Sunday, March 25, 2018

In Search of a Master

A white wall
in front of me
I vacuously stare ..
I was held back in
Mumbai I could not
make it for Chadiyan
or partake in celebrations
of Chatti of Khwajah Garib
Nawaz Holy Saint of Ajmer
I could not meet Syed Masoom
Ali Baba or Syed Rafiq Ali Baba
My Peer the other my Murshad
Both a very unique pair ..
My thoughts in sadness I bare
The inner mechanism of my
disillusions I speedily need to
repair ..I am a circle within a
square ..what does my future hold
what are the mysteries than enchain
me I also search for hope mystically
everywhere ...
I am a Shia
I am a Sufi
I am an Aghori
What am I
A molecular
particle gasping
for air deleted
dreams were prominently
disguised as nightmare
sardonically sartorial
I am flesh blood sweat tears
beneath what I wear ..

I am playing a part on a stage
I am not what I am I swear

Besides my humility my fragmented genius
I have nothing else to declare ..
I am a man of Peace I hate warfare