Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Whats Her Story God Alone Knows !

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horrible ugly so very gross
her eyes always open
socket less wont close
beggar photography
humanly woes
she sits each morning
at boran road
where traffic
to and from
bandra bazar road
shot once by an American
including this blogger firoze
she has two kids
through begging
read life's prose
their shadows
on her life as
on our lives grow
while seeing me shooting her
some raise their eyebrows
through a bleeding blog
to show you
the underbelly
of deprivation
a path I chose
pedestrian poetry
molten tears
burning the petals
the insides of a rose

26/11 My Tryst With Destiny

This is an old picture of me and my wife at my earlier shop..we were married in Lucknow on 26 November 1977 .It was an arranged marriage and my mother was instrumental in this match.. incidentally I used to carry my wife in my arms when she was a toddler..yes I cradle snatched my fate.. before it was too late ..searching for a woman I found a soul mate..sometimes a morsel is manna on a beggars plate ...

Marziya Turns 2

marziya turns two
thanks all of you
7000 pictures
which she grew
from the second
day of her life
it is true
her godfather
a Brooklyn
American Jew
her grand father
her only Guru
a Shia Pandit Muslim-Hindu
a barefeet blogger
like a fly in a Hijda stew
a pedestrian poet
pictorial haiku
in a glass house
with doors
made of bamboo
welcome all
merci beaucoup
sartorial soliloquy
fleshed to poetry
through and through
mutually coexisting
in a land of his cultural
inheritance of
brahma mahadev vishnu

Marziya's Second Birthday

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This evening there was a small get together for Marziya's second birthday , her birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated it today.