocked , they are the manual of our love of photography, its their pictures that evolved a passion in amateurs like us..and they look upon bloggers with disdain.. is it because we are multi faceted ..we shoot pictures as poems so you dont get bored reading it as prose..the same thing day in and day out...

Yes I am a photoblogger who walks barefeet to stay in touch with my god given man earned humility..with this picture I have completed the uploading a 4 GB card at Flickr.. there is another cad to go pictures of the Mahim Urus and some stray street photography.

And I hope Yahoo takes over Facebook so my uploading problems at Facebook will end.. from Flickr the best photo management site I can cross blog directly to Word Press Blogspot Twitter Vox Live Journal but not Facebook.. and I like Facebook I have some great friends there , I have great friends on Flickr too , but I have locked up my comment box..I am fed up of being abused as an Indian and as a Shia Muslim..

I bleed why does it hurt you, I cut my head , why does it pain you ,I do not ask you to cut your head with me .. you maintain eunuch silence when in the name of Allah mosques are bombed , innocent people killed ...

A guy asked me this morning you are a Shia and you shoot Hijras , I told him it was a pity I was not there at Karbala where people of our faith watched in eunuch silence a pious person , connected to our life line bleed to death , his family butchered his head decapitated and you say it never happened ..and in the same breath you talk about the glory of the Ummayad Dynasty...morphed memories of another time..so Hijras is a better human option to shoot.. but it was a bouncer over his thick head.

And luckily you dont need to be a writer to be a photo blogger pictures speak eloquently the text is optional.. I never much liked Wren and Martin at school, and a vessel must have a drop of water to quench a mans thirst for knowledge