Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To The General Manager MTNL Broadband Nightmare On Demand

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Dear Respected Sir

This is my third open letter to you on cyberspace .

I am a Shia Muslim blogger who shoots religion culture of my Motherland and shares it on the wide web, I have posted over 182000 images till date on Flickr.com , I am a poet a blogger a photographer also known as a Hindu Shia for love of my culture that I document as Hope and Hindutva a Message of Peace..and Humanity

I have two MTNL broadband connections at home one belongs to my son Asif Shakir a web designer the net has not worked satisfactorily since 15 days.

My net comes goes as moody as the winds of change and weather , my net has been dead since 1 pm today I am posting this from an internet cafe.

I went to surrender my sons modem at your St Martins Road office Bandra but as Mr Shyam Sundarji and Mr Jony are on leave I shall do it tomorrow.

I am disgusted with your poor service your bad infrastructure and I left You Telecom because I thought your service would be superlative Sir it sucks.

Your staff all of them are helpful courteous polite but it does not solve my ongoing problem and I too had gone a few months to surrender my Modem to your head Mr Uphdaya at Bandra Reclamation , he was kind and assured me of relief , I did get it but always short term..

And I sincerely hope you read this I do not wish to malign your service but it ha caused me intense pain , and pain to my son too in his business , you dont recompense for outage you play by the book , which when it comes to the grievance of a consumer your people brush it under the carpet..

I spoke to Raja the MTNL broadband technician of my Bandra Bazar Road area but he seemed helpless too.

Please do something or I shall continue sending you mail till problems are sorted out.

Thanking You
Firoze Shakir
Photographer no1


Jesus And The Mumbaikar

Romans 14:8 -- 8 For whether we live, we live unto the Lord: or whether we die, we die unto the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's.

He came
He saw
He went
He was
with us
the holy
of lent

Good Friday
with the
He spent
keeping us
knowing well
on His goodwill
His blessings
we wholeheartedly

to my dear friend Anthony Posey in New Orleans

A Beggar Poets Pain You Will Never Know

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I have deactivated my Facebook account I had to do it sooner or later I lived on the crumbs of love of another person.. I had to move ..out , what I thought was love was only compassion diametrically opposed to the poetry of pain in my soul on the whole...

on a
slow burner
it simmers
his poetry
of pain
is what
he shows
ok firoze
two words
in the silence
of his soul
you forgot
into an ocean
of despair
his pain flows
worldly woes
every day
on the sandy
soil of his soul
it grows
his poetry
to your prose
as you doze
a sordid
that time
fate eventually
in your corner
me in mine
two paths
we chose
a deleted
so far
up close

Beggar Poets Are Born Crazy

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on his
weathered soul
leatherd soul
feathered soul
she used
the cat o none
tails his
untethered soul
she whipped
pouted tight
lipped watching
with a deliriousness
her cold coffee
she sipped
a beggar poet
his only fault
he untiringly
her poetic form
her divine beauty
her porcelain
skin her dewy
eyes her
Cleopatra nose
her gazelle like neck
her shapely hips
her tender toes
her finger tips
her pout
her upper lip
the poets
heart beat
her saintly
the poets
soul she strips
every layer of
his poetry
his pathos
his passion
she ripped
with a blunt
the plant
of his desire
she nipped
quiet glows
the Nile
in Egypt
as he bled
from every
he dripped
her hate
her anger
she unzipped
she who
had created
this script
as he fainted
into a coma
he slipped
every ioata
of his fond
she looted
to the dead
poets graveyard
in the gulag
his dead body
she shipped
his only fault
on the divine
of her ancestry
he flipped
warrior queen
a slave angel
broken dreams
broken wings
she clipped

The Princess of Orkazai

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haunting eyes
a demeanor
an attitude
lofty high
of her race
on her face
etched deep
she denies
why why why
the elusive
princess of orkazai
in the beggar poets
bowl a dream
unfulfilled cries
broken wings
on words of fancy
he flies
her world
his paradise
her feet
a speck
of dust
in which
his happiness lies
pursuing her from
flower to flower
this beautiful butterfly
million miles away
lyrical notes a sigh
written by a poet
from mumbai

