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Do You Want To Be A Photographer Or A Storyteller

I started of like most of you as an analogue photographer but strictly hobbyist ,,,and never an iota of a thought about making money or having photography as my second source of income ,, I was happy as a high end tailor or Darzi... Once the digital era made its advent I had no option but to learn a bit of internet and photoshop , I paid Rs 4000 at that time but typed with one finger .I still type with one finger ,, I came as a novice to Buzznet in 2005 and thus began my tryst with blogging as Photographer No1 ...I had to write a lot of description on my pictures as the huge audience was predominantly American .. but my grammar was horrid , I used large font and my earlier efforts at blogging were atrocious but in word form but not in the intensity of my images ,,,I shot the unseen India , Customs Rituals traditions Hinduism in its humility and glory , Sufi body piercing , Shiasm more of blood and self infliction known as pictures in retrospection were shock and awe ,, I be…

The Facebook Friends List

posted this evening at Facebook

Today I sat and pruned my Facebook contacts ,,I normally added a person if we had a mutual friend ,,,I had over 2880 people on my list ,,,most of them added me without reading my profile ,,
And all my posts on Facebook is for Friends only ,,I post Hiduism Shiasm Sufism Christianity Hijras Beggars etc..I dont want to be trolled by Faceless Facebook members ,,,so I post with due moderation ... the same post on my FB timeline is public at Flickr Twitter and Blogspot ..
However I added a lot of people I had no interactions with them I did not even know them so I decided to politely remove them..
I have decided I will only add people I know .. people with photography as a hobby .. I am not going to add people because of the different hues I shoot spiritually ,,
I dont want 5000 friends the few I have I am happy with them .. as I type with one finger I have very few on my feed .. I also request people to mute me on Twitter and remove me from their feeds on F…

Last Journey Mr Vikas Mohan..

I Love Bandra... Because That Is Where I Stay

i became bald
as i was turning
gray die
with dignity
to god i pray
good friends
die leaving
on the way
man an idol
golden dreams
but feet made
of clay ,,
born in transit
yet permanently
he wants to stay
lost illusions
as they say
where there is
a will yet cant
find his way