Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bengal Club Durga Puja Shivaji Park 2010

Bengal Club Durga Puja Shivaji Park 2010

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This was the last pandal I shot last night , it was totally jam packed and I was finding it tough to make my way to the puja stage on the dais , I was about o make an exit when I spotted my good friend Anamika Chowdhary a volunteer of the Pandal and a Facebook friend too, she got me the necessary permission and I shot it to my satisfaction..

This is the 75 year Durga puja of the Bengal Club the only traditional bastion of the Bengalis of Mumbai.

I shot the Kali Mandir of the Bengal Club too and the Pujari was quite pleased to know that I was a Muslim who shot this event and the Kali Temple year after year promoting Hope and Hindutva as a message of Peace and Humanity.

The only sad part was the Ram Lila at Shivaji Park that I shot soon after the Bengal Club Durga has been canceled so I shall miss ,my dear friend Ravan and I dont have the time or inclination to go and shot this at Azad Maidan where Ravan will burn this evening.

And once again I wish all of you , the subscribers of this blog a very happy Dasshera and Peace and Prosperity to you and your loved ones.
I did not get an opportunity of shooting Abhijeets Lokhandwala Durga pandal this year.

Only Man Can Do This To A Woman

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was gods
first and final mistake
he made him
half asleep
half awake
he made him original
he turned out fake
to give him company
god created woman
man burnt her at the
stake called her a witch
a bitch married
to forsake
man evil
embodied in the
guise of a snake
a boa constrictor
ripping her soul apart
like a piece of cake
after god created man woman
he gave them both the gift of parentage
took a much needed break

This Is The Fall of Woman In The Garden of Eden

The Hijra Fucked From Here To Eternity

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used abused
as a fucking
the angst
you see
hijra solicits
or is forced
into beggary
of the organ
that she used
to pee
horribly castrated
testicular tragedy
fucked silently
the hijra
a drop of tear
on the soul
of a more
fucked humanity
seeks you
on dasshera day
in abject
unleash him
set the hijra free

Happy Dasshera to all of you friends countrymen and foes.

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She is Lakshmi the beggar hijra of Turner road and not to be confused with Laxmi the iconic hijra symbol of health and wealth..

I have known her for over 10 years and she respects me completely , and though she is a beggar hijra who begs at the signal of Bandra Turner road, she begs with dignity ,along with her gang of which she is the leader and Guru too.

She recently saved my number on her mobile phone , she wants me to come to her house in the slums and shoot her life of pain , and I politely refused I have no time or inclination I am going through painful times myself.

I shoot hijras but they shoot me down too with their struggle to be respected as humans but they are considered untouchables by Brahmanic counterfeit society we live in..

We house terrorists in comfy jails Pakistani terrorists that deserve to hang for destroying our peace and our city , we spend millions on useless games , on terrorist trials ,and our own poor people languish on the streets of hell..

Mr Kalmadi will be hailed as the Hero of the Games and what did we gain ,we still have our beggar bowl in our children s hands that are unfortunate parents were born with..I speak of the poor and the fucked middle class.

And life goes on from one Dasshera to the next Diwali where time burns crackers on the posterior of the poor man.

Happy Dasshera to all of you friends countrymen and foes.

Two Hijras For The Price of One

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is a travesty
of fate
on the poor
the demarginalized
the untouchables
it likes to make fun
what was born human
it likes to shun
you die die the day you
you give birth
as karma pulls
the trigger of the gun
another hope
comes stumbling down
born a hijra
neither a man nor woman
neither a daughter nor a son
always on the run
pin feathered
ill fated chicken
100 ton

The Hijra was Cursed The Day He Was Born

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from a womb
of misery
a bleeding mass
of human life
the gutter gone
the hijra
was cursed
by a homophobic
god the day
he was born
a black rose
self murdered
by a thorn
what you
see is what
i saw
i captured
it as street porn
begging at
a traffic signal
at the mercy
of a red light
a fleeting
car horn
for light in a tunnel
lending his ass
in search of a new dawn
a missing vagina
a missing hymen
a testicular tragedy
androgynous outworn

The Hijab On The Move

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because sarkozy
does not like it
as a symbol
of a religious group
the hijab
for him
is a floating
insect in
his soup
on the soul
of islam
another coup
a garment
of modesty
his racist troupe
live and let
others live
is a message
of peace hope
in a loop
hate bias
as humans
let us regroup

Jesus Wants To Get Of The Cross For a Change

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he has been
for far too long
helping the poor
the needy
is where
he belongs
he is lyrical note
of a lost
child's song
that the man
in white
has wronged
the man
whom he trusted
all along
jesus weeps
when he see hope
by the strong

Two Street Photographers Shooting Ma Durge