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Oops Fuck Taqaaiya

Our Bleeding Hurts Them The Most.. A Protest Against Enemies of Hussain My Shia Posts

I Left Facebook Madhouse of Delusions September 2011

My Facebook Moments God Stole

beggar poet
at worli seaface
with the common
man stuck
in a pot hole
my happiness
my moments
of joy
my poetry
all vanished
in one swift
of bad luck
a hole
in my
beggars bowl
now in sorrow
his dreams deleted
depleted he walks
barefeet bareassed
on embers of coal
one sided love
nothing but a grinning
mocking manhole
he came he saw
he took her away
fucked fate
the marauding mongol
i pleaded i begged
i tried to to cajole
but relentless
a lady without soul
apoplectic angel fish
in a gilded fish bowl
my misery my poems
starving in a facebook
hell hole as she watches
my agony my anguish
through a peephole
sir i am now nothing
but fragmented genius
without goal
i am just a miserable
part a broken heart
out of control
blisters filled
with pus
my burning soles
i am gutter water
as i flow through
a facebook
from the cradle
to the tomb
in a social
locked out
when i went
out for a stroll
a keyboard
a clumsy mouse
a failed monitor
up an down
i try to scroll
old messages
that break
my bent back
her throaty laughter
magical melody
of her voice
her reprimands
i weep i cry
through poems
the unwholesome part
of me i try to console
a broken clay pot
poems gushing out
like filth and water
through a washbowl

my facebook moments god stole

I left Facebook September 2011

The Barefeet Beggar Poet of Mumbai

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Street Photographer
About firoze shakir
Firoze Shakir a Shia mystic..they don't make like this any more.. he walks on fire,self flagellates,cuts his forehead each Moharam.. he is sane as sane as you or the guy next door,..

I feel the winds as they blow
the golden sunset glow
like a little paper boat
into the waters of an ocean
I flow
my destiny
not yet ready to kiss
dollar littered
American shores
I am happy shooting
hijra beggars
eunuch kids
hijra whores
my karma
my dharma
my bare feet
my diabetic sores
my camera like vision
to a deaf and dumb god
above implores
when it rains it really pours
man two legged animal
crawling on all fours
open windows of my mind
my future stares at me
a shut door
a whimper held
to this leopards roar
a chant of my faith
blood sweat tears and gore

Marziya Talks To God

Most of the time Marziya will pick up her moms phone and have lengthy conversations, in a language that is her own a poet I think she talks to a greater Divinity complaining about the quality of life as she sees it with her child's eyes.

And I think the greater divinity at the other end gives Marziya a patient hearing too.

Perhaps god is not a person with a white flowing beard but only a little child in a heavenly crib..running the world with a little dimple on his cheek..

तुम मुझे भूल भी जाओ तो ये हक़ है तुमको

ज़िन्दगी सिर्फ़ मुहब्बत नहीं कुछ और भी है
ज़ुल्फ़-ओ-रुख़सार की जन्नत नहीं कुछ और भी है
भूख और प्यास की मारी हुई इस दुनिया में
इश्क़ ही एक हक़ीकत नहीं कुछ और भी है
तुम अगर आँख चुराओ तो ये हक़ है तुमको
मैंने तुमसे ही नहीं सबसे मुहब्बत की है
तुम अगर आँख चुराओ तो ये हक़ है तुमको

तुमको दुनिया के ग़म-ओ-दर्द से फ़ुरसत ना सही
सबसे उलफ़त सही मुझसे ही मुहब्बत ना सही
मैं तुम्हारी हूँ यही मेरे लिये क्या कम है
तुम मेरे होके रहो ये मेरी क़िस्मत ना सही
और भी दिल को जलाओ ये हक़ है तुमको
मेरी बात और है मैंने तो मुहब्बत की है
तुम मुझे भूल भी जाओ तो ये हक़ है तुमको

Mumbai is a City of Tin Sheds and Hope

The Mobile Phone Fucked Humanity Forever

I Shoot Sleeping Dogs and Cycles At Work as Street Photography

Without Bollywood India Could Never Exist...

For Hindustan Times Showing a Picture of a Spray Can That Was Accidentally Shoved Up a Mans Rectum is National News

This is Bandra Old Time Charm.. Sadly It Will Vanish Soon..

