Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Youtubers Dilemma

My uploading at YouTube has been suspended for two weeks second time my Naga Sadhu video shot in 2016 at Khamakhya was flagged and a Hijra slideshow .
So I decided to make all my Naga Sadhu Kumbh mela videos all the Kumbhs I have shot as PRIVATE .
I had age restricted them too but I do not want to show them anymore ,,
I have no other option but to upload my videos at YouTube .
I age restricted all my Shia Moharam kama matam sword matam videos.
Just to be on the safe side I age restricted all my Qadri Rafaee ratib pictures of zarb..
So now I will follow YouTube terms rules conditions shoot videos avoiding whatever hurts them below the belt.
All my videos at YouTube are marked as PhotoJournalism I have never used my videos to hurt any religion caste or community ,..I have shot over 4000 videos with 15.75 million views .
I only shoot India diverse faith culture rituals street life .
The only plus point of my life as a videographer that one video among 4000 YouTube videos saved a mans life gave him another chance this was a fluke video I had no agenda when I shot this video..of Manipuri native Gambhir Singh .
So even if YouTube deletes my channel as I have two penalty strikes I will have absolutely no regrets ,,,I will not shoot prank videos I will not shoot what others shoot ,, I will continue shooting from my heart my people my surroundings and my country ,,,
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