Never Fall In Love On The Internet

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a sledge hammer
of a bludgeoning
blow on your balls
you will get
you might
a beggar poet
a cosmic
she who
your pain
we met
a googly
she bowled
me out
i wont
offered friendship
on a silver platter
but i was greedy
for more on the net
spirit flesh
blood tears and sweat
i say this
with deep regret
the nature of man
plays hard to get
a dangerous dilemma
a fear soon becomes '
a threat now
a deleted chapter
doomed destroyed
but always in her debt
an erased number
on her handset
a fading moment
held in the womb
of an unborn sunset


Uff, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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all gone
washed away
one fine day
her silence
a price to pay
a broken pot
oozing poetry
made of clay
its better
to die once
than to to die
she said
slithered away
stations of my cross
i carried for her
on good Friday
on the road way
on some other
cosmic planet
some other time
we will meet
star crossed
a passion play
one sided love
my soliloquy
of pain
her script
my screenplay

Some Things In Life Touch You

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to the core
you cannot
the essence
of what
touches you
she has locked
the trembling door
a warrior queen
she growls
she roars
now only
a distinctive
a account
that was
is now
no more
in cold storage
wont ever be
blood and gore
this round
she successfully
scored uff
a blank bereaved
moment a queen
a knave on
lifes chessboard
she decapitated
his poetry of life
with her sword
god bless her lord
deleted ignored
the dead poets
grave unmarked
no signboard
he slit his wrist
on his own accord

the story of my life I have decativated my facebook account

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Your account has been deactivated

We hope you come back soon.

good bye khuda hafiz

warrior goddess you are a fake

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my lifes
first mistake
the citadel
of my
in womanhood
did shake
you caused
me hurt
you caused
me ache
my bleeding
you nailed
on a stake
from your
of stone
i take a break
molten hours
of your stupid
childish memories
keep me awake
a poets plea
you did forsake
thank you
for the golden
in the kitchen
to feed to
the next
of your
to cause
him heartache
femme fatale
a thirst
you will never slake
you your demented
mind enviously
of a snake
pain you give
life you take

Aye Mere Pyare Watan

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Aye mere pyaare watan aye mere bichhade chaman tuz pe dil kubraan
too hee meree aarajoo, too hee meree aabaru, too hee meree jaan

tere daaman se jo aaye, un hawaaon ko salaam
choom loo main us jubaan ko jis pe aaye teraa naam
sab se pyaaree subah teree, sab se rangee teree shaam

maan kaa dil banake kabhee seene se lag jaataa hain too
aaur kabhee nanheesee betee ban ke yaad aataa hain too
jitanaa yaad aataa hain too, utanaa tadapaataa hain too

chhodakar teree jameen ko door aa pahuche hain hum
fir bhee hain yahee hain tamannaa tere jarro kee kasam
hum jahaan paidaa huye, us jagah hee nikale ye dam

Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaayaa Hogaa

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The Beggar Poet of Mumbai


Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe All: Usne Bhulaayaa Hogaa
Zahar Chupke Se Davaa Jaanke Khaayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe
Dil Ne Aise Bhi Kuchh Afsaane Sunaaye Honge 2
Ashq Aa Nkho N Ne Piye Aur Na Bahaaye Honge
Band Kamre Mein Jo Khat Mere Jalaaye Honge
Ek Ek Harf Jabin Par Ubhar Aayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe
Usne Ghabraake Nazar Laakh Bachaayee Hogi 2
Dil Ki Lu Tti Huyee Duniyaa Nazar Aayee Hogi
Mez Se Jab Meri Tasveer Ha Taayee Hogi 2
(Har Taraf Mujhko) 2Ta Daptaa Huaa Paayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe
Chhed Ki Baat Pe ArmaaN Machal Aaye Honge 2
Gham Dikhaave Ki Ha Nsi Mein Ubal Aaye Honge
Naam Par Mere Jab Aa Nsoo Nikal Aaye Honge 2
(Sar Na Kaa Ndhe Se) 2 All: Saheli Ke U Thaayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe
Zulf Zid Karke Kisi Ne Jo Banaayee Hogi 2
Aur Bhi Gham Ki Gha Taa Mukh De Pe Chhaayee Hogi
Bijli Nazro N Ne Kai Din Na Giraayee Hogi
Rang Chehre Pe Kai Roz Na Aayaa Hogaa

Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaayaa Hogaa
Zahar Chupke Se Davaa Jaanke Khaayaa Hogaa
Hoke Majboor Mujhe

Come Back The Pani Puri Scare Is Over

The Shia Hijra From Mumbai

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Firstly as a Shia myself what has his sexuality got to do with his faith or my own, he has taken a path , its his path , his salvation, and his choice does not reflect on the Shia community and I am sure there are good bad ugly among Shias as there are in every community.