Women In India Are Cattle Driven By Fucked Fate

She Did Not Ask Me For Money ..But I Am a Beggar Poet

I was rushing back to work, through this short cut, when I spotted her sitting her back towards me I thought she was a beggar I knew who sat here , I was wrong I realized it after giving her Rs 10 .. and she thanked me profusely , she was in need .. but her thanks was like a blessings hands held high in silence..

Had she asked God for some meals and God sent me there , a thought that will bring a ironic smile of the face of the skeptic but being a Malang I experience so many things that I dont narrate hold it within the glass bottle of my soul.. in fear of breaking it ..

And she is a new face , but yes she is a beggar , a more deserving beggar than me ..

I have begged too unashamedly with the Rafaees dressed like them barefeet , the rafaees are fakirs mendicants who pierce their bodies as an act of spirituality and keep body and soul alive with what they get.

I have begged with the Naga Sadhus , along with my Naga Sadhu guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj of Juna Akhada.. I begged with him at the Nasik Kumbh each morning dressed like them , barefeet , ate on the streets leftovers given to us by the devotees, and I still treasure those moments of self introspection..and I shared the money I got as charity with other beggar familes I met and shot..

During Ramzan I fast the entire month but the best moment is when I go to town and break my fast with beggars , they know I love them I have never shot them I never will that is my private moment of faith and my beggar friends refuse money I give them to buy Iftar they are too proud but humble too in their self respect and I am crying as I write this yes my best pictures are those I have never shot..

And I respect such moments I have lived with the Aghoris of Gomti Lucknow but never shot them, they eat dead flesh from the banks and drink but they have been kind to me and I know I will meet them at the Kumbh again..

So I call myself a beggar poet ..

This is My Prettiest Grand Daughter Zaira Saif Shakir

God has been very kind to me I have 3 cute intelligent smart grand daughters , they all have their unique traits , and Zaira is my youngest son Saif Shakirs daughter , she is very perceptive , the moment she hears my voice she begins smiling,she knows me and we bond, we talk in silence and she is the future of my family tree , she is a Pucca Mumbaikar , unlike Nerjis Asif Shakir and Marziya Shakir who have their maternal links with Lucknow .. their mother hails from Lucknow.

Though I must confess I spend more time with Nerjis Asif Shakir my elder son Asif Shakirs daughter , and this child like me is a born Malang , intuitive , holistic, she heals and she touches heads , she loves pulling a persons hair, she cant pull Zairas hair as Zaira is bald a thought that unnerves her gets on her goat..

However Marziya Shakir the eldest of my grand daughters is my favorite , we have traveled in time and space , we have visited distant lands of the mind and we are connected through our love for the camera..Marziya and Nerjis are born photographers and I am worried Nerjis will start shooting pictures very soon on her own..

Coming home from work either for lunch or at close of day blending with all three of them gives me a peace of mind adds to the strength of my angst..

I could ask for nothing more , they are the books I read ...they are my pastime they are the extension of the poetry of my life..

Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Shoots Uncle Joseph on Canon 7D

Joseph is used to surprises but the moment Marziya Shakir 4 year old put the strap of the Canon EOS 7 D round her neck and sat on her knees to take this shot he was bemused, and Marziya needs no prompting , she was born with the camera eye , and so Marziya added Joseph Jacob erstwhile CEO of Badasaab Group brand manager to the list of the celebrities she has shot, she has shot Mr Rajesh Khanna , Mr Kishore Bajaj. whose picture is hidden from public view, she has shot Mr Yousuf Lakdawala and Master Chef Imtiyaz Qureishi..and some of the most famous Flickr photographers that have visited my house ...Dr Glenn Losack MD .. Jean Marc Gargantiel, Marc De Clercq , Kim and Viola, and many others..

She has shot the Republic Day function at St Stanislaus School Bandra this year..but all her earlier pictures were shot on Nikon D 80 but of late she has moved on , taken an upgrade she shoots now on the Canon EOS 7D..and she shoots without being intimadated by Canon optics or technology.. once a photographer always a photographer is her motto in life , though she studies at Apostolic Carmel Convent in Junior KG..