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This Was The Juice Shop My Mother Was Robbed of Her Purse

I can never forget this place , pickpocketeers got my mothers purse she was carrying lot of money to pay to the moneylender , those days my dad had mortgaged our house to him , and we were young I still remember the day my mothers world came crashing down the beginning of her diabetes and later in life her ultimate death..

And I come here wonder about her pain , we were not very well off and going through a very bad patch..

So some memories even as a street photographer kill the soul of my picture before it is born..

Rest In Peace Mom

Muslim Areas Are Same Everywhere In India ,, No Change No Progress Just Insular Ghettos

The Beggar Poet And His Deleted Dreams

The Wisest Calm Quiet Khada Parsi ..Symbol of the Strength of Mumbai

The 9 Yard Maharashtrian Saree - Kasta Saree

From wikipedia

The Kasta sari (Marathi: नऊवारी साडी) is a style of sari draping is very similar to the way the Maharashtrian dhoti is worn.The word Kasta or Kacha refers to the sari being tucked at the back.[1][2]Since this sari is usually worn using a single nine yard cloth,it is also referred to as Nauvari which means Nine Yards.[3] Sakachcha sari is another term commonly used to refer to this style of sari.[4]

Traditional drape
It is the traditional Marathi style of sari which is worn without a petticoat.[5]This style of sari draping is common among the Brahmin women especially in Maharashtra.[6] This sari is draped in a way that the center of the sari is neatly placed at the back of the waist and the ends of the sari are tied securely in the front, and then the two ends are wrapped around the legs. The decorative ends are then draped over the shoulder and the upper body or torso.[7]
[edit]Koli style drape
Women of the Koli tribe also wear this style of sari but cut into two pieces.One piece is worn around the waist while the other pice is used to cover the upper part of the body.It is taken on the head over the left shoulder in the Maratha fashion. [8] [9] The Koli women are decorative with both dress and ornament and this sari of nine yards of cotton fabric is draped adeptly over the hips so that the figure is graceful in movement. [10]

Lavani performance by Smt. Surekha Punekar in a nine yard kasta sari.
[edit]Traditional Usage
The traditional 'nauvari' retains its charm even in the modern age.Also known as 'Lugada',this sari is now regularly worn mostly by elderly Maharashtrian women.However,in the contemporary fashion,the trend of wearing nine-yard Kasta sari is picking up fast in the younger lot that wants to keep the age-old Marathi tradition alive.It requires perfect technique,practice and perfection to wear a nine-yard saree.Mostly worn in dance competitions,"lavani" and maharashtrian folk dance,the Kasta sari has surely made a great come back in the fashion industry.Prashant Shalgar,a nine-yard Kasta sari seller,said,"It has always been in demand.Though earlier only elder generation women would pick up these sarees but now many young girls go for it for its elegant looks.Prashant Kolhe,a management executive,said,"My grandmother used to wear nine-yard saree.It would look great on her.She used to carry it very well.I guess Indian sarees are the best fashion wear available on the globe.You cannot look graceful,trendy and comfortable in any other dress.[11] Women dabbawalas in Mumbai are dressed in nauvari saris.[12]
[edit]Modern Usage

Maharasthran fisherwoman in a kasta sari.
To make the wearing more easy and comfortable,the market is all set to sell stitched Kasta sari for those who love drape it.Sandhya Kenjale,another Kasta sari seller,says,"I started stitching nineyard sarees because I could never drape it properly.For draping a nineyard saree,you should have some guidance for it is a technique to wear it.There are many occasions when women choose to wear nine-yard sarees but the drawback is they do not know the technique.Ready-to-wear nine-yard saree is the perfect solution for such problems.Just wear it like a salwar put the pallu over the shoulder and you are dressed in few minutes.Also,teen-aged girls are seen wearing it in their school or college gatherings.Many brides are now taking help of such ready-to-wear nine-yard sarees.With a wide range of them available in the market,buyers have a lot of choice.Available in Bangalore silk,Belgaum silk,pure silk,Orissa silk,nine-yard sarees are priced reasonably."Prashant Shalgar added,"Marathi movies are responsible for keeping the traditional wear alive.To make it easy,these sarees are now stitched and sold in the market".[11]Shobhaa De in her blog told that she suggested to Mukesh Ambani that the cheerleaders of Mumbai Indians can wear the traditional nine yard kasta sari and perform dance routines for the local lavani.[13]
[edit]Reduction in Usage
On the contrary,some consider the Kasta sari has fallen out of favour currently.It is considered far too revealing. It is rarely seen in the cities.This type of sari is regularly made fun of in films, portrayed as some sort of “sexy” garment, meant to titillate.In reality the Kasta sari embodies freedom for women. In a way it is similar to the dhoti as it allows leg movement and the ankles are left free. But today the Kasta sari will only be considered decent if distorted to hide every inch of a woman’s body.[14]

