Sunday, November 4, 2018

Thank you Walid Hakimi for your kind words ,,

I would rather be a Hindu than a Salafi like you ''

His comment on my post at You Tube Forum

 You are just trying to gain fame by using belief and emotions of people and broadcasting casting even things against Islam , you are playing with your Emaan, those madari malang , and those Hijra dance Party and these shrine “bidha” with these miss guided sufis who does not represent Islam, please seek a good Muslim scholar and see I doubt you may not be good Muslim or even a Muslim please go and Do Kaleema again please brother you seriously need help. Otherwise if you are not a Muslim by heart and you are talking rubbish to gain fame and make money with youtube  then you are definitely a Munafeq  (hypocrite) May Allah Guide us brother!!

Ode to Don MacAskill CEO Flickr

Our primary motivation for the acquisition was that we love photographers and we love photography. Flickr is home to some of the world's best photographers and photos. It just felt like a natural fit with our mission and passion, and we're thrilled the have the opportunity to open Flickr's next chapter.Don MacAskill

Flickr under Yahoo
Oath Verizon
was floundering seriously ill..
as a photo management site
had become run of the mill
It had due to bad Yahoo Flickr
Customer Care lost all its
Old Skool Goodwill..
Until enter Smug Mug
who took over Flickr
raised the bill ..double
the amount before
any steps to Flickr
revival were fulfilled
voices in the Flickr
forum got angry raucous
shrill.who wants a placebo
as a curing pill
being a pro member
since 11 years I
have hopes that Flickr
will rise like a phoenix
thanks to the vision
of Don MacAskill
so lets wait chill
our negativity
on the soul of our
illusions let it not

That Flickr is part of
SmugMug I am thrilled

Grandfathered accounts
Free Flickr accounts
sound of a bugle a new drill
1000 images ..a mountain
turns into a molehill

for those of my Flickr
friends dead and gone
Fred Miller
Jeff Lamb
Marc Akemann
Flickr memories
As Daffodils