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Firoze Shakir.,1976..Kenna

Alas how swift the moments fly ,
How flash the years along
Scarce here, yet gone already by
The burden of a song
See childhood, youth , and manhood pass,
And age with furrowed brow;
Time was .Time shall be - drain the glass-
But where is Time now?

quincy adams ..the hour glass

1976 I used to work in a branch of Burlingtons of Bombay , this was at the branch at Oberoi Sheraton .. this was a world within a world. ..I was learning fashion designing from Mrs Jennifer Kendal wife of the actor Shashi Kapoor who acted in all Ivory Merchant Productions., Mrs Gabriella Kapoor wife of my boss Mr Andre Kapur.. this hotel was on the bay called Marine Drive..
My salary was Rs 700 per month.. it is on this salary that I got married in 1977,,after my girlfriend broke up with me and I took too drinking and drugs..and I was the most famous guy on the block as I spoke French , some German.. read Eliot, James Jyoce Sartre, Kierkgard, Camus,Salinger, Malamud, Koestler,I was stylish even on a Rs 700 salary.
And the coin round my neck is the Kenna .. Papua New Guinea
A guy from Australia who was desperate for my ass gave it to me .
my ass didnt go places.. I kept it to myself..
And I will in cicrca 2005 add a tatoo to my ass Made In India..Export Quality..


Hamara Matam Unhe Bechain Kar Deta Hai..Hamare Khoon Se Zyada UnkaKhoon Behta Hai

When a Shia Cuts Himself Up It Hurts Muslims More Than Muslims Killing Muslims

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we as muslims
are the most
hypocritical race
among us the
so called
their faith
killing muslims
sheer disgrace
eunuch silence
on the soul of humanity
preys as one muslim
another muslim slays
washing his hands
a good deed done
islam saved
once again
the message
of the holy one
head bowed
he prays
shia mosques
shia shrines
sufi dargahs
bombed out
of space
leave no trace
killing ali
killing hussain
gives them
the right
to kill others
a thought
evil as it is
the rogue mullah
wont stop
the killings
because it pays
to keep the
as always
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
hussain is humanity
on the soul of the
matrix of evil
a slogan we raise
call us kafirs
rafidis it is
love of ahle bayt
we faithfully

I Cut My Head As a Protest Against The Terrorism and Persecution of the Shias

Lovers of Imam Hussain - The Baluchis

the baluchis
are an intrepid
ancient race
with history
written on their face
lovers of imam hussain
ahle bayt they embrace
their deportment
dignity and grace
living in their
own private
cloistered mind space
to Syria their ancestry trace
dreams of hope
of a better life
for their children
they chase

Ap Sote Rahenge Mojize Hote Rahenge

If You Look Deep Into Her Eyes You Will Find Hussain


The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai -Chehlum 2009

The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai was started by my dear friend Habib Nassar and his Anjuman,I have been shooting this consistently over the years.

Habib leaves no stones unturned , men boys little kids all are part of this memorable procession, be it Ashura or be it Chehlum, I have cut my head here both at Ashura and now at Chehlum.

Even little babies are bought here to have their heads marked with the blade of the dagger.
Habibs brother Baqar , Habibs friends Kallu, Razi, Ali , Ghulam, and others lend total support to this procession that reminds the world of a terrorism that gave birth at Karbala , under the Scourge and the Butcher of Karbala Yazid Caliph ,despicable despot of the accursed Ummayad Dynasty. ..responsible for the genocide and the holocaust at Karbala of the noble family of Imam Hussain grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

For 1400 years the Shias shed their blood to open the eyes to an imminent danger , yes Moharam is a Protest , the only one of its kind against Yazidiyat and lovers of Yazidiyat exist even today , lovers of Muawiyah the father of Yazid....who through evil propaganda, will do anything to underplay the Supreme Sacrifice of Imam Hussain..

For them what happened at Karbala is a figment of the Shia mind, or a conspiracy by Judiasm.
Anything to condone the evil deeds of Yazid, and the Muslim eunuchs at Karbala , who watched Imam Hussain being murdered in cold blood but did nothing..

I salute the eunuchs of India through my website who at least believe in Divinity and are also lovers of our beloved Imam.

For this reason of Shia outspokenness, puritanical forces petro powered use web sites like Allah Ho Akbar dot net and others to promote Shia hate and Shia bashing.

For the Yazidi lover the greatest enemy to their cause is not Judaism or America it is the Shia and his cry of Ya Hussain.

The Yazidi has hijacked Islam for his vested needs..

Hussain is Humanity is our answer to them

Har Kaum Pukaregi Hamare Hain Hussain.

And I end this with the words of Khwajah Gharib Nawaz

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

Loosely translated

Ruler is Hussain, Emperor is Hussain,
Faith is Hussain , guardian of faith is Hussain .
Offered his head and not the hand to Yazid.
Truly, the mirror of faith is Hussain

Read the message beneath our blood
Hussain is Humanity a single word
All over the cyberspace is now heard
Says Firoze Shakir the Indian Leopard

Sr Inspector Baig And The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

taziadar hain hum shae ke ghamkhar hain hum

Moharam Mumbai Chehlum 2009

The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai -Chehlum 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009
The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009
The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009
The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009The Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009Chehlum MumbaiThe Iraqi Kama Matam of Mumbai 2009

Moharam Mumbai Chehlum 2009, a set on Flickr.