He has become a full fledged hijra , but he meets me during Moharam in Mumbai and is as much as a devout Shia I am with all my cut glass flaws.

I am proud he faces his gender dilemma bravely and he is more man than others who cloak their weakness behind long beards and robes too.,.. it does not matter to me..

I am updating this post today it was a blank post.

He criies weeps beats his chest for Hussain and I met Shia hijras in Hyderabad In Kolkatta too.. and I shot them , I have no issue with their choice who am I to judge them hijras are human and at least dont rape and sodomize the nation as the politicians do ..

I get fed up of a few bigot Shias who like me but dont like me shooting hijras , and who cares a sweet fuck, I shoot what I shoot and it is my choice as a street photographer , my 3 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir shoots hijras too so whats the big deal..

So when I inundate my Facebook wall with hijra links from Flickr , it is my wall, you have to just remove me from your feeds ..
I like hijras period, and I have a normal sexual orientation but I shoot hijras differently , my wife has no objection so why should my shooting hijras bother anyone .. I cant shoot birds fornicating or bees humping the soul of virgin flowers I shoot the street , I shoot pain I shoot hijras and their soul and my own is interlinked poetically and through the camera too.

I have shot some of the most ugliest hijras and some of the most beautiful ones and most of them treat me as Guru kind of person , touch my feet ..I have shot hijras in whore houses , in red light areas I have shot hijras at Darrgas at Imambargahs I have shot hijras where I have shot man..

And if a Hijra follows any religiosity who am I too stop him..

I have no sponsors I fund my own trisp I sell my camera equipment my jewelery just to go and shoot the Urus in Ajmer or Haji Malang, I dont sell my pictures ..

Because of the racist outlook of Wordpress Support I removed my Hijda Eunuch blogs from public view ..I shoot hijras and tell their story their struggle their despair and I do it through poetry too...

And so my simple plea to bigots in my own community please dont add me as a friend on Facebook I am not going to change my spots or my stripes to satisfy the shortcomings that you inherited from your narrow minded parents too bad..

I am a Shia but my surrounding too played a very important part I lived with Christians Hindus and Parsis they changed me no doubt made me a much better Muslim than I could have ever been..

Yes I shoot Hijras , I cant go chasing after celebrity figures , I prefer shooting the dark side of the moon the other side of Midnight of Man called the Hijra.

And I have a Hijra Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi I have a Sufi Guru Peersab Fakhru Miya Hujra No6 Ajmer Sharif..I have a Naga Sadhu Guru Shree Vijay Giri Maharaj of Junagadh, A Christian Guru Fr Jaun of St Peter Church and the greatest guru guru of all gurus is one gifted humanity with the Nahajhul Balagha.


INRI, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

INRI is an acronym of the Latin inscription IESVS·NAZARENVS·REX·IVDÆORVM (Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum), which translates to English as "Jesus the Nazarene (Galilean), King of the Jews (Judeans)". The Greek equivalent of this phrase, Ἰησοῦς ὁ Ναζωραῖος ὁ βασιλεὺς τῶν Ἰουδαίων (Iesous ho Nazoraios ho Basileus ton Ioudaion), appears in the New Testament of the Christian Bible in the Gospel of John (19:19). Each of the other accounts of Jesus' death has a slightly different version for the inscription on Jesus' cross: Matthew (27:37), "This is Jesus, the King of the Jews"; Mark (15:26), "The King of the Jews"; and Luke (23:38), "This is the King of the Jews." John and Luke state it was written in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, while Matthew and Mark describe it as the charge for crucifying Jesus. Luke states that it was a statement hung above Jesus's head. Since John's form is the most complete it is the one that is usually found on depictions of the Crucifixion of Jesus.

In the Gospel of John (19:19-20), the inscription is explained:

And Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS. This title then read many of the Jews: for the place where Jesus was crucified was nigh to the city: and it was written in Hebrew, and Greek, and Latin. (King James Version)

According to all four Gospels, Pilate challenged Jesus to deny that he was the "King of the Jews" and Jesus did not deny the accusation.[1]

According to John, the chief priests asked Pilate to change the inscription so that it did not say "the King of the Jews", but rather, "This man said he was the King of the Jews", but Pilate refused to change it, saying, "What I have written, I have written". (John 19:20-22)