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Documenting GSB Seva Mandal GSB Ganesha Since 2006

I Have a Fabulous Bond With the GSB Community Thanks to Lord Ganesha

Dr Bhujang Pai Mr KD Shenoy And Me

Dr Bhujang Pai Mr KD Shenoy and Me

Dr Bhujang Pai and his friends at The GSB Seva Mandal Ganesha

The King Of Kings Of King Circle GSB Lord Ganesha 2012

The King Of Kings Of King Circle GSB Lord Ganesha 2012, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 242,864 items / 2,036,246 views

After I had shot Lalbagh Chya Raja in the morning I headed towards Mumbai Chya Raja of Ganesh Gully and finally Tejukaya Cha Raja ..After shooting all this barefeet I came home tired and dead beat.

I will post the both the Ganpati pictures later .. in the evening Amit Pai son of Late Dinesh Pai my best friend who used to invite me here at King Cirle Darbar of Lord GSB ..left the job to Amit ..

And I came to the Pandal sad , and missing my true friend at his funeral I cried as though I had lost someone in my own family and I am crying now as I write this ..maybe I am soft maybe I am far too sensitive but I shared some great GSB moments with Mr Dinesh Pai..

I did not have the courage to meet Amit so I took a detour at the Pandal avoiding him or I would have broken down on this happy auspicious moment.

I went to search for my other best friend Dr Bhujang…

Lalbagh Chya Raja Darshan 2012

The Lord Makes Me Shoot ..