Unlearning Photography Nerjis Asif Shakir Four Month Old

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I began teaching my grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir photography from the first day of her birth, I blessed her with the Nikon D 80 and by the time she was three month old she began holding the miniature camera , she watches me shooting her pictures so cosmically she knows the camera is part of her heritage , her sister Marziya Shakir soon to be four year old shoots the streets and knows the camera as a extended part of her vision and as her her extended limb.

Marziya learnt to shoot pictures with a blindfold considers my dear friend Dr Glenn Losack MD from Manhattan New York as her cosmic guru..

But Nerjis Asif Shakir needs no teaching , she handles the miniature like a pro searching for the non working buttons, I had picked up this minature at Chor Bazar and it has served us well.

My newest grand daughter Zaira Saif Shakir one month old only sleeps she hates the camera every time I bring it close to her she pushes it away.. her father wants her to be an artist.. she sleeps artistically ..

Nerjis Asif Shakir 4 month old on the other hand is adventurous loves my beads and loves sounds chants is a true Malang like me..Nerjis Asif Shakir was born on the same day as her father so she is Gods gift personally delivered to my son gift wrapped and all..on 17 July 2011

Two Malangs of Mumbai

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It all began when Nerjis Asif Shakir my crying round the clock grand daughter , needed to be quietened down than my younger son Saif would bring her near the passage in my house where all my jewelry hangs , a large collection , that by merely looking at she would just become soundless .

And so Nerjis Asif Shakir loves my beads my rings and my camera , her eyes light up when I hold my camera to shoot her , sometimes I let her feel the Nikon D 80 , she will touch it soothingly holistically . and she knows the buttons this 4 month old Malang . Yes we both are Malangs..

And this picture was shot by son Saifs wife .. three shots all well timed .

Nerjis Asif Shakir was away for a month at first she did not recognize me on her return last night but the moment I dressed up to go to work this morning she knew it was me her Malang grand father .
Children are very sensitive to inner thoughts and my grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir and I hit off beautifully..

Malangs are Born Not Made

haq ali
jan ali
jism ali
cones to
their aid
the power
of nade ali
the power
of ahle bayt

Ali imaam-e-manasto manam Ghulaam-e-Ali
hazaar jaan-e-giraamii fidaa-e-naam-e-Ali

Haidariam Qalandaram Mastam
Bandaa-e-Murtaza Ali Hastam
Peshvaa-e-tamaam rindaanam
Ke Sage Kuu-e-Sher-e-Yazdaanam

kabhii diivaar hiltii hai, kabhii dar kaaNp jaataa hai
Ali kaa naam sun kar ab bhii Khaibar kaaNp jaataa ha

Shaah-e-mardaaN Ali
Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

Ali mile to mile Khaana-e-Khudaa saa hameN
Khudaa ko dhuuNdha to vo bhi Ali ke ghar se milaa

khuda ke bando suno gaur se khuda ki kasam jise ali nahin milte khuda nahin milta

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deed hyder ki ibadat hai ye farmaan e nabi
deed hyder ki sab kar lo deed hyder ki
jinki mehfil hai wo mehfil mein zaroor aate hai!
deed hyder ki sab kar lo deed hyder ki
nigahen raah mein bichha do ke aap aaye
dilon ko farsh banaa do ke aap aaye hai!
deed hyder ki sab kar lo deed hyder ki
deed hyder ki ibadat hai ye farmaan e nabi
hai ali: rooh-e-nabi jism-nabi jaan-e-nabi
gul-e-taqheed ali, haqq ki shamsheer ali
peer-on-ke-peer ali! haqq!

haqq! ali ali ali maula ali ali haqq; ali ali ali maula ali ali haqq; ali ali ali maula ali ali haqq

har ek wali ki dil sadaa hai ali ali
kul-daibaree ki aabo hawaa hai ali ali
jo aaye haq rah-numaa hai ali ali

kabhi deewar hilti hai kabhi dar kaamp jaata hai / ali ka naam sunkar ab bhi khyber kaamp jaataa hai

Sometimes You Find Hinduism In The Soul of a Muslim Man

Over 39400 images on Hinduism shot barefeet as a Shia Hindu..the Naga Sadhus the Kumbh and most of Hindu rites rituals feasts festivals with reverence respect as my cultural a single thread Hope and Hindutva a message of Hope Humanity , and the with the same respect the Durga Pandals shot by my 4 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir too..

Masturbated Verbiage

Life is a stage

propped up as an actor

or dumped in a garbage

a click

i am on the wrong



they call it

coming of age

a parrot

cock eyed

in her gilded cage

a poker faced porn poet

also a pedestrian sage

overtime on the internet

no minimum wage

just her thoughts

my battered hopes


fires than within

the entrails of my groin enrage

seminal solidity ..

masturbated verbiage

genital stage

uncopulated in my minds eye

lies the sweeping sorrow

weeping tears thoughts engage for

the Saint of Homosexuals

Oscar Wilde


Lord Alfred Douglas

Queensbury Boxing Laws

Reading Gaol

A Poetic Forum

Reminiscent of

the Victorian age

Devoid of testicular fortitude

Eunuch euphoria

A War they Wage