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to yorrik my best friend

to yorrik my best friend
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 surrealistic space speaks in silence
ahinsa brother hood peace non violence
you grow flowers
i grow fruits
either side of the fence
lets share barter good feeling ..
breathing good sense
let us live without fear or suspense
an everlasting present
no future tense
lets for once get rid of a hate dividing fence
lets change our perspective
a single camera body
camera lens..

Sun Hit Cybernetic Hate

Sun Hit Cybernetic Hate
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 brightly lit
in a female
vipers pit
my bad luck
sun hit
she had pity
before she threw me out
she gave me a clean chit
character assasination
came much later
when i thought
clipped chipped clits
twats without tits
words burning my flesh
that she spits
cybernetic hate
reality skits
hairy scary
unarmed armpits
pictorial poetic pissed
in her hollowed heart
she did once admit
she in her red blood stained
Marie Antoinette
gown of an outfit
swollen seething in pain
auto piloted in pantless cock pits
she and her sycophants
circumventing her space
cybernetic dimwits
she who fathered by war..
now as peace horse shits
a new muse
we call quits ..
her window sill
death eating tomtits

Buzznet will be back shortly 2

Buzznet will be back shortly 2
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 buzznet will be back shortly
three wise men
gifts motley
a new hope will be born
dont take dfducks
the blog messiah
lighting a path brightly..
youthfulness and
bursting adrenalin

photo courtesy dfduck

love lip locked sucks

love lip locked sucks
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 who created Love fucked all of us..
a single stroke slashed all of us
a single blow smashed all of us
i hate love ..i hate love
love lip locked sucks
blindfolded bucks
inherited by dimwitted
scavenger schmucks ..
platonically pleated
plethora of phased out pin tucks
unbranded duplicate made in china buttocks
transgendered tyranny eucharistic eunuchs
mounds moaning to become holistic hillocks
man carrying a libidinous load battered bullocks
trembling doors menstruating leaking paddocks
penis lusting for little kids in hemp woven cassocks
love and hate ..emptying out in infested intestinal stomachs


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 the seminal sorrow
of just a drop
that will bring forth
a tomorrow in a dew drop
a new harvest
a new crop
designer baby
of your choice
just come
to buzznet
leisurely window shop
a sperm bank bankable
a pop unseen
as hope for those
that cannot get it on the hob
a nice curly haired
chinky eyed
multi colored
like brainless
robotic nabob
broad jumping
fosberry flop
or a dirty hairy kind of cop
or a sperm from the white house
the best designer shop
little cute baby
disposition tip top
or a sperm from soon
going to hang sodamn
from a mulberry treetop
or a shia rooftop
you can also get
donor sperm babies
at political pawnshops
if you don’t like yours
you can with an
auntie cry baby swap
a nice suckling baby
who wont on
your cybernetic
street gossip eavesdrop
you can have nice baby
of a musician
play music non stop
if you want you can
from madonna an african
baby co op
or a suit case hard samsonite type
the sperm of a bellhop
or th…

Lords Adoration

Lords Adoration
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 took reading from the shadows, fired ..a salvo to ricochet become my salvation..

my faults my privations..
floating pervading as
unbodily sensations..
timeless treachery
a speechless spirituality
minus speculation
man a motorized
with all
inhuman violations
a god crucified
for man sins
hung on a cross road
on the day of his adoration

Window Strained Glass

Window Strained Glass
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 gods godliness
light seeping through
the glass
into my soul pass
mind over matter
some mass
window strained
window pained glass
love is no more what it was
broken shards
that stick as pellets
on my multi colored ass
life reflected as green
in a metaphorically
monochromatic grass
cooped in a mindless
her childish mind
cannot encompass

To Be or Not To Be Tata Agiary

To Be or Not To Be Tata Agiary
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 A Parsi
Holy Fire
Zenda Vesta
A Portico
A Wall
A Heritage
to be pillaged
and ravaged
by the Bandra Municipality
The Tata Agiary
tears in the palm
like soaking sorrow
for an unborn posterity
bandra hill road
not for minorities
commerce and more commerce
a choice centre ..a trios
for the rich kutchi baniya marwari
a hell road a death knell
to be given to
hawkers in charity
graveyards , school grounds
mowed down for
a life of quality
jesus crucified
once again
by the municipality
st johnny joseph
gains his
hard earned

This is an old heritage Parsi temple the front porch was to be demolished to widen Bandra Hill the moment the matter is sub judice..

