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Showing posts from November 6, 2014

I Reach Mumbai From Hyderabad This Morning

I arrived in Hyderabad on 31 October , and thanks to Naqi Bhai I stayed at Daru Shifa at Akthar BhaiKarbalies office , he had a spare room above Sajjad Sweets..

This is the first time I shot 7 Moharam at Choti Bargah , an event known as Hazrat Imam Hassans Mehndi , my friends Boaz and Francois shot it too and we shot 8 Moharam Choti Bargah and Badi Bargah at Diwan Deodi..

We also shot the Hussain Koti Juloos on 8 Moharam day time

We shot a lot of street and on 10 Moharam we shot Badi Bargah kama blade matam, I did my kama matam at Badi Bargah on Aye Sher E Nayastane Haidar my favorite noha of Sacchey Bhai.

From here Boaz we rushed out among flying blades and managed to shoot the Bibi Ka Alam coming out of the Alwa.. all this part of our documentation was thanks to my dear friend Sajjad Bhai without him it would have been just impossible  ..Boaz and I parted fro here as I wanted to catch the Bibi Ka Alam at Charminar and  with my bleeding head reached in time to real hardcore matam  a…