Sunday, November 1, 2015

posted at Facebook

During moharam Ashura chehlum and during athvi that is if I go to Lucknow and cut my head my timeline bleeds so humble request to all my non Shia friends please kindly remove me from your feeds and for those who have reservations about what I do and what I post please unfriend me most of you added me when I faithfully passionately shot your faith religion rituals now it is my turn and I bleed those who follow my faith also bleed I don't propogate prosyletize this bloodletting but this is a protest and it continues from one generation to the next .I don't think I need to give you this as a disclaimer but if I had grand sons I would see they did what I do in memory of our Martyred Imam .Thanks I will not force a bleeding head picture on this update as you all are intelligent sensitive and I am proud that you added me to your friends list .Your humility has now become part of my own .