The Thief of Big Dad

The Thief of Big Dad
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 i am good
when i am very bad
i am miserable
when someone makes me sad
i am horrid
when someone uses me
as her menstrual pad
i get choked
blood clotted
like the thief of big dad
me a pictorial monad
soliloquy ranting
cybernetic nomad
poems once written
on her journal like
heart of a formatted
note pad
fiddler on the roof
her indian comrade
xris buzznets
branded new dad
underoos no underoos
emotions unclad
a baby photographer
i pot no1
a taylored launch pad
me mistaken identity
almost going mad
two in one .
split personality
poet photo grave digger
an auntie
cry baby
that suckled
my gonad
pitted against brad
man is gentle monster
also a king cad

Leopard Fucked Flawed

Leopard Fucked Flawed
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 bollywoods clip clawed
every blow that you give
i dont need to ward
get a sparring partner
spoil the child and dont spoil his rod
fuck once in your life time
hurt and dont play god
fencing your vile emotions
on multi colored bods
fuck atleast
use a good whetting stone
the blunt blade of you sword
words can hurt both ways
a menstrual stuffed
unsanitary padded
comment unawed
fuck what ..
a rusty key
would get lost
in your slot
i d rather sleep with a eunuch
than think
of a tit without twat..
i prefer
medium baked
lots of sun spots
all this as a bouquet
of unsucked
forget me nots
saucers getting
fucked by teapots
spoons giving
bulbs bursting
beaming some watt
the agony of being born
more human
in the mind of a buzzbot

Suck What

Suck What
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 little cry baby on the tree top
when the wind blows
the cradle will fall
down will come cry baby
suck what
scenario unpoetically
school taught .. twat

Bollywood Strugglers

Bollywood Strugglers
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 The strugglers wanting to become Bollywood Badshahs, Bollywood next pin up poster boy , Bollywoods Heart throbs , they come to the Industry , running with tattered testimonials , photographs , portfolios, running from one production office to the other , some stand outside Ram Gopal Vermas Factory, some stand outside Sanjay Guptas office , some stand out side Madhur Bhandarkars house , some pursue Mahesh Manjrekar , others compromise and hit the trail of the offices of Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Television..
It is just grabbing success by the balls and not letting it go.. make or break.. and dreams die hard....glamour glitz, the hysteria of signing autographs, posing with their die hard fans.. and close relatives waiting to snatch you like vultures, enemies wishing to bury you soon.. but if you make it than Carter Road beckons you the new bungalow and the parapet you slept on an empty stomach.. and my poem...

With dreams b…

Politics makes the world go upside down.

Politics makes the world go upside down.
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This was a political banner that got tilted in favour of the oppositional winds of carter road ..

politics makes the world go upside down
the worlds greatest politician too can be the worlds
cleverest stand up clown
juggling the destiny of nations
with memory lapses not so profound
words history bound
encyclopaedic art of “ politicism “
only in bushism found
google seaching for Iraq and Afghanistan
tweny years from now
as a crescent star and striped
enshroud.. dumbfound
Funny but not unbelievable as it may sound
Date palm republics where black wealth
Is buried underground..
Going bananas
..speeding to see the bamiyan statues
On an American grey hound..
In my poetic destitution ..
its very difficult to expound..
Americanization.. of a planet
Which is now hell bound..
Feeling for the underbelly of the moon mars
With feet made of clay
Disintegrating in the ground.
A square within a circle
Not going round and rou…

Buzznet Saying it with Poetic Flowers

Buzznet Saying it with Poetic Flowers
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This is a poem inspired by Xris Taylor he had killed members at Buzznet a few summers back with his poem in the same alphabetic format , I am trying to resuscitate the almost dying ones.. those who are running away to make other nests at flicker and other homing sites, in case I have forgotten someone just give me a buzz I will include you poetically even if I dont know you.. this is a part of a protest for Change.. the call given by Yorrik Df duck Xris Leirdasim and others..

