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Goddess Durga Beckons -RIP Blogspot

All these pictures of Lalbagh Durga workshop were shot at my friend sculptor Mr Rawles workshop and unfortunately this year I did not shoot the Ganesha workshops both at Lalbagh and at Bandra .. so at both these places they were more curious to know why I had not come to shoot their work..a ritual I have religiously captured every year in the past.

But than being a Dam Madar Malang a mystic poet I feel I have to be beckoned , and even a bird cannot fly without the call from the Lord ..over the Holy Saints Shrine is a saying among Sufis..

This year I wanted to take my grand daughter to shoot the Bandra workshop but the rickshah strike played spoilsport ..or Marziya Shakir 3 and a half year old street photographer would have shot the Goddess too...

Perhaps it is a miraculous nature of divinity that Marziya Shakir has been blessed by what she shot ..all religion and the beggars of Bandra ..

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