Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thank You For The Loan Offer ,, Dear Mrs Yasmina Sawdou

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Thank you Mrs Yasmina
I am sincere , simple
honest to the bone
I have lost my bearings
my lady love i desperately
need a loan..a rolling
stone ,,now dangerously
all alone ,, suicide prone
i tried hanging my self
from a fan..it fell on my
head on its own.. i lived
i bemoan.. i cut my wrist
with a butchers knife
but i stopped midway
it was her phone
she wants to come back
but she wants 300000
she moaned in her sensual
seductive orgiastic tone
making me wet all over
i almost got blown
turned to stone
she has promised
to leave the dick head
with whom she
had eloped ..as he
was stone broke
she had not known
she let out a sad
apologetic groan
so maam please
sanction me this loan
beggar poet barefeet blogger
on cyberspace well known
harvesting the oats of his
badluck unknowingly
on a rotten heart he
had sown...let me once
again be re united
with my darling
my own only
sweet Joan

let us be human.. character is what you are in the dark.. entering the unknown zone .. a tunnel of desire ,,,,her own...

A Message To The Beggar Poet From Ban Ki Moon

United Nations Headquarters


United Nations Headquarters
760 United Nations Plaza,
New York 10017, U.S.A
Tel: 716-616-9850

Dear Beneficiary,

It has come to my knowledge that your over-due contract/Inheritance/Winning sum placed on HOLD by the United State Government due to lack of proper documentations will be released to your within 24hrs from now. This latest development is due to the exit of former US Treasury Secretary Mr. Timothy Geithner and the exit of the former FBI director Robert Mueller.

The fund in the value of $4,520.000.00 with the Federal Reserve Bank will be ready for transfer as soon as you pay the fee of $187.00 only to Mr. Joshua Williams in Eastpointe-Michigan United State of America. Agent Joshua will get the duty fee paid on your behalf to the IRS office and then the Federal Reserve Bank will transfer the fund to your Bank Account.

In response to this email kindly provide your bank account for bank wire transfer from the Federal Reserve Bank New-York and if you wish for an electronic card payment it will be arranged for you.

Your are therefore advise to send the below details to my secured email.


Send your response to my secure email (b_kimoon@aol.com)

Call me as soon as you get this email.

Yours sincerely,

Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General UN

thank you for
releasing funds of
with the Federal Reserve Bank
dear sir mr bank ki moon
secretary general of UNO
for this gracious boon
my only wish free tibet
liberate the muslims of
myanmar and rangoon ...
i hope it happens really
soon ..only the poor
were not born with a
golden spoon ,,,
god has always been
on the side of the rich
tycoon ,, for the poor
destruction tsunami
typhoon....the rich
to the vagaries of
ill tempered nature
are born immune

this poem dedicated
to the most famous
caricaturist Manjultoons
master of political satire
uncrowned twitter famous
king of cartoons...netas
he lampoons ...to the
aam admi his soul attuned