A is fot Azzie.. life is marc buzznet and snazzie

I am my own worst enemy .. that only marc can see a smile that can light up a xmas tree

A for Azlae Marc who said we did it a buzznet love story that really did it..

A marriage on the beach the rocks did not forbid it…

A for Anthony Batt .. parental pride under his hat..lady katerina has hit buzznet we want help anthony bat..

A for A total nobody a heart to match a sexy body…

A for At…

Bollywoods Pied Piper of Camelin

Bollywoods Pied Piper of Camelin
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Took all cybernetic rats for a spin
Some with tails broad , some fat some thin
Product of incestuous genetic sin..
Mothers fathers daughters sons
All part of an original sin..
Who was fucking who..
One would never be able to pin..
They all looked alike
Some like Siamese twins
Sons of bitches in sin..
Splotches of each others
Colored skin..
Mostly black
a few white as next of kin..
they all came following
bollywoods Pied Piper of Camelin

from farms , stables
houses cottages even the
municipal dustbin
some feeble , some morose
some arrogant some with
English upper chin.
There was an American democrat
Who was called rin tin tin
Another went by the name of
Huckleberry fin
An Arabic one called Alladin
And another from Djibouti
They called him brother Djinn
Asshole anonymous absolutely
Some with cocks that were
Minus their foreskin
They were all going for cybernetic spin
To be thrown in an unknown zone
Never to be bought back in
Thanks …

Lost In Transit

Lost In Transit
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 she was to send her heart

as a parcel to the post office

it got lost in transit

so he wakefully sleeps

hoping they find it ..

return it to him

even if it is broken

in a thousand pieces

a womans heart is fragile

he will fix it up

like a jigsaw puzzle

yes the womans heart

his own heart

well he lost it

when he first saw her at

the bus stop in a school uniform..

At Buzznet All is Well

At Buzznet All is Well
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Feverish

Comments not happening


Re logging problems

Deathly screen of death

Pneumonia like symptoms

Of pictures not posting

All in all buzznet support

Nurses and interns


Not keeping us updated

Busy in their commercial ads

Other musical hostings

While our blogger ass

On a slow fire roasting ..

The kettle calling

the pot black and boasting

Three doctors

Hush hush

No one

among the Tree Magi

is willing to tell

the apocalyptic words

Buzznet is not well

Are they the conscience

Of an online sharing community

Like my tube going to sell

they cross their

hearts hope to die

a silence that wont tell

you can scream

shout or


or say I am unhappy

they answer back

in sign language

go to flicker

or go to hell

they take it for granted

that at

Buzznet all is Well

An apple

fucked by a worm

before it was shot

by William Tell

a distempered cat

called Pussnet

nobody knows

how to bell

all is not well

impeach who

jesus on the cross

jesus on the cross
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 segregated spirituality
serrated spirituality

is a business based on profit and loss
much was to be made in future years
coffers to be filled
a rock that was wrongly billed
they conspired
the good the bad and the ugly
nailed him to the cross

yes boss..

net profit minus gross..

truth belching


from the mouth of a horse

three heads on a platter

all emitted from one source

the cresent the star and the cross

fighting against each other

humans bound by

remorse ... sprituality

measured by force..

humanity a river dead and dying

as time and tide

change the course

a helpless god

while his agents

by more killings

death and pestilence

a new world order

Peace reinforce

Poet Photographer Blogger

Poet Photographer Blogger
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 poetic emotions on the street
as i shoot them barefeet
no photoshopping
pictorial reality
i dont cheat
i capture
with the power
of shivas third eye
the misery of a poor mans heart bound to concrete
a hijab enclosing a Muslim Womans heart beat
my pictures from your
consciousness you can never delete
poet photographer blogger complete

