Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Alluring World of Hijras OF india

Bhavani Tantric Hijra Beauty At Khamakhya Assam

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz 2016 At Bandra Station

The Humility And Hospitality Of Narayan From Khamakhya

Even with all my future pending uploads on Khamakhya trip.. if I did not tell you something about Narayan the  tea man on the Khamahkya Temple road,,I would be lacking in good manners and breeding .

After I got a place to stay at a Ashram I found there was no toilet facilities at all ,, the toilet was into the jungles passing Narayans tea stall with a bottle of water in hand ,,,and it was tough to say the least,,, there was a newly built toilet but the Guwahati Municipality had locked it up as there was no water since 20 June .

Even after the fair started on 22 June it was still the same ,, I tweeted a picture of the toilet tagging modiji and rajnathji... but than nobody responded simply because I am not part of Modijis army of Trolls on Twitter ...perhaps they get a faster hearing.

Well the next time I was carrying my water bottle for natures call Narayan the tea guy we had become good friends .. called me aside and told me I could use his toilet ,, I asked him if I could pay him something ... al he said no money just pray for my family ,,

And I used to have red Assamese sugar tea cause of my lg injury worsening he began making black sugarless tea for me ,His wife and his 3 Kids Vishal Deb and Gun Gun loved me ..

I spnt most of my time with the Aghoris at the creamation grounds or sitting at Narayans tea stall.'.

It was only when I was leaving  Khamakhya Narayan told me that the tea business was for the fair ... he was actually a photographer working in a studio,

I was very surprised and happy too.. Narayan and his wife and children have never seen Mumbai but hope to see it oneday,, like I was seeing Assam first time in 65 years .

Now I come to photography every picture has a story and you can talk about it as a blog ,, as I have renounced myself completely from blogging ,, I call it storytelling .

Touching people healing people .