Thursday, June 2, 2011

Does She Know That Her Mother Begs To Make Ends Meet

from a
bleeding womb
into a vicious
her life
her fathers seed
bitter sweet
in scorching
mumbai weather
a fluttering
heart beat
her future
in summer heat
her fate even
being a muslim
her prayers
cannot cheat

The Facebook Dog

189,253 items / 1,488,469 views

my hopes
my dreams
my aspirations
on the side walk
a speechless
pain wont open
its mouth or talk
what is mine
i am not yet
ready to hawk
fragmented genius
shut doors and a lock
romancing a stone
was like making
love to a rock
the spirit was willing
it was my flesh
she mocked
deleted doomed
forever blocked
pathos passion
agony anguish
of a facebook dog
tears on the soul
of a poetry blog

She Wanted Me To Take Her To Ready First Day First Show

But I was not Ready,..
the flesh was weak
the spirit was unsteady
her musky smell
intoxicating heady

Stop It ...

My Fucked Barefeet

There Is More Graffitti On Facebook Wall Than Anywhere Else

The Municipality Has Taken Away This Poor Mans Hand Cart

A Blogger In A Mouse Trap

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painted clown
fucked madcap
to a death chair
of memories
she left him
his deleted
he took a rap
on the soul
of his poetry
her hands
she clapped
with cruelty
pain overlapped
sweet syrupy
words a poet
hitting him
hard on
his knee caps
using his
poems as
recycled scarp
a smelly cat
in someone
else s lap
used abused
a blogger
was merely
a stop gap
deleted doomed
buried in
an unmarked grave
in burlap
a poetic pause
as recap
a stone
one sided love
a painful
death trap

The Human Horse of Faith

The Human Horse of Marriammen

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The Barefeet Blogger And The Van Puller With Hooks In The Back

The Human Horse of Marriammen

Pulling a Van With Hooks In The Back

Pulling a Van With Hooks In The Back

Pulling Coconut trolley With Hooks on the Back

Marriammen Feast Macchimar Colony Mahim 2011

Pulling the Van With Hooks on the Back

Ever Ready My 189,000 Photo Blog At Flickr.Com

189,000 items / 1,487,840 views

Girl in the picture is hardcore fan on of Uncle Salman Khan and she is with Goddess Marriamen's prayer thali offering her prayers to the success of Ready.. and super success of Salman Khan.

For Dabbang I had carried 5 tickets first day first show Rs 5001 and ladoos given to me by Supermom of Sonakshi Sinha Mrs Punam Sinha .. to place at the feet of Lalbagh Chya raja I gave her offerings to treasurer of Lalbagh Chya Raja Mandal Raju Langewal.. and what happened next I need not tell you or take credit ..

But Mrs Punam Sinha Ke Tofhe Se Lalbagh Chya Raja Bahut Zyada Khush Hua..

I had also placed a chaddar on behalf of Mrs Punam Sinha for Sonakshi at the Holy Shrine of Khwajah Garib Nawaz last year...

So the Gods are happy with Mr Shatrughan Sinhas family and this blog is my birthday tribute to Sonakshi Sinha..a family that is my extended family..

I have been a part of this family for almost 25 years..

And in all humility gratitude this is my 189000 photo blog at dedicated to Mrs Punam Sinha.. Super Mom No1

Marriammen Feast Macchimar Colony Mahim 2011

The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

Shooting Hope Hindutva As A Message Of Peace Humanity

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