To an Agonising Aunt of a Cry Baby

To an Agonising Aunt of a Cry Baby
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Suck my what

you are right

how can one suck

what you havent got

in some brambles

on a windy night

it got caught

fuck why

did you choose the wrong

vacation spot


a rag picker

stole the remaining

in a used car parking lot

a big mouth

can only suck

a gargoyle faced

two headed two timing

cock in

a barren deserted spot

find another

white assed friend of yours

to add to your menstrual blood clot

a recipe for a new philadelphia pepper pot

to dee daa ha blah blah

together you can

burn dodge and rot..

flatless tit clit of a twat.. (thought )

frigidity foaming at the mouth

the brave new world forgot.

inspired by a comment...and a boddess

Happy Thanksgiving Uncooked Indian Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving Uncooked Indian Turkey
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 all the dudes trying to draw her attention
from the heights of a billboard
but she already has an adonis
her heart who has scored..
flickering away
on thanksgiving ..
an indian
unfeathered turkey
her heart implored
dark caverns of hate
undiscovered unexplored
defenceless mother fucker
his ass all trampled
injured and gored
writing poetry
when he gets bored ..
words of all denominations
in his mind stored

Motherhood begs on the Street

Motherhood begs on the Street
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This is my first poem at buzznet today, I will no more be posting at Poemhunter.. at poem hunter I was incomplete .. they read my words without seeing my pictures and I decided it was time a take a long sabbatical from live poets and unlive poetry .
I want to begin unlearning poetry..
my pictures are the soul of my poetry
appertured thoughts at shuttered speed

mother hood
begs on the street
a husband
who impregnated her
ran away
single mother
all odds in defeat
leprous lachrymose
her bad luck
her good luck unseat
a child
who will one day
become the father
of man
at her feet
mother hood
the diadem
of a womans womb
i repeat

my poem no 1 at buzznet
dedicated to all single mothers..
even those with husbands

the mother in the picture is a leper.. the child is normal.
this was when I deleted my poems at poem hunter and began posting at buzznet

y u p

y u p
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 y ou
u ndeniably
p retty

me a vagabond kicking the heat and dust ina bollywood mumbai city..
every chat with you
i get witty
like bolts
up my you know where
charges of electricity
all the way
from ohio
the winds and velocity
toledo hospital
where you were born pretty
ageless reminder of love
born in cybernetic captivity

'multi colored hate at poem hunter is not poetry'

'multi colored hate at poem hunter is not poetry'
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I am a photographer
who shoots pictures
of pain that wont wane
pictures of a girl child
from birth a future slain
pedestrian pain

pictures that I shoot
become my poetry
pictorial poetry
emotional poetry
I never planned to
be a poet
but yes
I let words conjure
my thoughts
my pain
on gossamer
wings become my poetry
Buzznet was where
as a blogger
I blogged my poetry
than I came across
Poemhunter site
I collected all my
disbursed poetic thoughts
that here became my poetry
cybernetic love at buzznet
twice became my poetry
now it is a Blog Goddess
my eternal American muse
who writes my poetry
without a muse ..
there is no poetry
no good if a poet
denies his muse
or denies his poetry
if I don’t like a poet
I don’t sodomize his poetry
I don’t destroy his poetry
or sensationalize his faults
or his birthright
of how he writes his poetry
eveyrbody has a right
to spectacularise his
world …


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Poem hunter forum never sleeps
Crystallized tears screamless cries
Poetic preponderance poetry weeps
Mutilated bruised raped sodomized
By pretentious poets and a few creeps
Pages and pages
of gluttonous sorrow for keeps



Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

Poetry does not pay
So poem hunter forum
Has become an animal pet shop for a day
No more choppers no more cleavers or sacrificial animals to slay
Trade martin jingle jangler selling liberal pussies on a tray
15 %discount black white prepubescent they say
Ted Sheridan selling earth worms specially imported from Bay of Biscay
Women poets hard day
Pages and pages all the way
Selling flat fish guppies gouramis
Angel fish giant sting ray
JC selling Afghan Hounds
Puppies as they poetically
Critically play and a few stray
And a rare breed that is totally gay
Gregory Collins selling Piranhas
On this market day
Dr L Beck..selling parrots
With feet of clay
Other wayward poets jobless
Going old going cantankerous and grey
Poem Hunter Forum pet shop
Exotic flora and fauna on display
Allen James Saywell selling
Mad dingoes platypuses cost
To defray
Faslund Viking Go…

why do we build statues

why do we build statues
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 when we cant take care of our living dead

why do we build stautes to shame them
now much after their soul had fled
pigeon shit as droppings
misgivings battering their lonely heads
someone desecrates a statue
riots and fights fear and dread ..
when man killed man
it was the statue that bled..
condemned to see mayhem
misery even when he is dead

