Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Majlis in English Maulana Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi at Bandra Shia Khoja Mosque

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I start a new set shot last night at 8.15 pm , an English mjlis recital by Maulana Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi lecturer and ex Principal of Hauza Birmingham UK at Bandra Shia Khoja Mosque.

I was invited by Facebook friend Asad Virani who requested me to come and to shoot the majlis thereby spreading the gospel by peace , peace that is equally wanted by everyone including the haves and the havenots..

Peace is the message of Imam Hussain..

If I had an army of 72 soldiers of Hussain,I would have achieved freedom for India in 24 hours...Mahatma Gandhi Father of the Nation..

So peace is the core essence of mans quest on Earth..irespective of cultural differences , color caste or creed ..Hussain is Humanity a single Voice against tyranny barbarism and oppression.. Man was born free and needs to be free of the despots of the world..

Maulana Sayyid Naqvi is a brilliant orator but what touched me and the audience was his sense of humility, he wants to learn more than he wants to preach..he rekindled hope where hope lay buried in conceit and arrogance in mans mind..and though I dont take notes and only shoot pictures I give you the gist of his lecture the first one , and this will continue for 10 days at the Bandra Shia Mosque dont miss it..

And this post is dedicated to him and his humility of soul mind and spirit.

Happy Republic Day From Marziya Shakir

My jewelery collection and Marziya..

This Ends The Guru Nanak Park Juloos 2010 Series

With this picture I complete the Guru Nanak Park juloos series of 405 pictures at my Flickr photo stream.. it was really a tiring and painful process completing this because of my uploading problems with my service provider You Telecom.

I have two new sets after this Ali Reza Shirazis Mount Mary Juloos shot on 24 Jan 2010 and the English majlis recited by Maulana Sayyid Ali Naqvi lecturer and ex Principal of Hauza at Birmingham UK.. shot last night..

Lying On The Floor to Shoot Pain

as every drop
of blood that falls on
the parched ground
gives testimony
to hussain
a photo blogger
lying on the floor
to shoot pain
a bit crazy
a bit insane
in a fragmented
pea brain
one legged photography
the stance of a human crane
somethings you are born with
from the cradle to the tomb
with you it will remain
binding you to divinity
through humanity
with a silken chain

Shooting the Dark Side of the Moon

a flesh that gets beaten
by razor sharp blades
to which the human
shia flesh is immune
shooting pain
as dark side of the moon
the body the soul
the spirit in total tune
you are what you are
what you are not
another name
for misfortune
humility is
when you are
born with a
wooden spoon
hussain to humanity
the greatest boon

Dont Ask Me Why I Shoot What I Shoot

I am lying beneath his feet on my back a few inches away from the point and the stroke of his bleeding sword and weeping back.

dont ask me why I shoot what I shoot
a system computerized to re route
a system I dont neet to reboot
dont ask me why I shoot
what I shoot moments
from the flowing memories
of life I loot my efforts
may or may not bear fruit
funereal music of pain
gushing as blood
though a flute
falling from the heights
of hardcore street photography
do you really need a parachute
I reiterate I dont shoot
for the shias
my cosmic conscience
silent and mute
to all of humanity
white black yellow bronze
photo blogs as my tribute
my barefeet path
my pictorial pedestrian pursuit
ghame hussain yesterday
today tomorrow
no yazid will ever uproot
on the soul of humanity
a dimensional offshoot
no fear of a message
of peace no dispute
the mind is a computer
no yazidi virus will
ever pollute

Dedicated to Maulana Sayyed Ali Naqvi
Lecturer and ex principal of Hauza of Birmingham..
who is reciting Majlis in English at Bandra Shia Khoja Mosque
8.15 pm for 10 days dont miss it ..

My Continuing Upload Problems You Telecom

He was the smartest kid at the Guru Nanak Park juloos , he had scourged himself at Almeida Park and was sitting besides me and Marziya near the Bandra Shia Khoja Mosque..and this is the sword that the boys of Anjumane Mehndi used when the juloos ended , this was one hell of a sword , it sent almost three guys to the Bhabha Hospital for stitches.

My uploading problems continue in 2 hours I have managed to upload 4 files to my Flickr photo stream out of 87 that I had placed on the Flickr uploader..

I sent them a message again after I came home shooting a Majlis in English at the Bandra Shia Khoja Mosque just now..

My Continuing Upload Problems

Your technician had come home and done the necessary changes , at 30.30 pm , I was told to connect after 6 pm as your server was down, but I am sorry to say he has absolutely no solution to my uploading problems , I could upload only 4 files out of 87 that I had placed on the flickr.com uploader in two hours , and earlier I never ever had uploading problems using You Telecom ?Why Now.

I have sent a message to your technical department. too.

Why dont you resolve my issue instead of torturing me this way..

Thanking You
But not enough
Firoze Shakir 237303