Friday, June 11, 2010

Double Exposure and Faith

embedded in the
inner layer
of a mirrors soul
a photographic moment
gone out of control
a mother a child
a blogger
3 different parts
making a whole
mind imagination
reality take a stroll
unguarded moment
no patrol

to my karmic friend randy der

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

starkness of what she wears
disturbs them in every way
a garment of oppression they say
with the religiosity of a muslim woman
they play insult her humiliate her
degrade her everyday
a racist hate they convey
in a wanton way
but women in skimpy clothes
does not bother them
their own backyard in
promiscuous disarray
their decadent values
they demoralized values
they ostensibly display

Playing Hide And Seek With the Butcher

with a chopper in his hand
he searches for them everywhere
today he has decided
he will not spare
born to be killed
a karmic snare
star crossed victims
this poor pair

Sometimes The High and Mighty Bite The Dust Too

they rise
they roar
in swiss banks
they store
fuck humanity
like they fuck whores
the poor are refused
at their doors
than comes a slap
from god loud and hard
from their materialistic
heaven they fall to the floor

Neigbors Envy Owners Pride- The Hijab

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neighbors envy
owners pride
the hijab
a split open wide
between those
that wear it
those that hate it
a great divide
the hijab
a muslim womans
her ancestral pride
its not just her face
that she hides
a solace
a self respect
the hijab provides
her faith
her eternal guide
it is not a woman
in a hijab
but her custom
her traditions
within the hijab reside
the hijab you can ban
but it lives
beyond time and tide
a garment of modesty
she takes in her stride

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

the hijab
does not hurt your
or your sense
of shame
yet you hate it
even though you are
not forced to wear it
you call it by
hateful names
you want to burn it
you want to ban it
you cause
the Muslim women pain
like a man insane
you go after it
again and again
your racist guns
on a garment
of humility
you train
it covers not
just the body
but also the spirit
of a muslim women
simple and plain
it spiritually
safeguards her
from your attacks
your viciousness
your evil mind
your evil brain