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Showing posts from July 6, 2014

Photography Should Have A Purpose Or It Falls Flat As Self Conceit

shoot pictures touch people heal hearts cosmic circle complete a moment captured even god could not delete

I Shoot My Neighbors Religion As Passionately As My Own

his religion part of my cultural inheritance his ethos his dharma his karma my nations backbone .we are diverse in our faith beliefs but together in the same garden we have grown.. seeds that have fruitfully grown our ancestors with love devotion had sown.. he in his corner me in my own together we have shown blood sweat tears our hope the greatest milestone in the waters of compassion sins of our elders we atone ..

Luckily Photo Bloggers Are Not Under Editorial Constrains

not bound to the
editors over
conceited balls
by rusty chains
shoot the same
bloody shit
without aesthetics
time and again
worli sea face
waves water
leaking into
metro trains
a press card
to appease a
few politicians
for personal
gains i am
lucky i shoot
what i want
pain ,,if
you have
a cosmic eye
who the
fuck needs
who wants
to be part
of a newspaper
rag,,i d rather
shoot garbage
hijra whores
beggars ..
instead of
open drains
street side
who dont
i shoot all
i shoot
all faith
i shoot
i am a
a hindu
a christian
a budhist
the camera
i am insane
i am a malang
husk of a
cosmic grain