Kasta saris are considered to be one of the most glamourous outfits for women in Bollywood films.Although mostly they are worn in song sequences. Generally in modern Bollywood fashion, the pallu is fully wraped around the waist rather than on the shoulder and to cover the blouse or choli, folded chunri of contrast color is pinned up.Also the hairstyle on is step-cut up to shoulder length with smart nosering or Nath and Chandrakor Bindi.[15]
The most famous example of Kasta sari in Bollywood is the song sequence of "Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar" in the film Sailaab(1990) featuring Madhuri Dixit in a yellow & green Kasta sari. [16] Another recent example is of Kim Sharma in the film Tom, Dick, and Harry(2006).She played the role of Bijlee,a fisherwoman for which she appeared in Kasta saris of different color throughout the entire film.[17][18][19]
Recently,the first look and promos of Agneepath,the 2012 remake of the 1990 Hindi film of the same name was released which featured actress Katrina Kaif dancing for an item song "Chikni Chameli" in a yellow kasta sari.[20][21][22]

Street Photographers Live Within The Soul of a Reflecting Mirror

What Was God Thinking When He Created Man.. I Know He Stopped Thinking After He Created Eve

I unmask the soul of my poetry through pictures

the state of my mind as it creates poetry through pictures

Most of my pictures are accidents on the roads , I shoot from a moving cab , sometimes I am faster than my camera but sometimes poetry overtakes my pictures ..I see pictures as figments of my fecund mind they come out and encapsulate the poetry in my soul..

I create beauty out of wastelands , my photography is not to show you the dark side of the moon it is to enlighten you .. man you were born lucky than some of those whom I shoot , but they are lucky too.. they cant see your world but they are happy in their misery , strange they grumble but don't complain..

My pictures were waiting out there to be shot and God hurriedly creates situations that I have to pass the way where my picture waits for me..I give directions to the cab driver and sometimes to save me from traffic snarls he takes a detour ..I look at him in surprise and he says Sir we will reach faster and a few paces away I get out of the cab I am shooting a street stage being set up for Maharshtra Day at Dadar Phool Gully.

I saw my friend Danny Burks sunset pictures and I poetically envy him , his pastoral surroundings his joie de vivre , the countryside , but than I remember that I am a city worm I need filth , I need morbidity to live survive ..for that is continuously flowing like gutter water around me..

And I call myself a beggar poet because I have begged I have lived with beggars ,, but the beggars only know one side of Jekyll me ..they know I am a Malang ..

They dont know that I live among the rich, I cater to the rich, I see the rich blowing up millions to keep his body well dressed .. and they the poor I shoot walk in bare threads.

I will soon go get myself detoxified one I reach Ajmer for the Urus , I will move with the Malangs barefeet , live with them, and become one with them..

The hijras will be waiting for me I rekindle their passion for self esteem through my pictures.and I am waiting for those 5 days away from the high fashion sartorial nature of my haute couture work.

I will of course miss my grand children , first I had one who pulled me back home in case I overstayed now there are two more and one a Malang like me Nerjis Asif Shakir.

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Mr Sarkozy Needs The Kind Blessings of The Hijab..

There is a Big Divide Between Those That Sleep on the Roads And Those In Air conditioned Comfort

The Poetry of Life ..The Rich Get Richer The Poor Simply Die

like you
i would like
to shoot
good happy
things too
willowy clouds
sky azure blue
blooming buds
flowers horseshoe
but no i cant do
i cant eat
what i cant chew
to my surroundings
the pain around me
i cant be untrue
so through
the power
of my lens
of life
i pursue
i showcase
the lesser gods
world its broken
dreams truth
as virtue
in humility
faded jaded
in every hue
i give the
the eunuch
the urchin
his due
i shoot
missing legs
crippled shoes
my blogs
are not part
of making
breaking news

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this year lets go to venice ,,,no darling i prefer the maldives

the mobile companies have taken us for a ride

some bridges you cross .. and god gives you wings to fly over some bridges you wont cross

I love you but wont ever possess you ..

by your deceit
your selfishness
god bless you
through the veil
alas if i had
only read you
your conniving
eyes your
i trusted you
that you were
playing games
with me
oh how i rue
my fucked fate
my bad luck
no i dont
love you

it is heterosexual man and woman that give birth to peace loving gay children .. inspired by a google+post

the girl child is endangered specie in india ..we got to save her before we save tigers on two legs

Tickle your Ass with a Feather Means in England Particularly Nasty Weather

My Old House At Bandra ..Was Creaky Dilapidated Like My Own Life

These houses were known as RP , old structures old bungalows , were remodeled as a building held on iron girders in the name of Repair Permission ,and illegal floors came in their place in collusion with the authorities the small time builder and the landlord got into a deal added floors rooms shops and made a killing..

This was nightmare of a house always leaking during the rains we sold it for peanuts and today the same place costs a bomb..this was a two bedroom hall we split it into two units and sold it to two different people..

I come here sometimes as it is close to my new house remember my drinking days and my recovery rehabilitation..

This place was known as Kamla Bai Sadan..

Dam Madar Malang At Sulaiman Usman Mithaiwala Minara Masjid