Friday, December 18, 2009

Barsati Bawa and the Barefeet Blogger

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This was shot last week, at the Makhdoom Shah Baba Urus and I wore this kaftan after a very long time, I am trying very hard to complete my backlog of the Urus pictures and other miscellaneous stuff..I have perhaps another 5 GB card to upload..

My dress code has already changed since yesterday I will only wear black for 2 month eight days till Moharam ends.

I spoke to Marziya she is enjoying her train trip to Lucknow...

I wont be shooting Moharam in Mumbai so lets see which city in India I end up in..certainly not Lucknow.

Whichever city I go I will be barefeet till my return the next day after Ashura.

Where Will I Be This Ashura I Do Not Know

a call from a bereaved mother
I shall go carrying her hanky
on which her tears flow
where will I be this Ashura
I do not know
towards the shores
of sorrow
I flow
like the winds I blow
a dagger in my hand
a camera in my soul
wading through
rivulets of blood
to and fro
barefeet blogger
of mumbai
his logo
ghame hussain
a belief
a pledge
you cant let go

Marziya Cuts My Birthday Cake

Marziya On Flickr and Facebook

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a very bad cold
that wont let her
off the hook
mind reads
the comments
on facebook
as and when
she drops in
to have a look
8000 pictures
her own scrapbook

Moods Of Marziya Shakir

This was shot on my birthday 10 December and the bouquet was sent to me by Mr Danny Denzongpa

Marziya Leaves For Lucknow

mumbaichi pori
she takes a humble bow
as she leaves to her
mothers hometown
we already miss her
and how

Marziya Impish Eyes

a born drama queen
a born actress
Marziya impish eyes
2 years old
how time flies
reborn in
every disguise
a battery packed
multi talented
midget size
holding the
Nikon D80
in her tiny hands
she takes pictures
a born photographer
to be precise

Aye Khuda Mere Dada Ke Dukh Door Kar

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ki jholi
phir se bhar
uski kismet
tere dar
poti ki dua
uske sar

The Beauty of the Hijab

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lies in humility
in the eyes of the beholder
a garb of modesty
a spiritual adornment
as the soul gets young
while the body gets older
a message of peace
her mother told her