Monday, March 23, 2009

I am What I am Not

i am what i am not
a karmic wheel
without a cog
a pedestrian poet
whom they love to flog
but for the sake
of the hijra community
you have to register
vote for my Hijda EunuchBlog
a bald headed Indian Golliwog

The Curse of the Hijra Queen

to become a bollywood siren
she was far too keen
to break hearts
to break box office records
on the bollywood screen
but cruel fate
kept her hidden
to the world
she was unseen
her life no more serene
pain bubbling in here eyes
a hijra
neither a man nor woman
simply in between
the curse of the hijra queen

Searching For The Hijra Grail

babita the queen of the hijras
androgynous beauty of my hijra tale
neither man nor female
sorrow hidden
beneath a veil
hijra truth shall prevail
searching for the hijra grail
shadows hidden in shallow detail
hija sufferings hijra travail
hijra a cursed commodity
in sanctimonious society
on clearance sale

Born From a Cosmic Womb

Message to me from Dr Glenn Losack MD

"I wanted to take the time out to tell you how important you are to me, to my life, my work
my thoughts, my philosophy, in my fight as a complicated man in this
difficult world i live in.

I have never had someone like you in my life and i wish i had known you long ago.

Your ongoing generosity and selflessness, the attention paid to my work with such fervor and zeal
i think to a large extent has contributed to my growth as a photographer and as a human being.

I can never thank you enough.

I only hope you and I remain connected as we have been for many years to come.

It brings me to tears all the attention you have shown me, the kindness you bestow upon me, the time and effort
you make to decorate me. the praise you give me.

I would do anything i could to have you be at CRY.
I dedicate the event to you and to Dr Robi Ludwig....

You will be missed.

I am honored Firoze
and I am forever in your debt"


Fiddle Widdle - Finding Readers For Bloggers

I am a hardcore fan of Whiz Kid Cheru Jackson..after Alpha Inventions he comes out with Fiddle Widdle dot com.. another blog traffic booster..

Try him out ..

He is the Best ..of the Best
American Discovery of the Year
On Test ..
You have rightly guessed
Yes we are Impressed

Once I was a Man .....

once I was a man
wanting to be
a woman of substance
from a testicular tragedy
I ran
from a blazing fire
into a frying pan
a hijda now
a speck
in an androgynous life span
my accursed life
living without a plan
memories of a boyhood
on the emulsion of my soul
I scan

Appu My Friend

Appu my friend
but happy and contend
irreparable pain
a somnolent god
wont mend
walking tall
you must befriend
with his smile
the fly attacking his body
he will fend
a stump of a broken tree
no branches ever to defend
these pedestrian lines
for the love of Appu
I have penned

dedicated to dr glenn losack md
going round and round the bend