Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Should Have Not Held On To Her

irresistibly so
once she entered
my cosmic consciousness
she would not let me go
she was an illusion
a deception i could
not forgo..the agony
of my sleepless angst
my deleted dreams
stepping on the soul
of my poetry to and fro
now when i look back
in retrospection nothing
left to show persistence
my passionless penury
my worldly woes ..every
breath held my windpipe
although.. i tried hard
to deviate from the path
of sorrow she haunts
me ..holding in her
hands my unborn
tomorrow... falling in
love with this angel
a wingless apparition
that hinders my growth
gone is the light of
my existence from
the soul of my shadow

I Never Shot Moharam In Mumbai ,,,Ever Again

shot by dr glenn losack md ,,,,

Sister Do They Also Live On The Roads Like Us

they come shoot
our street homes
make so much fuss
perhaps their homes
are worse ..are they
too cursed like us
what a pity ..dont
they have better
things to focus
why sister are
we painted in light
on their canvas
our shabby clothes
our broken down lives
what fascinates them thus
is it true some of them
sell our pictures ..our
open wounds our pus
is their street photography
a science fine arts or just
commerce...or merely
poetical verse...if money
they make to our kinds
will they ever disburse
or will they simply shoot us
disperse in our
hands is much better
than money in the purse

Message From Mrs Malak Alchayeb

Greeting to you in the name of Almighty Allah.
I pray to almighty Allah that my email will reach you in good condition; my name is Mrs. Malak Alchayeb I am a widow from Syrian Damascus I and my family was affected by the Syrian chemical weapon which has led to the death of my husband and children.I need you to assist me in getting my treasure amounting to $5.2 million dollars from Egypt because the doctor confirms 50/50 chances of my survival. I beg you in the name of Allah I need your help.Thanks Mrs. Malak Alchayeb
Waiting to read from you

Thank you
kind considerate
Mrs Malak..Thank
you for your message
I was about to kill myself
you saved me my good luck
actually i lost my lady love
mortgaged all my cameras
my testicular fortitude when
bad times struck..nothing
believe me nothing seemed
to work.. till your blessings
in silver lining..hit me that
everything cosmically began
to work.. $5.2 million dollars
a large sum..WTF ..for this
amount i would go down
on lady destiny..for all the
bucks ...with your money
i will donate it to the Aam
Admi Party..let them get a
chance to rule my country
for once i know it will work..
the only sincere honest
truthful party on our political many things need
to be re formulated reworked
others came plundered looted
left an empty treasury with a
smirk..our netas that accumulated
big bunglows big offices glitzy
mercks ..while the common poor man
holding his future in his hand was
left to hurts it irks ..politics
the only place for the crooked to
make all those extra perks ..
black money ..buffaloes that
run away from ministerjis
paddocks .. even they want
freedom happily
find a horny bullock get
rapturously sucked ...unfucked

.I decided to bequeath the sum of 9,500,000.00 Pounds to you...Mrs Aidah Abdul Basir

Assalam Alaikum.I am Mrs Aidah Abdul Basir!!!

Assalam Alaikum.I decided to bequeath the sum of 9,500,000.00 Pounds to you. Contact: (

Thank you Aidah Abdul Basir

You gift to me of 9500000.00
pounds ..almost hit me so hard
head first i hit the ground for
sometime like a whirling dervesh
i went round and round and round and round
a man like me who people call ass hole
urban brown..a poet a beggar a clown
who plays with words poetically abound ,,,
your love has found .. barkis is willing
i mean beggar poet is willing ..if you
are willing to get married to me
on the rebound ,,, i am shingle
i mean single ..mind body sound
a bit rotund all round ..penny wise
foolish but dear aidah i love to
pound a hound .. once we meet
you too will come around ,,,, at your
place or in my compound ..which
has greenery in the foreground
in keeping with my colorful background
aidah sweet aidah.. i am yeda .. but love
is merry go round ... running behind you
wraparound ...

A Message From Mrs Ailen Liu

Do Get Back to me on this transaction

Good day,
Am Mrs Ailen Liu,I have a proposal for you,
I know this is an unconventional way of introducing my self to you,
Do get back for further

Kem Coan

Thank you
Mrs Alien Liu
So happy that I
beggar poet
perpetually broke
received this message
from you..let me tell
you the other ladies
who sent me messages
i got unfairly screwed
because of them my
beggar ass got chewed
all hope bestrewed ..
on black better viewed
one was Helen the other
was Sue this
penniless poet his dues
walks barefeet without
shoes..bloggers are never
part of breaking news ..
to be a part of a corrupt
system of yellow journalism
we refuse ..once upon a time
we were gifted the pro gift at
Flickr no more ..too
many messages to
ms mariisa mayer regarding
this issue .. they report abuse
flatly refuse .. i miss my friend
anuj nair faves no comments
now what is the excuse ..what
the deuce ..bemused.. WTF
my blogs who the devil let lose ..
round my neck Yama has just thrown
his noose ...because he has a bad throat
he silently screams FAIRUZ..FAIROOZE
FAIROOSE ... I set you free this time
as i have urgent work in Belarus ,,,sex tours
orgiastic deaths time to snooze...

A Message From Annie

Dear sir/madam,

I must apologize for infringing on your privacy .I am Miss. Annie Santos from Benin West Africa currently working in multi-million dollar LNG Benin so I have this opportunity to influence over invoice on a lucrative foreign Contract award through my office and was able to amass a fortune worth about $9Million USD through inflated over invoice. The contractor has been paid off leaving me with the floating sum in the local bank here. So I writing this email to seek your assistance to present you as a sub contractor so that you can receive the over invoice fund and we split it 40% 60%. Email me at ( ) If you're interested to partner me in this deal So that I can give you comprehensive details, Do accept the best of my personal assurances as this transaction is absolutely risk free from all what you may think. I Hope to read from you soon.
Best regard
Miss. Annie Santos Joachim.

Annie Santos

thank you
annie ,,for
getting in
touch with
dont need to
we both need
each other
equally ..
children of
fortune faith
that give birth
to hope
we are human
shall enter
transact this
blindly .
after all
life is a one
time affair ,,,
lets lead it
kindly i shall
arrive in Benin
to personally
work out this
i have decided
to give my share
of this money
to charity ..
to create a new
order of politicians
of beggar children
who will bring change
make this nation of
mine more orderly
work to prosper
not just individually
but together with
caste color creed
collectively ,,,tears
no more on the soul
of humanity.. liberty
freedom justice equality