The Khada Parsi

The Khada Parsi
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Shet Cursetjee Manockjee
The standing tall
Khada parsi
A punishment
Given to him
By his community
The ill-fated good parsi
Belching smoke
Asthamatic retribution
And life
On the fast track changing
He is forced to see
Pigeon shit on his head
Fornication at his feet
Clothes put out to dry
Blotches of arthritis
On his knees
Cannot change the detstiny
Of the khada parsi
The only second hand item
That looks it does not belong
To a parsi
Every time I pass him
I take his pictures
To capture the moods
And the variations
Of the city
Through the eyes
of the khada parsi
riots , rains , feasts
life deaths .. the cycle
of change ,,
does not change the after death
of a living death
each new day
of the khada parsi
the parsi panchayat
money bags
had done free fuck all
for the survival of
a citys national figure
aapra lokhandna
khada parsi

Change and yet things dont Change

Change and yet things dont Change
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 lanes have changed
around it
have changed
man woman
the world has changed
the thoughts
the heads
in the mosque
remain unchanged
to progressive change
technological change
some want us to go back
into tents of darkness
of a bedouin desert
strange they dont want us to change
the land from which
our religion
came has changed
the prophets house
a towering change
does it not sound strange
hijab can remain
but thoughts within
the hijab should change
thoughts of modesty
a climate of change
the attitude of the mullah
to his fatwas should change..
dialogue debate and fair exchange
not targetted like helpless victims
in a shooting range

the old the young
make way
a changing world
a good interchange
why thoughts
in the mosque dont change
progressive change

should not sound strange

the house of god that man built

the house of god that man built
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 in pure
makrana marble
will not wilt
to keep it
man fought
inumerable battles
mans blood spilt
when it got destroyed
the next generation
came and rebuilt
the blade of fire
faith as its hilt
a foundation
built on shaky
stilts ...
man mummified
wrapped in
silken quilts


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

These penny wise pound foolish
with blood soaked hands
Expectantly wait
full time butchers part time
Poets Critics impersonate
Cleavers knives choppers
Ready to cut you into pieces
They wont bat an eye lid or hesitate
Poem hunter forum butchers
Who ply their trade here
Ungraciously poetically hibernate
One sacrificial lamb Ted Sheridan
First the lady butcher turned poet
Courtney Kane will not sedate
Keeping him thirsty parched
dehydrate slowly cut through the neck
a blunt blade this ingratiate
this is spiritual poetic state
orgiastic oscillations
no pre menopausal pause
a thoughtless thought innate
dead meat carved sold by poetic trait
today’s special Clay Scott
minced balls at a special rate
racism in poetry is nothing
but human hate..
poetry dying in dire strait
cold cuts of another Radical Muslim
ranting poet added to your sandwich pl…

my heart is a sculpted mansion

my heart is a sculpted mansion
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 where god lives
my faults human
he forgives
long after my flesh dies
my soul outlives

Blog Memories

Blog Memories
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 she has gone
leaving sheaves
of her blog memories
her comments all deleted
but she lives as sweet memories
perhaps she remembers old times
that she cock teased me
my sweet and sour memories
buzznet blog goddess
locked in my minds photo album
as sepia toned memories

Woman is an Onion

Woman is an Onion
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Someone asked me
Why does a woman get afraid to have sex..
and it was a poem.. and ended in questioning the reader and leaving him to answer this sphynx like anomaly ..

yet it was Mary Magdalene the virgin that the fate of Jesus Christ sealed . crucified ..bleeding unhealed
blood seminally soaking congealed..