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Showing posts from July 4, 2014

God The Artist

Bernie ..Can you tell me what inspires you?
Me...Life inspires me .. the diversity of time and space ..that touches the human race ,, god the artist worked on every single face ..he bestowed them with dignity and grace ,,attributes such as humility in their souls he placed,, but man fell from his pedestal.. it was hate terror he embraced ..demystifying the soul of his creator ,,his bounty he disgraced ,, dreams beyond the garden of eden he wanted to chase ,, man has destroyed nature .. all good things he erased ,, man ultimately eternally misplaced .

Somebody Has To Shoot Barbers Out There

if everybody shoots chubby kids flowers sunsets sunrise birds in the bower,cloudy skies golden hours alas who will shoot barbers healers with mystical powers scissor hands deft dour street barbers who cater to the poor not to those who live in ivory towers